Written by Motilola Adekunle
Written by Motilola Adekunle

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I woke up at 4am as usual and while I was still trying to brush sleep off my eyes and psych myself up for the day, I heard a car start downstairs, usually I wouldn’t bother but it was kind of early and so I checked it out, it was my neighbor’s car she was driving out…I tried to join that with what I had seen yesterday but it just didn’t click all of a sudden Boo’s phone just started ringing..

At first I thought it was his alarm but hey that’s his ringtone and I know how much that man loves his sleep, he isn’t moving till 6am, I can bet my life on that..so I just smiled and started my chores, I could hear boo muttering some words at first I thought I imagined it but he kept talking and I realized that he was probably awake, I moved towards the room and I could still hear him over the phone. I touched the door knob and tried to open it,the door didn’t open..

I stood there mortified, because I was very sure I didn’t lock the door after me, so I went back to the kitchen to cook for my kids and I kept wondering, what miracle happened, how did the door lock behind me, who locked it so I decided to try again, I walked slowly to the door and gave it a soft push, lol and behold the door opened…almost like it was waiting for my push but I was confused, how come?

I stepped into the room anyway and boo was no longer on the bed he was in the bathroom,and as I turned to leave the room,the phone rang again this time it was on vibrate so I picked up the phone,waited it it stopped ringing it was an unregistered number,so I held the phone to make a mental note of that number (yes I’m FBI like that) so I held the phone and then came the SMS, “Talk to me, don’t leave me hanging like this,you know I need it”

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A million and one things ran through my mind in that split second, hanging? How ? Why? Who? My first instinct was to burst open the bathroom door and ask him “who the fuck is the moron sending you messages” then I restrained myself and decided not to make a scene that early. But I was determined to get to the root of this SMS,Little things like that are God’s way of telling you to be the FBI or loose that nigga to the gremlin that has been stalking him and taking all the money or at least some of it. So I said a word of thanksgiving the Lord God of housewives and Main chics everywhere and put my FBI hat on..

The morning was smooth as usual and I sent them all of on their respective ways,and turned to go back inside, I saw my neighbor drive in, in a hurry rushing towards the stairs like a mad woman was in hot pursuit, she ran towards me like she had something to say to me,so I waited I took a long but brief look at her and she had her phone with her and I saw tears yes this time dried up tears but she rushed past me and I thought I saw her stained dress,I saw bloodstains on her skirt, it was obvious I saw it..I remembered the text my husband got around the time she zoomed off this morning .

It clicked, all that drama, all the tears she had been because my husband had left her hanging, that minute my rage got the best of me, you are my neighbor how could you? I went in to put on some fight clothes before I rush over to her house to demand and explanation but before I finished switching clothes, I decided to call my sister first, and tell somebody what I was about to do!!!

So I dialed…and she picked up it was her sleepy voice

I started narrating it all to her and she told me to ask my husband even if she was the one texting him, she doesn’t owe me an explanation, she didn’t promise me forever but he did, he promised me in sickness and in health and I’m not even sick he is already hanging girls not just any girl my married neighbor!!

He definitely has some explanation to offer but while my sane side was trying to calm my insane side, I heard her open her door and the insanity took over I grabbed my cell phone and started walking towards our door……




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