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On Chatting-DMC (Deep Meaningful Conversation) is our own very Nollywood actress, Folashade Muyibat Olona, speaking about how it all started, lifestyle, background and challenges in this brief interview.

How did you discover yourself as an actor?

Well i really dont have interest in acting while growing up, but when i was in SS1 something keeps telling me Shade you can do this.

Can you talk about some of the challenges in acting? 

There are a lot of challenges in the movie industry, as they are in every professional field, but the way your react to the ones you faced will define who you really are. The most common one in this our make believed industry is respect, you know when someone you are older than is demanding respect from you just because shes more famous or because shes been in the industry before you.

So how do you feel or react to critics, especially bad comments on your acting style?

Well as a human being, sometimes i feel bad when i am not being appreciated. But in life no matter how good or bad you are, some people will love and appreciate you while some people will hate you and you cant change that.

Tell us little about your background, which state in Nigeria you originated from?

My names are Folashade Muyibat Olona, I was born and brought up in Lagos to family of six, i am the 5th child, i attended my primary school here in Lagos and my secondary school also in Lagos Ajumoni secondary school iyana isolo and i did my bcs in tai solarin university of education which i studied mass communication. i originated from Oyo state, iseyin.

Related imageAre there any new project you are currently working on that you want to talk about?

I’m actually working on a new project tittle Mayorkun by Gods grace it should be shoot this year.

we are anticipating……

Which actor or actress would you like to have a drink with and why?

Rita Dominic, shes my role model.

If not acting

If I had not gone into acting, I would have become a broadcaster. I love talking. I can’t keep to myself I love gisting and talking.

Marital status

I am in a relationship and I hope to get married soon. I have never dated any of my colleagues before. I am just not interested. I don’t really like actors. If I marry an actor both of us would be busy and we won’t have time for the children.

Image result for Folashade Muyibat OlonaFirst experience on set

That was in 2007, when we were shooting Mafidunmi, produced by Sulaimon Yusuf and directed by Adebayo Tijani.  Adebayo Tijani is my boss. He trained me. He told me I was going to be part of the production and gave me the script and asked me to memorise my lines. I was given the role of Gloria. When I got on set, I was jittery and didn’t know what to say. He shouted at me and I had to summon courage and get the job done. I thank God for bringing me this far.

Movies done so far

I have lost count of the movies I had done so far. I have featured in movies like Arambada, Omo Elemoso, and Imisi Esu Aiyekoto.  I also produced my own movie, Ife Otito, in 2011. Two movies that gave me prominence were Aiyekoto and Elemoso. Aside acting, I sell jewellery and each time I went to the market, people would say look at the lady that played Tawa, in Omo Elemoso or look at Owokehinde in Tawa.

Likes and dislikes

I hate pretenders. I like friendly people. I like going to parties but hate clubbing.
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If i was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs would i see on your recently played list?

Barrister, KSA, 9ice, Davido and Dido

The ibile things right?..lol

lolz if you say so YES,

Lastly whats the quote you live by? and your advice to aspiring actors ?

Contentment of heart is the greatest wealth of all. They should be focus in what they choose as a career, be respectful and prayerful.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for welcoming us…

You are welcome and thanks to you too.


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