Enoch Adeboye biography and Achievement

Enoch Adeboye biography and Achievement

Enoch Adeboye biography and Achievement.

Enoch Adeboye is a popular Nigeria pastor and general overseer (RCCG) Redemmed christain church of God. pastor Enoch Adeboye was born in march 2, 1942 in the village of Ifewara, Osun state located in western part of Nigeria.He was born into a poor family background and he was a farmer who strungle to survive at same time he was a traditional musician while he was doing all this things, he was also praying that God should make him a better person in the future. Adeboye was not privilege to have shoes until he was eighteen years due to financial instability of the family.

Adeboye was admitted into Ilesha Grammar school,Ilesha, Osun state, Nigeria.In 1967 Adeboye graduated from university of Nigeria, Nsuka, Nigeria with a Bachelor(BSc) degree in mathematics.

He also obtain a master (MSc)degree in hydrodynamics and a doctorate degree (phD) in applied mathematics,both from university of lagos,in 1969 and 1975 respective. Enoch adeboye got married to his precious wife foluke Adenike Adeboye(nee Adeyokunnu) in 1967.Adeboye became a member of redeem christian church (RCCG) he was baptize by immersion in water. he initially served as the interpreter.He translated the semons of its pastor and a fonder,Rev.Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi, from a yoruba dialect to english language and later he was odained as a pastor.

Enoch Adeboye was appointed as the general overseer of redeem christain church (RCCG)1981 after the founder has gone to meet thy lord. For three (3) year he was lecturing at the university of Ilorin, as a part time lecturer untill he gave his university position to to become a full time preacher.pastor E.A Adeboye organize the first holy ghost festival(open air meeting) in Nigeria with an attendance of seven (7) million people, in December 1998. this program was later replace with an annual 3 days holy ghost congress held in every year at the redemption camp. in 1999,he receive honorary citizenship and key of Cambridge Massachusetts, USA. pastor Adeboye has open numerous branches in over hundred country including more than 14,000 in Nigeria. in 2008 he was named as one of the fifty the most powerful people in the world by Newsweek magazine.pastor Adeboye is the president of R CF (an international fellowship in all the campuses in Nigeria)which is under the umbrella of Christ the redeemers ‘ministry (CRM)where he serve as the founder and president.he won the National and international award and was among the centenary awards of Nigeria in 2014 in 2015, the university of Lagos at it convocation awarded him a honorary degree


He started his career as a lecturer in mathematics at the university of Lagos and Illonri and he look forward to establish himself in a successful career in academics.

He got married in early 1970s he and his wife were having difficult issue to have a child. his wife gave birth to the fist two child through caesarean surgery and the doctor gave them medical advise to have more children which they disagree because they highly are spiritually filled christian they embarck on a spiritual journey seek solution from God.and they were more disparate to have more children. . they they started worshiping with redeemed christian church of God (RCCG)in 1973 headed then by the general superintendent, pastor Josiah Oluwafemi Akindayomi.

Enoch became born again christian on 29th July, 1973,and he dedicated his life fully to the service of God

he was very active in the church and he began to propagate the Gospel. he was formally ordained as a pastor in 1975.

He started his duty in the church by translating Akidayomi’s language (Yoruba) to English language.from there he started organizing bible study meeting,revival, crusade, outreach and evangelical programs the congress and he was very successful in all of this program.

In 1981 Akindayomi died and Adeboye took over his leadership church general’s overseer base on the instruction that was left behind by Akindayomi before death too him a way.

Enoch Adeyoboye work very hard to expand the outreach and today he has open different branches in all over the world.

Award and achievement.

He was presented with the spiritual pillar of Nigerian sport, a nations sport honour in 2010

in 2009 he was named one of the world’s fifty most powerful people by Newsweek magazine (USA).

He was awarded the order of the federal republic of Nigeria by the Nigerian president in 2008.

Enoch Adeboye biography and Achievement Personal life & legacy

Personal life & legacy

He graduated newly when got married to his precious and lovely wife Foluke Adenike Adeboye at the age of 25 in 1968.his wife is also a pastor. the couples face considerable financial crises in their early marriage, he has four children, he is also a proud grandmother to several grandchildren.

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