Why is DonJazzy so successful? #FACTSONLY



 Why is DonJazzy so successful? 


At the end of the day, we ask, he’s just a producer, but he’s so phenomenon,


*I will say DonJazzy is the best producer that ever come out from Nigeria, now this my point, you need to ask why DonJazzy has been relevant over 10years in the game, 2004 to 2016 officially 12years still strong, you need to ask, why donJazzy is the producer that commands respect from many A-list artistes, you need to ask why people that are not even into entertainment still respect donJazzy so much, you need to wonder why most of the producers had not been able to replicate half of what donJazzy had done,


These are critical questions we need to sit-down and analyse, and that’s what am going to be doing.


First of all DonJazzy understand his production level, he understands everything that as to do with music, why other producers spent some time and go,DonJazzy has clearly identified where he can remain relevant and how he can remain relevant, he knows You must always have a team, you need to have a working formula, half of Nigerian producers doesn’t,


Though people do say he’s only good on a particular beat, yes I saw that’s why he’s different, he knows what he’s best in and stick to it, from the time of Dbanj Mohits to Mavins, he’s always working with a team, the mysterious producer, hardly talk, but always be on the hooks and everybody’s faces,



DonJazzy is one of the very few producers that has signed another producer to his team, he knows he can’t do it all alone with the Mavins, he signed babypresh and Alltims, same thing he did at Mohit with Docfrabs and co working in the background, so it’s a smart move for him,

DonJazzy doesn’t even have an official single to himself, he knows he’s limited, so he uses part of the social media as his selling point, like standing trends, the IG competition and the likes,


Thinking about the Mavins, he’s so influential that DonJazzy gets an endorsement, everybody gets an endorsement, in the space of 1year, DonJazzy had been able to blowup KoredeBello, Dija and Reekado banks, that’s genius, which other producer is doing that? Which other producer is even breaking artistes like donJazzy is breaking artistes?


At the end of the day is all about investing in people and investing resources , Investment is important roll in business and DonJazzy understands this…





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