Fuji House of Commotion Cast and how they Look Like Now



We all remember Fuji House of Commotion and how we were glued to our seats every Sunday by 7:30pm when it was time for Fuji House.

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While we have fond memories of the cast and can still catch up with episodes of the show on YouTube, one wonders where are the stars of the show up to today and we have the answers.


Kunle Bamtefa – Chief Tajudeen Fuji

Chief T.A Fuji, as he was called on the show attended the prestigious University of Ibadan where he took an honours degree in Theatre Arts in 1979 with emphasis on Acting, Dance, and Directing. Currently, he’s on a show on Africa Magic called “The Johnsons”

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Toun Oni – Mama Moji

Mama Moji was Tee A’s first wife. The role was played by veteran actress and dancer, Toun Oni. However, Toun died on her way to the hospital in 2010.

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Ngozi Nwosu – Mummy Peace

‘Artificial yellow pawpaw’ or Mummy Peace was one of our favorites on the show. She was the second wife and maybe, the sexiest of them all. Oh snap, Caro was there too. Ngozi was battling with kidney problem in 2015 but now, she’s back to the industry and kicked off with Ndani TV’s Skinny Girl in Transit where she plays the typical Nigerian mother who wants her child to get married as soon as possible

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Sola Onayiga – Ireti

We all remember Mummy CP or Cooking Practical or one pinch. We know her and we love her! When she was in the Fuji kitchen for the week, the kids were not sure whether to expect some funny meal or on rare occasions, a well prepared but still funny meal. Last time we heard of Ireti, she was seeking to represent her constituency in the Lagos House of Assembly. Unfortunately, she didn’t win.

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Iretiola Doyle – Caro

Caro was the wife of Tee A that had her residential domicile upstairs as compared to others who were downstairs always. She would do anything to keep Chief to herself and avoid him going downstairs to meet the other women and this made her an enemy of the community downstairs

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John Njamah – Rabiu

John Njamah was one of the heads of the rebel nation of Chief Tajudeen’s children. He was best buds with Gbenro. Currently, he’s more into the work behind as he is a director of great respect working on popular movies like ‘Love Thy Neighbour’

Image: About.Me


Jude Orhorha – Gbenro

Gbenro executed a great job of being dumb in this show. He was one of the children of Chief Tajudeen Adebowale Fuji. He’s back on TV also as he stared in Dawn, a web series earlier in the year.

Image: Africa Magic

Chika Chukwu – Jumoke

Jumoke was the head girl of the children of Chief T.A Fuji (Home Chapter). Not only is Chika an actress, she works as a TV presenter, songstress, and a PR practitioner. Chika also produces movies currently. Talk about a jack of all trades.

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