Esther’s Diary (+18) EPISODE 2




Expectedly still, I wasn’t the only one who found Esther’s case rather curious. My husband Fredrick also did. Fredrick wasn’t home when Esther joined us, as he was on one of his many field assignments – he works with a telecoms company as a fiber optic technician. But when he returned home, he was quick to observe that she was indeed strange! He first noted that it was incredibly hard to get her annoyed or even worked-up, as she literally spends her entire day spotting a graceful smile or two! And on a second note, that she had a rather queer level of innocence about her! This particular second point was something I couldn’t understand at first, until the day she unintentionally barged into our bedroom on a certain afternoon, while we were having s*x! Oh dear! It had to count as the most embarrassing moment of my life as I had never been ‘crossed’ while having s*x, ever before!

She actually came in to pick up a feeding bottle for our little boy. And funny enough, she still went ahead to search and locate the bottle, after saying a simple sorry, before eventually leaving with it! While I didn’t know how to feel afterwards as I was quite caught between laughing and getting pissed, Fredrick did feel a little upset about it, and further asked me to warn her about intruding into our privacy!

Esther didn’t look like she knew she had done anything wrong. She even explained that she had knocked on the door before coming in and thought she heard someone say she was free to step in! Gracious goodness. I had to wonder if it were my moans that sent her that rather stupid message! But then, if the s*x incident was a bit of a misunderstanding, how was she going to explain all the other unexpected visits to my own room that followed? – mostly when I was either changing clothes, or dressing up to leave!


And on each occasion, all she would say was sorry, while still going on to do whatever it was that had brought her in there! In fact, I did catch her throwing glances at a semi-Unclad me once, and it wasn’t until I openly told her that I was still waiting for her to leave the room so that I could resume dressing, that she then bothered employing any kind of haste. All the same, I didn’t exactly find these things a big deal like Fredrick was already doing. Guess I was being softened by how generally good she was to the family. After all, it wasn’t like I was a man to which it could have been suggested that she was trying to ‘seduce’ me into sleeping with her. I was a woman like her, and if there was to be any worries, it had to be with the man of the house, Fredrick. Or so I thought!

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Surely, Fredrick as the case may be, wasn’t just aware of how much of a companion Esther had become to me since she arrived. She had made his usually lengthy absence less of a negative impact. Gone now were the days where I just had to go to bed very early solely because I felt terribly lonely and bored! Even trying to engage him on long calls on such nights, usually turned out impossible as most areas he was usually posted to were often yet to get connected to the GSM network! So with Esther, I had several other reasons to stay up. We would talk about a lot of things and laugh to every silly pass I made. It was also during this period that we formed the very addictive habit of seeing movies every single day! Something we both kept telling ourselves we only did just to fight boredom. But then, it soon became an obsession, and there was no day that passed without me sending her to a ‘Movie Club’ to hire one or two VCR tapes we were going to watch later that night! The usual schedule would then be, bathe my baby; breastfeed him for the night; have my own bath; see the hired movie while taking dinner; then go to bed! Talk of a really strait-jacket approach to living!

Esther did have a little bit of difference to hers as she would usually be making dinner while I bathed my kid – Kennedy. She would also begin serving the food just after I had begun breastfeeding him, and would wait for me to finish and bathe, so that we both could eat and see the movie together. However, this was also when I noticed that she probably couldn’t wait enough to be a mother too someday, given how often I would find her looking at my lactating breasts while breastfeeding Kennedy!

She would keenly watch as my son suckled away, but instantly turn the other way whenever I purposely try catching her doing so. But then, within me, it made me really happy, as I only could wish she got married someday and to a very good man. I had never heard her say anything about boys though, but I did conclude as at then, that she was probably only being modest. After all, from the much I had seen her body; especially on those early mornings when I usually went into her room to wake her up for the day, thus meeting her either semi-Unclad or very scantily clad; she was just too blessed to go without finding a man! Her body looks incredibly firm and shapely; with her breasts so round and unyielding; defying all the laws of gravity!

Seeing her those early mornings always reminded me of all the lovely things that come with being young and beautiful. Just the perky nature of her cones alone, and the ever erect status of her Tips, were usually enough to bring all the memories of being a youth, rushing back into my head!


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