Esther’s Diary (+18) EPISODE 4




She didn’t reply me, but just remained where she was, leaning into my doorpost.
I hissed in fatigue, wondering how she has now managed to become too good to her own fault too. “Ok. I will be coming.” I told her, while checking up my kid who was still asleep.
She left, after saying okay. And I began undressing.
I still wasn’t fine with the moment, but after hissing several more times at the prospect of dragging myself down to that bathroom with all the exhaustion, I decided to go on with the bathing after all. But then, when I got in there, I found two plastic seats instead of an expected one! And just as I was about turning around so as to call out on Esther to ask her why she had two seats instead of one, I met her standing right behind me! I jolted!
“I want to help you ma.” was the next thing I heard her say as soon as I faced her! Now, this was getting rather awkward!
“Helllp…mmmee out, how?” I stammered
She brought her hand to the knot on my wrapper just then, and began to untie it! I wanted to speak but nothing came out of my mouth after opening it! And in merely seconds, the piece of cloth I had been wrapping around myself, dropped in a heap! I was instantly Unclad before my housemaid, Esther!

“Get in, Aunty.” she then directed, giving me room to climb into the bathtub before us.
Like some zombie, I did! And as I crossed her, I instantly caught a whiff of the girl’s carnal scent, just before she climbed in after me!
She was obviously still terribly wet! – the effect of the movie we had seen together! And it wasn’t only just about the scent, but her breasts too! They looked heavier in the eye than normal, and with her Tips furiously shooting into the frail nightdress she was wearing!

I tried picking courage again to really question what she thought she was doing, but just then her right arm accidentally brushed against my left Tip, stopping my already open mouth from speaking, and sending real tingles up my trembling spine! Who said I wasn’t get aroused too?
“Just relax, Aunty. I’ll do all the work for you.” was her next declaration as she began getting behind me! Of course, she barely reacted like she had observed what happened!
But I agreed. And as soon as she made it to my back, I shut my eyes tightly!

Thoughts flew by, as well as questions! What in the world were we doing? How has my housegirl managed to be in the same bathroom with a Unclad me?! What was going on? Was I still even remembering that I was TOTALLY Unclad?! My head kept screaming! But the more it did, the more it looked like it was losing the war! Esther’s bathwater soon splashed on my body as she began the process of bathing me! And as she did, I found my own arousal growing inch by inch! She lathered the bathing foam and began scrubbing my body with it! She didn’t show any restraint and boldly allowed her hand swirl and circle around my breasts, taking time to scrub both swells rather intently!


She even shocked me further when she gently lifted them one after the other so as to scour the undersides as she had done to the other sides! And when she was done, she used her bare hands to wipe out some of the residual lather, causing me to jolt repeatedly as her palm inevitably rubbed against my now overly-sensitive Tips!

She must have noticed this very reaction to her touch, because she paused a little, and after getting further closer to me, resumed again!

She now had her body touching mine! In fact, I began feeling her right knee just around the cleft  where my buttocks meets my thighs! And as she continued with her scrubbing, I unmistakably observed how the said knee kept creeping closer and closer towards my crack, until it was soon got just barely an inch away from my vulva! When she attempted feeling my Kittycat slit with it, I nearly jumped off from the tub as though I had just come in contact with bare electricity! She audibly took a deep breath that instant, picking up the toilet soap behind her and applying more lather to the foam in her hand! I guessed this was her way of suppressing the impact of what just happened, and it kind of worked! I still had my eyes shut, and very tightly too! I couldn’t see her, but I could sense all she was doing! However, she did quite begin looking like she was determined to get somewhere that very night, because I suddenly found her hand on my navel! She certainly was about to begin washing my belly. Obviously, my Kittycat, was likely coming next!

Rightly so, it was! For just after she circled around my tummy a bit, she then began descending to my private part! My body was almost shivering at this point, with my thighs struggling to remain standing like they were before! There was no denying what was happening, and every additional second kept pointing to what I did know could follow! It wasn’t coincidence that Esther would choose to have interest in assisting my bath on a night we had just seen a very erotic lesbian romance movie together! It wasn’t also coincidence that it was a bath she had practically forced on me, despite my earlier refusal! I already knew she was very horny, and that this was likely a pre-planned seduction game for her! However, the question remained if I was interested in seeing it get concluded. I was calm and quiet, quite alright. But greatly troubled and afraid within me! She might be a lesbian as I was already being made to understand, but I wasn’t interested in women myself! Anyways, just after she had sprinkled fresh water on me once more, she briefly paused, all of a sudden.

I didn’t know for what reason, but she spent a few seconds before resuming again! I did suspect it had something to do with her dress though, because I did feel it moving along the small of my back at some point. When she returned to bathing me, she began by sprinkling water all over my pubic region! That tickled! And frankly speaking, I indeed struggled to decide on a reaction! My body shook like that of a baby, as tingly sparks endlessly ran through me!

I was literally drenched between my legs and began fearing Esther might smell me at some point, in the mix of the bathing soap’s thick beautiful fragrance! But I still wasn’t sure I was going to let the moment get beyond this very boundary! She soon stopped with the sprinkling anyway, and then returned the bath foam on my crotch! In seconds, she was already scrubbing my privates! But this got me even more alert and attentive, as I waited for her to make the expected move! And for every swipe her scrubbing hand made, my body and breasts heaved up and down along with it! Evidently, I did instantly know the moment was here, when she suddenly took the foam aside and attempted replacing it, with her bare fingers instead! Like some lightning strike, I instantly grabbed her hand in perfect reflex!

To Be Continued…


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