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On ChattingDMC this Saturday is the lady behind most of the interesting stories you do read on this website.

Nissi Inspiration Adeola is a fiction and article writer, series writer and blogger on Inspy’s World. The author of several fiction series like Belina, Married, amongst others; has pitched her tent in the Romance genre. She is a lover of books and music and she believes integrity is the best quality you can possess!

*Quote by Nissi* Don’t love for a reason; love for no reason!

Tell us about your process: … how do you write?

Writing is spontaneous for me, not usually premeditated


Can you list two or three of your best work so far?
Well, to me, all my works have been great

Your favorite so far
But thus far, Endless Tears and Married have been the people’s favourite

Hmmmmmm… My favourite series would be ‘Endless Tears’ because it went far in tasking my emotions, thoughts and creativity


If I was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs
would I see on your recently played list?

You would definitely find ‘Kim Burrell’ taking up about 40% of the list, then you would find J. Moss, James Fortune and Frank Edwards
Any personal ambitions?

I intend on going into Scripting in the nearest future and hopefully have my works as TV series

Currently, I am working on a True Life Story

I wouldn’t want to give the details yet


Which writer would you most like to have a drink with,
and why?

Hmm. It would be a delight to have a drink with Nora Roberts
She is a great writer
What do you want the world to know about you? 

I would like to surpass legendary writers and be recognized as the most creative writer in the world!
Five things you can live without?

Asides God who is the reason for my existence, I definitely can’t do without my phone; we are inseparable… Lol. My laptop would come next, earphones to listen to a full Kim Burrell Album and a Blue pen(black doesn’t make my writing sexy enough…) Smiles

How do you handle a critics?

I use it to make myself better.
In order to improve as a writer, I can’t ignore bad reviews just because I don’t like them
I take out the message and work on myself to be better at what I do


How and when did you discovered yourself as a writer?

Oh, I tried my hand on my first series December 2013


How did it happen? What motivated you to?

I have always loved novels but I didn’t know I never imagined myself a writer until I wrote my first series.
Well, just like everything I do, it was a spontenous action
I always read stories  on a Facebook page, so when they asked for new writers, undecided to try my hand at it


What was your first series all about? Love? Romance? Crime?

Smiles. Love and romance definitely!

Belina (Tender Beauty) was my first series, and being a romantic person, I had to make it a romance fiction

All my stories always have that romantic feel though


That was awesome, so where did you get your inspiration from?
Hmm. God is the giver of inspiration. It might sound weird but i get great ideas when i am doing some domestic works. Smiles…

Domestic? Thats sound weird truly……

Lol. I know it does. My brain seems to go on ‘information search’ especially when i am doing the dishes. Weird but true. Lol

You sound so amazing

Thank you
Thanks for your time, thanks for welcoming us, lastly whats the quote you live by? And your advice to people who might want to be a writer ?

“Don’t love for a reason; love for no reason”
If you love someone because of his looks or possessions, you would fall out of love when those things are no more
I believe everyone has a uniqueness. You just have to find yours, to stand out amongst the crowd
Believe in yourself and put God first
With God, you can go beyond your expectations


Its so nice and fun having you on chattingDMC, thanks for the kind gesture. Hope to hear from you soon..

Thanks for having me.



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Interviewee: Nissi Inspiration Adeola [i.G@nissi_adeola]

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  1. I’m an ardent follower of Nissi! I love her works. Her only work that I’ve not read is the one she has not written…lol…She’s the bomb. Wishing her all she wants for herself and greater heights in her career and passion. Bless you dear Nissi.

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