Facts about Comedian Seyi-Law

FULL NAME: Idileoye Oluwaseyitan Lawrence Aletile
DATE OF BIRTH: 22nd of June 1983
OCCUPATION: Comedian.(mc)
MARITAL STATUS: Married to Ebere.


*Before coming to
Lagos, he schooled in Okiti-Pupa, a town in Ondo State and also
Ekiti State.
noted that he never stayed with
his parents whole growing up.

*He once sold fried fish for his mum and later moved to Orile
where he was making calls and selling recharge cards

*He once worked in PZ as a casual worker

*From December 2005 till 2006 when he won the AY Open Comedy
Mic, first person to win the competition..

*He came to limelight afterwards and went fully into the comedy
job in 2007 performing in various shows including the Opa
Williams Nite of a Thousand Laugh.
Jedi, a famous comedian, told him to use a name that will be good for the
corporate market. So, he picked ‘Seyi’ from Oluwaseyitan and
‘Law’ from Lawrence.

He did a part-time programme
in Computer Studies at the Lagos State Polytechnic

He was quoted saying
“When you live with people who are not your parents, the feeling
will be different, there will be a lot of restrictions. Besides, I spent
my childhood all through secondary school in the boarding

Seyi and wife [Ebere]

He mentioned his most embarrassing moment as a comedian in
an interview… see below
“My most embarrassing moment is probably my most glorious
moment. It was ‘Asa live in Lagos’ in 2008. I was invited to be the
Master of Ceremony, and I came on stage, when I saw people who
were seated at the show, I was shocked because the turnout was huge;
high profile people. And when I introduced myself, I heard a woman
say ‘Who is this? Where is Alibaba? Where is Basketmouth? Is this the
person they have brought to entertain us? What sort of thing is this?’
because the stage was close to the audience. I knew the position of
this woman in Nigeria and it was as if they took out everything right
out of inside of me! I lost my bearing.
I remember that the joke I would normally say at the end of my
performances was the joke I started with, I did not get a good laugh.
When I wanted to introduce the next artiste that was supposed to
perform, I used the word ‘young’ almost seven to eight times.
Eventually, when I introduced him, he came on stage, the microphone
had issues and they had to work on it.
My cousin, who actually into introduced me to comedy, was at that
event too. One man who sat in front of him said, ‘When that idiot came
out, they should have used that time to work on the microphone.’ My
cousin said if I had come out as at that time to meet him, he would
have denied me more than Peter denied Jesus Christ. He said I should
have thanked my stars that I did not come out because he would have
betrayed me. I remember that I went on my knees later that day and
asked for God’s guidance.
The same man who spoke to my cousin that day was the same man
that took me on my first international show to South Africa and he paid
me N450,000 in 2008. That was a huge amount of money and that
was part of the money that I used to buy my first Sports Utility Vehicle
(SUV). That is to tell you that your greatest moment of disgrace could
be your greatest moment of upliftment, of breakthrough. That is why I
try to live my life without any form of regret. If anything happens that I
do not have a solution, I move on from there, thinking of what next to
do. I believe God would and has always seen me through. “

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Has won numerous awards few of the awards were still won by
him 2015
‘Most Outstanding Comedian’ award by Comedy Infusion and the
Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria awarded to him on March 22,
The second award is for his ‘Humanitarian Contribution to
Humanity’ by the Life Changers Foundation awarded to him on
February 22, 2015…
Seyi Law Bagged PTV Phones Endorsement Deal in 2013, a deal
worth millions of Naira.
He signed a multi million Naira deal in 2014.
It is a 2-Year endorsement deal with ARKBRIGDE INTEGRATED,
He was also reportedly said to have signed a deal with samsung in

The popular comedian has managed to stay off scandal.

Happy birthday Seyi-law

His reply to our birthday wish.



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