Diary Of a Fraudster- Episode 7


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PLEASE NOTE: This story was in no way written to promote fraudulent activities or a lifestyle of vanity, rather it was inspired by the urge to entertain and enlighten the youths and society at large on the perils of the get-rich-quick syndrome and to promote a reading culture.So please, stop the “I want to learn yahoo ” callings


I packed my things , and started living with bosun and krissh. I was making my doe steadily neither did theirs stop. So we were the (YMCMB) young money cash money bank of our hood.

We rode posh cars, dated frosh babes,I was getting very socially inclined thanks to those two guys, I made a lot of friends and my physical rapour with girls improved.

I hardly had time with the mayes anylonger, I just dedicate 3hours to them out of 24hrs in a day. I do runs only for thos 3hours. More money kept boozing in my account.
The remain hours of the day, I do spend it clubbing, watching movies, flexing with babes.
Mehn Life Is Good! God purnish poverty.

One a certain day I got a call from bro ola, I then remember have neglected the bro all this while, wealth really does get into someone’s head. Its the fifth month after my first huge payment already.

Me : hello surest bros

Bro ola : you are high! You forgot me all this while not even a call hun

Me : bros no vex jawe, just been to busy


Bro ola : busy doing what o ?

Me : hustling nani bro, are you back ?

Bro ola : yeah ofcourse I landed yesterday, and that begs the reason am calling you

Me : what that bro ?

Bro ola : I heard you are the one reigning now

Me : ah bro , reign ke, hustle sure pass

Bro ola : anyhow , I need my pc now, gat to start hustling at least you don blow now, you should have bought yours

#gbam, it’s happening, it was on his system I did the richness parol on, if I give him back the system, then I’d be saying good by to wealth, nope ain,t gonna do that, I quickly framed up a lie.

Me : egbon the pc has gone back to where it came from oh

Bro ola : what do you mean ?

Me : it got spoilt and it was un repairable so I sold it in scrabs to the engineer involved.

Bro ola : oh boy , you dey craze sha, you sold off my pc with our my permission

Me : bro no vex, I thought you would have gotten another, I would get you a new one then bros

Bro ola : now you want to start lashing your wealth on my face abi ?

Me : bro don’t see it as such, am just paying for what I spoiled

Bro ola : no qualms, where do you live now, coz have checked you up at your place and they said you ain’t living there any more.

Me : Around GRA bro, I would text you the description.

Bro ola : okay I would visit you by tomorrow evening
(Hangs up)

Hmmmn thanked my stars , my brain was working sharply, he bought the lie..



Next day I went out to purchase a new Hp laptop, got home and was trying to relax, one of my babes showed up and we were together, I was expecting bro ola to turn up soon.  Both krissh and bosun were out so I took my bae to my room.

Bae : ife do you knw I Love you?

See me see question, in my mind I was like love indeed, it’s now that am making money that this girls would be loving up, when I had no dime I was gfless. Well to me they are just a play thing, so I played along.

Me : I know you, I love you more

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I looked right into her eye balls, an act most ladies couldn’t resist, she pulled my head closer to hers and met my mouth with hers. We started having a romantic session. I started smooching her, touching her in different places, she was giving me different kinds of ringtones. Soon I felt her hand trying to unbuckle my belt, hmmm fast girl, I redirected her to my shirt, she started unbuttoning my shirt, did it successfully and flinged it aside, she was now using her tongue to trace the middle part of my body from my neck down to my stomach, then to my hmmmmn, she removed my belt furiously and drawed my trousers down.  She was about pulling off my boxers when my phone rang, chai intruder, it was bro ola.

Bro ola : Hello boy, am outside your gate.

Me : Okay bros am coming out asap

Geez couldn’t he inform me before leaving his place, now his intruding my fun time.

I apologized to bae, and headed out, brought him in, we sat in the living room.

Bro ola : oh boy, you are living a foreigners lifestyle o

Me : bro na God

Bro ola : God or your hustle?

Me : hustle sure but na God sure pass

Bro ola : If you say so

Me : so bro, what would you love to take

Bro ola : nothing, am not planning to stay for long, just bring me the system you promised.

I went to my room , saw my girl watching film on bro ola’s real lappy, I ignored her and carried the new system I bought back to the living room.

Me : bros, this is it o

Bro ola : woaw, this na correct lappy, work would be so fast on it especially by the time I connect my smile to it, I would be browsing with the speed of smile. Hustle begins

Me : abi o

Bro ola : Thank you boy
While I was at Abeokuta, I learnt so many things o, infact I would say that that state is tge headquarters of YY, no eke, no nothing, just peaceful hustling. There I learnt dating is trash, dealing in goods type of YY makes much sense and it attracts better pay with less stress.
Thats what am into now.
Me : people said goods makes sense, I just have to be careful, don’t wanna jump into what I don’t understand, if you could teach me I fi try my hands on it.

Bro ola : No problem

I heard foot steps coming from my room to the living room, I looked at the Director, lo and behold it was my bae, walking into the sitting room with bro ola’s previous system.
Bae : honey, am enjoying this jennifers diaries, but i can’t find the next episode.

Mehn i was in avatar state, this B***h just blowed up everything, the laptop i just cleared the owners mind about now, this devilish B***h F***ed it all up.

I just have the passion for writing but I know that I’m not that good. Who cares anyway? Besides I’m not a literature student that needs to perfect his/her writing skills: not that we (science students) don’t write report to perfection. We only do it well when the need arises. So if you are thinking of bashing or correcting my grammatical blunder…… Hmnnnnnn ; like I have rightly said “who cares anyway?”. The choice is yours. Thanks Guys!
Let us make it more formal (Smiling).

Fu*k that sh**t, this girl hen

Bro ola : ife isn’t that my system?

Me : [just looking, speechless]

Bro ola : ain’t you the one am talking to?

I gave my bae one devilish stare, I guess she new the meaning, so she went back to the room.

Bro ola : ife are you now deaf all of a sudden.

Me : No bro, just dissappointed as how she could interupt us, bro the system is not yours, it’s hers [I lied] to be sincere, I gave it out to her, nothing really happened to your system.

Bro ola : [widened is eyes] you gave my system out with out my permission and even lied about it. I am disappointed in you, f**k this new system, I want my system, as in I want it back right now.

Me : bro calm down now, I’m sorry I lied, I shouldn’t  have, please forgive me, besides the system is outdated already bro, please help manage this new one.

Bro ola : Are you crazy?  I said I want back my system is something else there?


Me : bros forget that system jae

Bro ola : boy i want it back now!!!

I insisted he wasn’t going to take the system along, we were already raising voices at each other, when krissh and bosun arrived.

B.B : What ‘s going on here?

Me : it’ s nothing I can’t handle, welcome.

Krissh : you dey craze, you are handling it indeed, have been hearing voices three houses from here.

[turns to bro ola]

Bros whats wrong?

Bro ola explained the whole issue to them, I guess krissh was already understanding that it’s the parol system he was talking about from his explanations.

Krissh : bro take it easy, he doesn’t want to look bad to that bae ni

Bro ola : with all this, the girl must have heard about the whole issue, if she has an atom of diginity left in her, she would release it without thinking twice.

Lo and behold, the silly girl came to the living room and interupted again

Bae : ife don’t worry left him have at least you could afford to buy me a new one.

Gosh was she just trying to play along, from what she heard, geez who sent her, she’s making the situation worse, I and krissh were out of excuses and bosun didn’t understand why we were insisting not to release the system.

B.B : What is all this [ face’s bae], please go and bring out the system.

Me : If you move there ehn, infact clear for here, your presence is annoying to me.
[she gave me the crocodile tears crying look, picked up her bae and left]

Krissh : guy calm down, Let’s see in camera… We went into my room to disscus, at the end we decided to give the bro his system back, I took the system to bro ola in the living room and apologised.

Bro ola : whatever [hissed and left]

I then sat bosun down to explain to him, after my explanation he was remorseful, krissh was also trying to console me, i  rushed into my room and started weeping like a mother that just lost his child.

In my room, I was weighed down, I reminiscenced, I started reflecting on previous incidents, I noticed I was wasteful, I spent more than I earned, my lifestyle was like every other Yahoo guy, I guessed the money took over my thoughts, I hammered, purchased a car, clubed with friends and now I have 800k left in my account, hmmmmn it’s time i wisen up.

I decided to thread bosun’s path, “i’d rather die young before I go broke”, I approached bosun the next day.

Me : Boy, how far? I guess na your primate parole sure pass now oh

B.B : Are you high on cheap drugs?

Me : which kind talk be that, leave trash jur, you have to take me back to that woman o.

B.B : Thought you said you can’t fast and you can’t endure being confined in a place for seven (7) days.

Me : Oh boy at all, at all, na him bad pass, I pray I die young before I go broke, can’t depreciate from something to nothing, after elevating from nothing to something.
B.B : [chuckles] seems you are now desperate.

Me : Call it whatever you want.

B.B : Alright no qualms, would take you there in the evening.

Me : Tanks

B.B : how that your bae now?

Me : you said? Na thunder go fire and bae wey come my side as i dey now.

B.B : Why?

Me : Girls are bad omen, they would chase you when you have something, when you have nothing you would be the one to chase them, and eventually they would ruin your life. Have learnt my lesson already.

B.B : For your mind?

Me : Confirm oh, let krissh Keep leaving his player lifestyle, I don’t give a fu*k, what suits a cat doesn’t suit a tiger.

B.B : lol And who is the cat o?

Me : It’s up to you

B.B : So have checked your mails.

Me : Nope, would do that after my parole with iya primate.


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Nigeria Next Star Model 2016. Registration in progress!!! (CLICK IMAGE TO GET STARTED)


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