Esther’s Diary (+18) EPISODE 11




We kissed and sucked our lips like women on fire! I didn’t withhold anything as I’d been totally stripped of every form of restraint I still had! Esther was an incredible kisser and she virtually ate my mouth off as she moved from both lips to my tongue at timely intervals!

After what seemed like ages, she pulled away, regaining her breathe, and then began dropping back down to my breasts once more! She was apparently being blown away by them! And she quickly snatched one up, violently grabbing it and munching up as much of it as she could! Raw Bosom milk graced her mouth in reward; filling her orifices, and leaking away from the sides of her slightly open lips! I watched on, pressing the other of my Tip in search of balance, and getting even more milk to spray sporadically into the air, catching her hair!

She was nonetheless busy; sucking and nibbling on my other engorged Tip! She however soon switched to the other Bosom where I had my finger, and took both my fingers and spraying Tip, in her mouth! I flinched!

She wasn’t stopping there still! She was going to begin alternating between the two very rapidly, and she did! She switched from one milk factory to another, bringing me to another level of S#xual heightening! Of course my swollen areolas and Tips couldn’t handle the increased pressure and thus began jetting even more milk at the slightest of touches! Esther’s face and body were soon covered in milk as projectiles after projectiles shot into her full mouth, causing the overflow to inevitably come pouring down onto her own breasts!


She seemed to want it that way and thus continued sucking on both Tips avidly! It wasn’t until she looked full, that she began making it up to my face once again! And as soon as our faces were in touching distance, we resumed our kiss like before! She was even more aggressive this time, intently pulling on my lower lip so hard with her mouth, that it almost hurt! Our tongues also flicked and speared each other! And every long suck was followed by tender moans which filled the room with kiss-sounds! It was just hard not to see my little baby dreaming about kisses and probably angels, with such sounds filling his ears while asleep!

Esther on her part soon began to get her own breasts involved too! We were still kissing when she began rubbing her very hard Tips over mine! She would rub them up and down, and then side to side, making invincible circles with them over my swollen melons! I moaned into her mouth at every contact our Tips made! It was just too damn erotic!

Her hardness, against my slippery wet point, made it just the perfect match! And she was still at it when I felt her hand return in-between my legs, scooping my entire vulva in her palm at first, before running her fingers along my dripping slit! It just felt too good! I kept moaning! I kept jolting, with my legs almost rising and hanging onto her buttocks! Her touch down there, had just reminded me by how much I needed something inside my glutinous hole! But she wasn’t going to do that just yet as she seemed to be more interested in teasing me, and maybe getting me to beg for it! She kept circling the area, massaging my vulva and at other times, my clit! I was still being killed softly in anticipation, when she suddenly began gesturing me to move down, and as soon as I reached her chest, she quickly got me to take one of her breasts in my mouth! I concurred, swallowing her Tip in one single plunge, and forcing the thing even deeper into my mouth! She sighed heavily!


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