Health Hazards of Smartphones Overuse – Facts About Cell Phone Dangers

Health Hazards of Smartphones

Health Hazards of Smartphones Overuse – Facts About Cell Phone Dangers

Here you can read about the Top Health Hazards of Smartphones Overuse in adults and teenagers. These are the surprising Facts About Cell Phone Dangers you must understand and try to avoid as much as possible. Staring at screens damages the eyes. Regular use of smartphones can cause carpal tunnel or ‘cellphone elbow’. Check other health and mental issues associated with the smartphone Overuse.

1. Poor Sleep

Spending hours on social media with your smartphone kills your sleep. This is one of the  important Health Hazards of Smartphones Overuse. Using these gadgets with bright screens before bed makes it harder to fall asleep. According to researches, Exposure to artificial light before going to bed cause to suppress your brain’s ability to release melatonin. This is the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle and the results is poor sleep. This creates health problems including depression, and weight gain.

2. Reduced Brain Activity

Scientist found that the brains of drivers using cell phones, and others who listening to someone talk in smartphone have reduced brain activity by 37 percent. This increases your chances of being seriously injured. Also those pedestrians who texting took 1.87 extra seconds to cross an average intersection. So, they have high risk to ignore lights or forget to look both ways before crossing.  This is one of the  important Health Hazards of Smartphones Overuse.

3. Disturbing Number of Germs

The fact is that, there are disturbing number of germs found on your phone. You have to believe that the average phone has up to 10 times the amount of bacteria found in a bathroom. This is one of the  important Health Hazards of Smartphones Overuse. This happens, when we place our phones on filthy surfaces, or touch them without washing our hands. When you place your phone right near your face, things goes dangerous.

4. “Nomophobia” (No-Mobile-Phone-phobia)

This is the severe form of addiction to smartphone. Most of them could not go one day without their phones. Nearly two-thirds of teens and young adults check their phones every 15 minutes or less. This is from the anxiety and stress over missing out on a text or Facebook update. Constantly checking your phone while spending time with people takes away from your relationships too.

5. Texting Tweaks Your spine

Looking down at a smartphone screen while texting puts pounds of pressure on the spine. While continually stressing your spine, pressure increases from around 27 pounds at a 15 degree angle to 60 pounds at a 60 degree angle. Such stress could lead to early wear and tear that could someday require surgical attention.  This is one of the  important Health Hazards of Smartphones Overuse.


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