How I handle who disturb me for love’ – 57-year-old musician, Salawa Abeni

How I handle men pestering me for love’ – 57-year-old musician, Salawa AbeniVeteran musician, Salawa Abeni, has disclosed that men still pester her for love despite turning 57 recently.
According to Vanguard, the seasoned entertainer said she learnt to treat such men with respect while turning them down.

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She said: “Men still pester me for love but I am always very careful with them even though you cannot know which one is good or bad from mere appearance.
“I mentioned it in one of my songs that if I laugh too much, they will call me a prostitute, if I frown too much, they will say I am proud. But it is good to be very diplomatic with them and not to be rude to them.”
Salawa Abeni, who also raised an alarm over the rising spate of broken marriages, especially in the entertainment industry, said that every man or woman needed a companion, therefore people must make their marriages work.
“The truth is that every adult male or female wants to be in a happy marriage. They should note that two wrongs can never make a right. One has to be cool-headed and patient.
“Those in the entertainment industry need to take things easy. While they make others happy with their talents, they must also make themselves happy by building good homes,” he said.
Queen Salawa Abeni walked down the aisle with Sir Kollington Ayinla, in the 80’s.
However, their marriage spectacularly crashed leading to name callings. The couple later got back together, after years of separation.
Kollington Ayinla is the father of Salawa Abeni’s only two children.



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