Diary Of a Fraudster- Episode 24


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She. Took a moment to look directly into my eyes, and I also kept the
gaze on, guess she saw love in my eyes, but all that was in my mind
was my ambition.

I was at the hotel with cindy till around 6pm, she insisted I spend
the evening with her. But I declined telling her, “her friend is

Cindy : she’s gonna leave in a minute

(she stood up to meet linda in the other room, and in no time linda
was dressed, and she left us in the room).

Cindy gave me a smiled of satisfaction, I was sitting on the couch,
and before then she was sitting on the couch, beside mine, but this
time, she came to join me on the couch I was, there was little or no
space at al for her so she ended up sitting on my laps.

She smiled and kept using her fingers to trace my cheek, I also
responded with a smile.

In short that romantic moment later ended up in a s*x session and I
slept there over.

Waking up the next morning, I tiptoed to where I dropped my phone,
Cindy was still asleep, I met series of missed calls from my guys,
especially from Lokman, maybe they felt I was caught up in some sort
of ish, that was why I didn’t come home last night.

I then went to the toilet to make a call.

I decided to call Lokman my closest partner in crime. To gist him
about the latest.

Me : hello you still on bed

Lokman : geez, glad you are still alive.

Me : (lolz) what do you mean ?

Lokman : we are tried your number all through yesterday and you didn’t
pick up, so we were having fears.

Me : no need guy, have got everything under control.

Lokman : so how was it ?

Me : the lady was easy, and everything was easy, I was just flowing,
guess what ?

Lokman : what ?

Me : we ended up having s*x.

Lokman : Bad guy, you are bad than I thought! You really got
everything under control, just be careful, not to get to intimate with

Me : no qualms now, no feelings, would just try and get some couple of
cash of her, she seems really rich.

(Heard a sound at the other side of the toilet door)

I ended the call sharply and opened the door.

Lo and behold, It was linda (Cindy’s Friend) I saw standing few meters
away from the door. Cindy was still asleep.

She was looking entirely different from yesterday, as in she was da*mn
pretty, I never knew I had a thing for the whites, but after my
adventure with cindy last night, getting under Linda’s Skirt became a
fantasy for me. I was only in my briefs, so my packs was revealing,
But I was still wondering if she was listening to my call

Me : Good Morning

Linda : Morning Mister (smiling)

Me : you just came around hun. ?

Linda : Yeah, just came to check on my sister, if you haven’t eaten
her up over night.

Me : ahah that’s hilarious, ain’t gonna eat her up. She’s a person I
hold very dearly to my heart !

Linda : are you sure about that ? (Smirk)

Me : yeah of course.

Then I heard a sound, I looked towards the bed and I saw Cindy
smiling, she was awake.

Cindy : Hmmmn guess you two are getting along pretty quick.

Me : hmmmmn morning my lady , guess you slept well ?

Cindy : absolutely thanks to you (winks), but I have to get some
things, next door. Let me take my bath.

Me : have to take my bath also, guess I should be going back to my friends.


Linda : what’s the rush all about, chill and spend some time with us,
God knows when next we would get to see you.

Cindy : Seconded, you ain’t leaving yet, I won’t take up to an hour I
promise, when I get back, you can then take your leave.

Me : okay as you wish.

Few minutes later, she took her bath and left Linda and I in the room,
I also went to take my bath, and on getting out the bathroom, I met
linda on the bed almost Unclad.

I tried ignoring her, and pack my stuffs to move to the next room, but
her voice stopped me.

Linda : do you really wanna turn your back on me ?


She then stood up and took a few steps to the spot I was standing. She
touched my back slightly with her tender hands.

Oh Linda , have always knows ladies called linda to be cunny, because
the name linda actually means snake.

The soft touch led to another thing and we ended up having a quickie,
I dressed up and went to the other room. While she was practically
exhausted, I shook my head, these whites are not even that strong, she
was exhausted at what I called a quickie.

Few minutes later, Cindy came back with a bag fool of clothes which I
guess was for me.

Cindy : I’d like to know your place.

Me : no, we could do that some other day.

Cindy : I would really love to experience another session of last night (Winks)

Me : Funny you, have got to go.

Cindy : okay how about tonight, your place.

Me : my place ? (I tried to absorb that word, because frankly I can’t
take her to the hostel)

Cindy : yeah, am sure you won’t deny me of that right.

Me : yeah of course.

In no time I bid the two lady bye and took my leave.

I got outside and hailed a cab, straight to Kuala Lumpur.

I got to the hostel and the guys were glad to see me, I gisted Lokman,
about the full show, and told him I needed a place to call my own.

Lokman : you could just give her the address of an hotel. And tell her
you lodged in an hotel.

Me : hmmmn you sure that would work.

Lokman : it should, but really bleep up, you shouldn’t have bleeped
the other lady.

Me : guy , there are some things you can’t just control

Lokman : okay if you say so.

I spent the rest of the day resting.

When it was around 5pm that same day I got a call from cindy, telling
me to send the address, that she’s coming anytime soon.

Lokman took me to the poshest Hotel around there.
I lodged in and sent Cindy the address of the hotel.

Few hours later she came around, and I welcomed her in.
Thank God she didn’t come along with Linda.

Cindy : so you lodge in an hotel also.

Me : yeah of course. Like I told you, I was just here for business,
and for you (holding her hands and looking to her eyes)

She blushed

Later in the evening, we had our dinner at the restaurant of the
hotel, before proceeding back to my room.

The unexpected happened, while we were having like the third round of
s*x, I was on top and she was underneath and it was like she was
talking to someone else, I was still pushing in real hard. I wasn’t
even minding the fact that she was talking alone. Or talking to an

Until she held me all of a sudden.

Cindy : you are Bleeping with the devil.

Me : (I smiled and and turned her over to a doggy position) guess the
devil is enjoying it.

I kept going on and on, till I was getting tired. But I was still
hard, I lied down, while she was riding me on top. Then all of a
sudden, like magic, she was neither on top of me nor on the bed, she
was in the air above me, floating, mehn she was breaking the rule of
science, I was shocked by this.

Then she started laughing.

Cindy : you think it’s only africa that has witch, hun, you think I
don’t know who you are, and what you have been doing ? Ahahah this
would be you last.. Have a nice time Bleeping with the devil.

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It all started with my curiosity. I was wondering what the yahoo boy does that makes him really rich and influential on our Nigerian campuses. I wondered what it will be like to actually be in the shoes of the yahoo boy, to examine the process from the beginning to the end so I would be able to think like them and participate in the process from beginning to the end.

Thus started my sojourn into the life and activities of a yahoo boy and I shall try to break down the process into stages and try to explain each stage accordingly based on my experience. This write up should not be seen as a guide to yahoo yahoo but as an independent observer’s thoughts on the process and implications of being a yahoo boy. I tried to become a yahoo boy myself and learnt the process to be able to analyze the whole matter. Up until now, many of my friends that knew me when I embarked on this project would still not believe that it was just an experiment but then, I had to make it look real as that is that only way through which I will be able to relate with these people and learn from them.

There are various types of yahoo yahoo common on campus today but I shall dwell mainly on the two most common types basically because these are the types that my research was based on. These two types are theDATINGand theCLASSIFIEDtypes of yahoo yahoo. I shall be explaining what each of these kinds entail in details later in this write-up but first, I will like to examine the basic stages involved in the yahoo yahoo business.


This is the stage where an individual shows interest in the yahoo thing after he has been intimidated and bamboozled into thinking it is the only way through which he would make it to the big leagues on campus. This stage involves getting close to the guys in the business and trying to learn from them, the intricacies of the yahoo yahoo ‘profession’. This is the stage where the student is taught the various ‘formats’ to be used and the various ways to go about getting a ‘client’ as they call it formally or ‘maga’ or ‘mayee’ informally and how to get your ‘client’ to trust you and to fall hopelessly in love with you (in the case of yahoo yahoo by Dating) or taught how to go about ‘bombing’ clients (in the case of the kind of yahoo yahoo called ‘Classified’).

This stage is usually the introductory stage and it is at this stage that you are told the very important materials required in the yahoo yahoo business.

These materials include a laptop or desktop computer with constant internet connection and the most important material of all; your time. To succeed in the ‘Dating’ kind of yahoo yahoo, you need at least 5 to 6 hours a day of chatting with your ‘client’ so as to get the maximum benefits of the game while in the ‘Classified’ kind of yahoo yahoo, you need about 4 to 5 straight hours of internet browsing to get the most benefits. Having done all these, you are now ready to move to the next stage in the game.

This stage involves setting up your equipment and logging on to the internet. This is where the real work is and is the stage that determines whether you will be a good yahoo boy or not.

This is the stage where your ‘client’ sends money to you through western union or money gram depending on the transfer method you asked him or her to use.

This, in my opinion is the most important and yet dangerous stage of all but to some, it is the easiest part of the game. This is when you go to the bank or western union center to actually cash the money that has been sent to you by your ‘client’. You go to a fake ID card center, get a fake ID card made in the name of the person to whom the ‘client’ has sent the money and proceed to the bank to cash the money. It is easy to get caught at this stage because you are actually putting yourself out in the open and you could be easily arrested by the EFCC and other law enforcement agencies. Please note that what is done here is you have a bank where one or more of the employees is on the payroll of these yahoo boys. This ensures that whatever transpires is completely under the radar and shielded from the knowledge of the law enforcement agencies, on getting there, you simply walk up to your man and present your fake ID cards. He in turn checks the western union portal to confirm that such an amount of money has been sent and then pays you accordingly.

I shall try to explain the 2 types yahoo yahoo we are dealing with here:


This basically involves you getting a ‘client’ from an online dating site and introducing yourself as a widower or young and sexually attractive lady as the case may be who wants to go into a relationship and is searching online for true love. This is done in order to get unsuspecting rich ‘oyinbo’ men or women to take interest in you. Of course, you don’t use your real name but a name that you created and a profile picture that you also downloaded from the internet. (Please note that in order for your ruse to look real, you have to download many different pictures of the same person). After doing this, you get men or women who are interested in you or you show that you are interested in them by sending them a message that in the case of a man, may read something like this;

My name is *your name* and I am interested in meeting mature ladies for a long term relationship. Seeing your picture, I have a feeling my search is over. My yahoo mail address is *whatever*@yahoo.com. you could add me to your messenger list if you don’t mind and let’s get to know each other better on there. Eagerly expecting your reply.
*your name*

This kind of message is called a ‘bomb’ and it is the introductory message you send after identifying a particular ‘client’ and after you are convinced the client is rich enough for you.
Of course, the client replies and you follow up with something like this;

Hello my name is *your name* and thanks for accepting my friend request. I hope this will be the beginning of a rewarding friendship because i don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful lady in all my life. Hope you won’t mind us chatting on yahoo messenger cos I think we could really get in touch more on there. My username is *whatever*@yahoo.com. I would like you to add me to your messenger list if you have a yahoo account so we can chat more and get to know one another there. Looking forward to your reply and eagerly waiting for you on yahoo messenger. I Can’t wait to get to know you.
*your name*

By this time, you have the yahoo messenger address of the ‘client’. You then proceed to add the person as a friend on your yahoo messenger and this is when the real work begins as you have to get your ‘client’ to fall in love with you as it is only at this point that the client can send you money. When you client asks about you and what you do, you send something like this:

Hi… i could not get to tell you about me so I am sending it by email..my name is mark as you already know and I am from *wherever* and I work as international project supervisor for *whatever* company out of *wherever*……I have been married with a kid and my wife died in Africa last year where she had gone with my daughter *name of daughter* cos she got custody after the divorce….I am currently searching for a mature lady like I said from any part of the world who will love me for who I am and with whom I will share all I have and who will share all she has with me……I am a fun loving and generally fun to be with…this is what I will tell you about me..I leave you to find out the rest yourself from interaction with me…I hope to get to know you more cos I think I will like your kind of person cos from your picture, you seem like a very adventurous and fun loving kind of person…I will appreciate if you can reply my mail so that we can kick start the friendship from there and hopefully if things work out the way we want, we can take the relationship to another level cos I don’t mind settling down in any part of the world as long as it is with the woman I love and who loves me back…

I’ll be waiting for your reply and like I said before i hope this will be the beginning of a bright and rewarding friendship…bye for now and please take care of yourself….
*your name*

After this, you have successfully introduced yourself to your ‘client’ and you have by now, got to know who your ‘client’ is and what she does for a living. You have introduced yourself to be a very responsible and caring man and have to yourself in a position to be loved.

Hereafter comes what in yahoo yahoo circles, is called the ‘birthday billing’. This is when you ask your ‘client’ to send money to your daughter so as to get her a gift on her birthday. This is usually done after about 4 or 7 days of your meeting the ‘client’ depending on the length and intensity of your conversation. After attaching your pictures and that of your daughter, the birthday billing ‘bomb’ reads something like this:


Hello dear, how are you and everyone over there?…, my daughter *daughter’s name* sends her greetings too… she can’t wait to get to know you…by the way her birthday is in four days and I was thinking she might be pleasantly surprised to receive a gift from you….I try to send her things but she does not get them cos the postal service in that part of west Africa is so bad, nothing gets delivered so I send money to have those things bought for her. I used to send the money to her mum but now that she is no more, I send the money to her guardian…..please do not bother if this is a problem…I just think it will be a very good idea to have her know that her soon to be mother cares about her enough to send her a gift on her birthday. She likes you so much and she tells me she can’t wait to meet you…I’m hoping you can make this work and I am counting on you…anything you want to give her for her birthday is fine and that is your choice to make but i still insist do not bother if it is going to be a problem….I hope to get her out of there soon enough so I can come to join you and with our kids we can be one big happy family…I think I just found the kind of person I have been searching for all my life and I promise never to let you go…..I just need some time to arrange all these things cos I plan to get my girl away from that place called Africa….

I need you to reply me so I know what your decision is and so that i can send you the details for the money transfer. Life is about trusting the person that you love isn’t it? Whatever you decide will be fine and I promise it won’t make me think less of you cos I think i might be falling in love with you already and I just can’t hide that feeling. Take care of you honey and chat with you soon. By the way i sent the pictures. Hope you got them…

*your name*.

Your ‘client’ feels important and if she wants to send the gift truly she replies. You then reply her mail asking her to send the money to jenny’s guardian while giving her a name and address that you have created for that purpose. This is the first time your ‘client’ sends you money and you could get up to about $400 to $500 this first time depending on the intensity and level of intimacy you have got to with your client. After this is done, you are then ready to go in for the big kill.

After about 2 or 3 weeks of chatting and getting to know your ‘client’, you then tell her you are going to Africa and to Nigeria specifically to get your daughter with the intention of both of you coming over to see your ‘client’ in whatever country that she is. On the day that you are supposed to land in Nigeria, you are ready to go in for the big kill and you send her a mail that reads something like this:

Hello honey, how have you been? I am in Nigeria now as I told you and I really need your help..The plane landed at about *pm local time cos the flight took about * hours…I came out of the airport looking for a cab to take me to my hotel and i did not know that I was going into a trap…I was beaten to a pulp and left to die after been driven to a dark place by the cab driver and his accomplices who were already waiting for him there and because i did not know the way, i did not know I was not being driven to the hotel. I had to crawl back to the roadside and shout for help before some good Samaritans got me here. All my personal effects including my clothes are gone, the boxes containing *daughter’s name*’s ps3 and other things, my phones, my laptop, my international passport, my credit cards, the gifts i bought for *daughter’s name*, her friends, her guardian and her children, all the cash i had in my briefcase and everything including my wallet which had the address of the house where jenny is and the phone numbers with which I communicate with her …I am at a hospital now and I have really gone through a horrifying experience and i need you to do me a favor… I need you to send me some money as soon as you can. I promise to make it up to you I just need the money right now and i don’t know where else to turn and i am stranded here…please honey I am counting on you to do this for me and I will be waiting at the hospital though i have to log out now cos the doctor is only doing me a favor by letting me use his computer and I have to pay hospital bills…I really need your help love and I promise as soon as I get back on my feet I will repay…..I need about $4000 at least and I will be expecting your reply..please I am stranded cos I have never been in this kind of situation in my life and you are the only person I know that I can run to right now….I know this might be difficult but I have no one else to turn to right now…you will have to send the money by western union cos there is no other way for me to get it..I am sorry to put you in this position but I am really stranded here and I don’t know where else to turn to and you are the only one whom i think can help right now….please I will be here waiting for the money..Expecting your reply…

To Be Continued…

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Nigeria Next Star Model 2016. Registration in progress!!! (CLICK IMAGE TO GET STARTED)


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