My first poem got me my first girlfriend-Efe chesterfield


Here is another fantastic episode on ChattingDMC (deep meaningful conversations). Today is a diction trainee specialist, Public Speaker, artist and a writer, author of one of Africa leading literature books ‘Comedy of Disgrace’ Mr Efe Ronald Chesterfield.

Efe Ronald Chesterfield


Good day mr Efe Ronald Chesterfield, pls can you introduce yourself to people who are seeing your name for the first time?


My name is Efe Ronald Chesterfield and I am the founder/CEO, Amplified Nigeria Consults, from Delta state, Nigeria.


You were known as a writer? Some knew you as an artist? You also the founder of a popular diction training program, please can you shed more light to that?


(Laughs) I still am a writer. My gifts are very complementary to one another. I will be releasing a book next week, titled “The Priceless Art of Public Speaking”, which is a different genre from what I have been known for.  I designed the cover page myself ( my artistic skill comes in here), and I am a trained and thorough Orator.And a diction trainer

Wow, amazing

Where do you get most of your ideas?


Ideas? From daily interaction with smart and creative people like you. I relate with intelligent people for advice and experience. Also I mostly depend on God in total surrender to where He leads me.

Efe Ronald Chesterfield paints


Tell us about your process: Pen and Paper, computer,
notebooks … how do you write?


I began writing when there was hardly access to the computer, so naturally, I had to begin with Pen on paper. But it really was a slow process for me. Then I graduated to using the computer, and then found out that even the computer was not exclusively sufficient. I had to continue using the paper and the computer. So I always have a book beside my bed with a pen on it. I pen down my ideas swiftly any time – Midnight and early morning mostly. So when I feel strong enough by day break, I feed it in the computer. That’s how I write.


What was the first piece you ever wrote? If you can remember


It was in 2004. I wrote a poem titled “To my Golden Princess”. I wrote is to a girl who eventually became my first girlfriend. She is married today with a kid. (Laughs) But at least, she helped me to discover my talent. We are still good friends today. Lol


What is your favorite book you’ve written?


That would be Comedy of Disgrace (Maidens of Iwu).


What inspired you in writing the book,


The need for cultural change. I wrote this book to correct the ills in our hand-down cultures, exposing them for what they are. I am of the opinion that women are the very vulnerable and the more susceptible gender. However, in gender equality, they have a large role to play. People tend to treat you the way you treat yourself. If as a woman, you believe it is a man’s world and so you cannot strive for what is yours, then sorry, you will always be nothing but a liability in the eyes of men. The gender discrimination is everywhere, but I chose the Ibo land as case study. Female children are practically haggled for money. Their fathers pride and boast about having female children. They “rare” them for financial gains. I would reiterate that a woman is NEVER A PROPERTY. Men should stop saying they own women. Women have minds and are humans created in the image of God, therefore they have choices. Women must learn to walk away from abusive relationships and hold their heads high.




It is a major societal flaw for non-virgins to be discriminated against. Why? Why not discriminate against non-virgin men? Who gives men the right to have a hundred concubines? You see where the problem is? Three women can agree to marry a single man, but three men will never marry a single woman. Women have a key role to play.


Which writer would you most like to have a drink with,
and why?


Well, let me be greedy. Firstly, I would like Wole Soyinka… For obvious reasons… (laughs) and then Chimamanda Adichie. Would love to have an insight into her prosaic creative writing.


Lol, breaking the rules.

Efe Ronald Chesterfield


We know the popular Mr Chesterfield, author of the book Comedy of Disgrace, very suave man, are you single? Or planning to get married soon? Do you get any side distraction from female admires?


Hmmm… I am single and looking forward to meeting that special person that matches my purpose here on earth. And yes, there are lots of female admires. But we are cool. I learn a lot from them.


What’s your favorite character archetype of literature?


Romantic character which could end up and the villain or hero.


The next few questions are my signatory questions, hope you are ready?

Let’s go there….lol


If I was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs
would I see on your recently played list?

Beyonce, Charlie Puth, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown and Rodney


Any personal ambitions yet unattained?
Directing? Producing?
Are there any new projects you?re working
on that you can talk about?


I will be hosting a Summer School on Diction and Public Speaking by the 3rd of Aug through 31st of the same month. I hope to explore the movie industry soon, not to act but to write scripts and artistically direct. But the most immediate project is the summer school for Teenagers.


Thanks for your time, we hope to catch up with you soon, any advice to other young writers ? And quotes you live by?


Well, writers would be wrong to engage in the art solely for money.


Passion should come first. Financial remunerations will always follow later . I always say, LIVE LIFE BEFORE LIFE LEAVES YOU.  Thanks Damex. Glad to be here.



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