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Kenny Dee

Here is another fantastic brief episode on ChattingDMC (deep meaningful conversations). Today is the follow me go crooner and  goes by the stage name Kenny Dee, talking about his life in general and how he started doing music. 

Thanks for welcoming us on ChattingDMC this week, pls can we meet you? Especially to those seeing or hearing your name for the first time??
 I’m Nwobodo Daniel Ekene aka mr wait and take, Popularly known as kenny Dee

Where or How did you derive the name kenny Dee?
It was derived from my complete name Ekene, Kenny was derived from Ekene while Dee was derived Daniel

Can you talk about your Background?
I came from the family of four (4) 2 boys and girls
 I am from a mediocre home

Its been how long you have been into music or entertainment?
 I have been into music for a long time now but doing my thing underground

Wow, so what inspired you into music ? Why did you choose it as a profession..
Can’t really say that anything inspired me in music outside the fact that I was growing up doing it, Like I was doing it when I don’t even know what I was doing, Then another thing is the love and passion I have for music

So what have been your challenges in your chosen career?
Most challenges I have really encountered was financial challenges

 Did your parents support your career as a musician?
Initially they did not but now am their prayer point

how do you feel or react to critics, especially bad comments on your style of music?
I see it as normal cos everybody must not like ur style of music, So I don’t really take it personal whenever I see or hear something like that

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 What’s your personality like offstage?
 I try to live my everyday life
 I associate with people in my world and so on

Apart from music, what are your other interests?

What fashion items do you like the most?

Marital status?

 Likes and dislikes?
I like watching musical videos,singing and playing football
I dislike hanging out with fake friends

 How do you spend your leisure time?
I spend my free time watching anything I found interesting

Which musician would you like to have a drink with and why?
 The musicians I would love to have a drink with are Davido,tekno,flavour and wizkid cos they are my roll model

 If i was to turn on your ipod right now, what five Artist/songs would i see on your recently played list?
 U will see Davido tekno flavour wizkid and more

 So are there any new project you are working on that you can talk about?
The one I have at the moment is the promotion of my newest video
 Once that is done I will work on holding a track down with tekno

 Lastly what’s the quote you live by? and your advice to aspiring musicians ?
The quote I live by is “I will be patient and one day God will dry my tears
And my advice to aspiring musicians is they should Believe in themselves and work harder God will endlessly take them to their destinations

Thanks for your time, and thanks for welcoming us…
Ur welcome

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