How i discovered myself as an actor. Bigvai jokotoye


On ChattingDMC this Wednesday, is our own nollywood star. Mr Jokotoye Bigvai Oreoluwa. Talks about how he discovered himself as an actor. 

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The Bigvai, Mr Oreoluwa Jokotoye, whats your comparison as a celeb to ordinary man?

I don’t belong to the popular team of those who believe in the celebrity things. I see everyone on earth as a celebrity but in different ways. If u re a respected,hardworking, popular lawyer,pastor,cobbler, trader,farmer e.t.c then,u re a celebrity in ur way.
So,i don’t see anyone as ordinary, we re all being celebrated differently


How did you discover yourself as an actor?

I started from the church as a kid and after my father’s death and i couldn’t continue my education, i decided to live on my talents  (music and acting)
How do you feel or how do you react to critics, especially bad comments on your work or acting style ?

i see it as normal. U don’t expect everyone to appreciate u no matter what. So,when i see such bad review,i just smile and let it go or atimes,i appreciate whoever gives me a bad review and by so doing, i get more friends than enemies


What are the five things you can’t live without?

My Bible,

my wife,

my guitar,

my phone,

my instinct

Smile, i know phone will be there definitely 😃

If I was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs
would I see on your recently played list?

Adegbodu Twins,
Which state in Nigeria you originated from?

My dad from oyo state,my mum from cotonou
Can you talk about some of the challenges
in filming? Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes
you can share?

So many challenges from colleagues and how they look down on u or how some fans embarrass u but,u just have to keep being urself

Are there any new projects you’re working
on that you can talk about?

Working on a new project here in America soon ONE SUNNY DAY
and my 1st single is coming out too soon
Thanks for you time sir, we so grateful for welcoming us, lastly, any word of advice to young actors , willing to be just like you?
Well,young actors shld 1st make GOD their foundation, be loyal,hardworking and trustworthy
Uw ,tanx for the interview too


Interviewer: Damex MrCoded [i.G@Damexmrcoded]

Interviewee: Jokotoye Bigvai [i.G@jokotoyebigvai]

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