How to start a lucrative snail farming business in Nigeria

*what is snail farming*
It is simply the act of rearing Snail just like every other animals.

*why do I have to rear snail*
I need to rear it for personal consumption and/or commercial purpose.

*Is snail meat rich in nutrients?*
Yes,  it meat contains
Protein (12-16%)
Amino acids
It is a white meat and thus good for all ages especially the old ones
*Vitamin E
Each 100-grammes serving of snails provides 4.25 grammes of vitamin E, or 28 percent of the amount both adolescent boys and girls and adult men and women need daily. Vitamin E plays an important role in vitamin K metabolism, red blood cell synthesis and in protecting cells from free radical damage.

People who don’t consume enough vitamin E can have trouble controlling their muscles and may experience jerky, abnormal eye movements. They may also develop liver or kidney problems.

By eating enough foods like snails that are high in vitamin E, you decrease your risk of diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

*Snail farming system*
Use of boxes, trench pen, make-shift snailries etc
Use of pen, fences
Use of farm land, fence

Does snail business really pays?
Yes it does if only we understand the rule of the game which will be discuss in this article.

*site selection*
The following are to be considered
Must be safe & secure
Space for expansion
Our family snailry was located close to our water-well then in those days, many times, we caught people with big snails mostly early in the morning with their bucket of water. Sounds like they do tell themselves let us go and fetch snails.

-soil type
Humus soil, Sandy loam
-soil moisture content
Damp, not wet nor dry
-wind direction
No direct strong wind as this will lead to dehydration (drying of snails)
-Environmental temperature
They are cold blooded animals so temperature required is between 10•c to 23•c.

*choice of breds stock*
There are many snail breds like every other animals but the most common breeds in Nigeria are
-Archatina marginata
Colour-Brown to pale brown with vertical streaks, zig-zag lines or blotches
Matures after 24months
>150 – 200grams
Lay 5 to 10eggs at 4 to 8times each laying season
-Archatina Archatina
Matures after 24months
Lay 100 to 300eggs at 1 to times each laying season

*features to consider in brood stock selection*
-Good strong shell
-Active snails
-same kind

*Source of brood stock*
-source from wild
Bait snails with over-ripe fruit like watermelon in the wild and check often late at night or from local farmers around.
-source from other snail farmers

You can do this by checking around or *through this network*
– you can collect eggs from snails bought from market and hatch but don’t use the snails because they are often too weak to survive.
Snails eggs hatch in 30days

*Pen construction*
Peasant and commercial size (small or big size)
– Type
>>Intensive: hutch box method
Trench pens
Make-shift snailries – cut drums, baskets,stalk old tyres
>>semi intensive
Fence a portion of your farm and cultivate with some crops while allowing snails to move freely within
Free range on the farm with restrictions on picking

*Recommended stocking density*
15 to 25 snails per square meter
Stocking is better done in the evening or cool period

*Common snail food*
>>Food plant
Amaranthus (Ewedu)
Over-ripe fruits
Beans cover
>> synthetic feed
Rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus
They eat mostly at night, cool and quite period.
They are natural animals, more active in the dark

*Common source of high mortality*
-Insect :  soldier ants, termites, flies etc
-pest: lizards,birds etc
-Common salt
-Over crowding
-Dehydration (dryness)

Mainly done at night by baiting with food/fruits

Transport with sawdust and don’t stalk too much together

Labour cost: 1man/hour/day for 100snails. It is not time consuming and stress free

*Cost and return analysis*
For a small setup,  pen construction requires use of cheap and readily available materials.

10 POL (Point of Snails) @ #400 each = #4,000
Cost of Feeding is low since they feed on waste feed.
Expected yield after 24months is 10snails X 100eggs = 1000snails
20% mortality, laying and hatch loss =200snails
Yield is 800 new snails
Income: 800snails X #400 =#320,000
Conservative values from combination of practical and research values were used and far less than theoretical values thus make it achievable.

Author Name: Olasoji Ayobami O
Biz name: *ProFem and Partners Agro services*
watsap: +2348036408292
Facebook:Olasoji Jerry Ay Profem


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