Features On Everyday Things You Never Knew Had A Purpose

Some things we see everyday, and even use them but yet had no idea what they are used for, most times we used them wrongly or thinks its just there for fashion or not relevant, truecelebmedia brings you another section of those things, check them bellow.

#1 Bottom Of Wine Bottle

That indentation at the bottom of your wine bottle is for relieving the pressure while the bottle is being corked. Champagne bottles have a larger indent.

#2 The Small iPhone Hole

There is a small hole on the back of iPhones. That, believe it or not, is a microphone.

#3 Charging Cable Hooks

There are hooks on the charging cable, but a lot of people get confused as to why they’re actually there. They are meant to make wrapping easier.

#4 Bobby Pins

A lot of women have been using bobby pins wrong their whole lives. You’re actually supposed to put the flat side on top.

#5 The Hole In Pots And Pans

That little hole on the Pan handle is there for a specific reason. You can hang the pot with it, or you can leave your spoon there for less hassle.

#6 The Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge has a neat feature not many people know about. The arrow points to which side the the fuel hatch is on the car.

#7 Rivets

Rivets were invented long ago by the first jean companies. They were designed to add extra toughness by adding metal to places where people tend to rip or scrape their jeans against things.



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