I love ewa aganyin(hot beans) Because of my job I cant eat it anywhere-Nollywood Actress Bukola Raji

Raji Adebukola, affectionately called Bukky Raji by her fans, is a Yoruba movie actress who lives in Lagos. Born to Ondo State parents, she is the last child in a family of four female siblings.

This actress, who studied Mass Communication at Olabisi Onabanjo University is my guest on ChattingDMC this week, in this episode she talks about her love for ewa aganyin (hot beans) but because of her job, she cant eat it anywhere she like.

Starting with this question, when and how did you got into acting?
I started acting way back in 1999 then it was just stage plays.. i had love dancing ever before i started it officially i had danced for my school and churchesp, but i started officially wen a group came to our then  compound for their rehearsals i saw it as an opportunity to pursue what i had desired a  long time so i just walked up to d director and that was how it started.

What as been your favorite roll so far? Name the movie
Hmmmm i have done many dat i  cant really remember but, a particular one dat came to my mind now the title is Torera produced by Faithia Balogun.. i love the role i played in the movie cause i love the story line itself

While on set, have you ever forgotten your lines? How did you manage to coverup?… 😀

Lol… forget my lines  ke? i don’t forget my lines ooo but some lines can remove ones teeth lol so far it is not stage we have the grace to cut and go over it again and reshoot that’s the advantage home videos have over stage performance.

Whats the worst and the best part of being an actress ?
Smile.. the worst part of being an actress is d fact dat u hardly have a private life. It will be so hard for u to live freely like others do, take for example, i went to d island to get some things while moving, i saw a bread seller along road side wit hot ewa agayin d bread was very hot too (just the way i love it) and i was really hungry dat afternoon as well,  i told my friend dat we were together dat i want to buy dat beans and bread o she said ha pls don’t try it o i had already called the seller, before i know what was happening i saw a lady already bringing out her phone snapping me, if not for my friend dat insisted d lady should delete d pix of me buying ewa aganyin (hot beans) she would have shared it on so many social media wit many captions. U can imagine dat, i love hot ewa aganyin but because of my job i cant eat it anywhere i like.

Hmmmmmmmm could imagine that..lol
D best part of me being an actress is dat i get to reach out to people i get to touch lives and am happy doing it.. anytime i am on set i am worry free, i forget all my troubles and issues bothering me. Den i get to meet people expressing their love for me, praying for me and all sort.

If you do follow my Interview, (ChattingDMC) you will be familiar to this question am about to ask. Ok, If I was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?

Hmmmmm if you wont say am too religious, you will see Asewa i dont know maybe you know the man, then SunnyAde, 9ice, Sola Alyson, then maybe Osupa.

that was more of my IyaBola (my mum)..lol

Its good..lol

How do you react to critics or bad review of your work?

Hmmmm i do feel bad cause i know d stress  producers do go through to achieve a production but i wont blame those dat criticize us or say their mind concerning any job done by us, its just for us to put more effort and to learn frm our mistakes though some just have bad mouth but i don’t normally pay attention to them i only focus on d one dat will criticize u knowledgeably and will take to their corrections and work to improve on whatever they might have complained about and am sure dat is what most producers do, cause we want d best for our jobs too and we wanna achieve greatly through d job and without criticism i don’t think such can b achieved.

Which of the Nigerian male celebrities do you consider a power dresser?

I think it is Dbanj the musician. He creates his own style.

Adebukola Raji

Role models,

Liz Benson, Bukky Wright and Joke Jacobs. They all know their onions and are very good at interpreting roles.

Any personal ambitions yet unattained? Are there any new projects you are working on that you can talk about?
I am not there yet, i av not touched lives enough and i am hoping and praying d Lord will help me achieve all dat cause its only God dat can crowns ones effort
Yes i have a job coming out soonest its title kileremi its a movie one will learn a lot from, i promise my fans out there dat dey wont b disappointed after watching dis educating movie i want to implore all mothers out there too, so watchout for dis movie and wen its out dey should get there copies and watch to learn, how important the role of a mother is.

I pray God will grant your heart desires with loads of success.



What’s your motto or the advice you live by? And your advice to young actors looking up to you…
Que sera sera” what will be will be.

What will b will b no mater what it is not for those that runneth but for God dat will crown ones effort
All young actors coming up or looking up to me, my advice is dat we should both look up to God he’s d author and finisher of our faith and He is d only one who can perfect all dat concerns us even in our imperfection.
And after God is our effort we should strive and not relent in whatever we have, and we should b focused.. no room for distractions, all this will help one get to our desired positions in life.

Thanks for your time and kind gesture, hope to hear from you some other time.

Thanks bro, am grateful, And thanks for looking out for me.


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