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HealthPawa Ads Review & Tricks – Legit or Scam?

HealthPawa Ads Review & Tricks 2021 – Legit or Scam?
Written by emmex

Hello, today we’ll be reviewing HealthPawa Ads Network Review – How it works, Tricks and Everything you need to know as a ViewerAdvertiser or a VIP user on the platform.

If you’ve been familiar with making money online, I’m sure you might come across those foreign platforms that pays you for just viewing or clicking on ads online, but unfortunately – they don’t allow we Nigerians to participate in the platform.

Some of us do even go to the extent of using VPN’s trying to access the platform, but we ended up getting locked out! But guess? The Good news is that we’ve got one running in Nigeria! HEALTHPAWA.

HealthPawa Ads Network Reveiw- Legit or Scam?

With no doubts – HEALTHPAWA ADS is the first PAY PER VIEW platform in Nigeria and we are loving it already.

Just like Google AdSense, HealthPawa is a health online Advertising Network, owned by ‘Coinpayu Bitcoin Adversting Network‘, USA.

Both foreign/local Advertisers pays them to promote/advertise their products, and you as a viewer gets paid to view those products online.

Being a health ads network, this simply means that if you’re planning to advertise or promote your business on the platform, be aware that they only accept health/skin related products.

Now over to the ‘Viewers’, you may be wondering ‘why is the pay so high’? This is simply because it’s not a Nigerian based platform!

Foreign advertisers are willing to pay high just to promote their Businesses online, especially those trying to sell their skin products across African countries like Nigeria, Ghana etc. They know the worth and they are willing to pay high.

So let’s assume you already have an account with HealthPawa and you want to learn some tricks to double up your Earnings? I’ve got some for ya.

HealthPawa Ads Network Tricks

As a Viewer, it’s sad that we are only limited to view 55 ads in a day😥 We aren’t even given the same privilege given to the VIP users.

In terms of Referral Earnings=

1. How much do we earn per 5 Referrals again? 6.9k? At times it even drops to 5.9k but VIP users gets to negotiate how much they’ll like to get paid.

2. How much commission do we get? 30-40% but the VIP users enjoy up to 80% Referral Commissions

VIP users are pampered while we are full of limitations. Red flag! I needed to double up! I Make some researchs and was able to come up with something crazy😀 tested it and it worked perfectly.

Before I proceed, below is a recap of what this blog post is all about!

HealthPawa Adversting Network Legit or Scam?

HealthPawa Ads Network Review – Tricks

Let’s continue

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Creating multiple accounts! – Tricks

Yes, I was able to double my earnings by running multiple accounts on the platform. Had up 5 accounts on the plaform with different email accounts.

I’m sure most of you might have come up with this idea but maybe it didn’t work then? The Good news is that email verification has been disabled on the platform☺️ Now, after signing up on the website, you don’t need to go extra miles trying to verify your email and Identity, this time; once you sign up, your account is activated immediately.

Below are screenshots of my earnings for the past week & payments transaction today.  I’ve made over 647,500naira in the past week (3 days) 😀 and I’m currently waiting for this weeks payments to arrive.


Now, to use this trick. You simply need to be smart. And if you plan on using this method, then I suggest you have a minimum of 4-5 accounts.

To proceed, make sure you have up to 5 different Gmail accounts. You can create one for free here.

Once your email accounts are ready, then proceed to

  1. Copy your referral link which is displayed on your Dashboard.
  2. Log out of your main viewer accnt or you can use a different browser. Paste your referral link on the browser and proceed.
  3. While signing up, make sure you’re using a different email address, different phone number and a different username that you haven’t used on the platform before. You can use any phone number that is not even correct! Proceed and sign up!
  4. Your account is activated, Fund your account @200naira and upgrade to the POPULAR viewers plan.
  5. Repeat the same method over and over again till all the accounts are active.

Now let’s assume you already have 5 accounts on the platform (POPULAR PLANS). For example, this are your 5 accounts… AaBaCcDd and Ee

If you use Aa to view adverts, Let’s say you earn 700naira per advert view, Your Ba account will be credited with 400naira 30-40% Commission.

Now log out of the Aa account, login to Bb accnt… View the same Ads again, your Cc account will be credited 30-40% Commission of whatever Bb earns.

Keep repeating the same method over and over again on all the accounts till you exhaust your 55 daily ads viewing limit.

Let’s do the maths – you made 39,000 naira in a day just by viewing ads . That’s 39,000 × 5 accounts = 195,000 Naira

30% of 195,000 Naira = 58,500 Naira | That’s 195,000 + 58,500 = 253,500 Naira in just a day 😍

Let’s enjoy this platform while it lasts, because either two (2) things can occur anytime… They may increase the POPULAR viewers plan price (better) or even remove the plan entirely and focus on their VIP users.

When I first found out about this platform, their popular plans were actually free, now it’s been increased to 200naira.

Join HealthPawa Ads Network HERE.

VIP user and tricks

According to the platform, the VIP membership accnt is free, only if you meet up with the requirements. You need to have at least 50k followers on Facebook or Instagram either a Profile, Facebook Group or a Page.

I’m still not sure about any tricks on the VIP accounts yet. I strongly believe that have a steady watch over their VIP users. Why do I say so? – I personally applied for a VIP membership accnt with a Facebook page of over 60,000 followers but I got disapproved saying that the niche of my page doesn’t suite with their adversting plaform.

I’ve got a mentor online (comedian) who is currently a VIP user on the platform, he didn’t even request for an account but HealthPawa reached out to him. According to his post, he currently earns up to 180,500 – 190,000 for every 10 referrals he brings to the platform.

He has over 700k followers on Facebook, he dosen’t even need to stress himself looking for referrals. He just makes a skit and advertise the plaform to his fans asking them to join with his Referral Link.

So I guess, if they can go this extra mile to review VIP membership requests and manage them, then they’ll sure have a strong look over the accounts. Besides, no doubts, VIP users earn up 10m naira in a day so I don’t even think anyone who’s on the plan would still lookout for a trick.

I’m still trying out different tricks on how to get a VIP membership accnt without having to meet up with the requirements. Subscribe to our newsletter, we’ll let you know once we find something new! Any questions or contributions? Kindly drop a comment below.

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