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The shana wole crooner is my guest on ChattingDMC this week, one of naija finest, representing well in the land of Benin republic, the young and suave Blazing Polas. Talking about life and career, read his interview below…

Welcome to our episode of ChattingDMC, thanks for welcoming us, can you tell us, whos Polas, or Blazing Polas as your fanz calls you?

Blazing Polas: Polas as a nickname,is the combination of my names which are peter,oluwatosin,lanre,abayomi,stephen. And the word “blazing” is just to show how hot i am as an artiste lol

live in Benin

Wow, so you telling us you everly hot? 

Yeah,because anytime i’m in the studio,its always fun having me around

When did you first know you wanted to become an artiste?

Though i started music at a very tender age,but I didn’t know i was going to become an artiste,every part of me loves to listen to instrumental more than a new realesed track,because i get to express myse, lf on the instrumental,and trust me,i love that feeling….

What was the first show you ever did?

My first show was inside mapoly,and it wasnt too bad,because it was my first time on stage and i was nervous too,really nervous

Are you a student of mapoly? Or you from Ogun state?

Yes,i’m from ogun state,but i school in benin republic

polas during club tour

What challenges have you had to face in your chosen career?

Most people are not ready to help till you attain success,and because there are alot of artiste in town,its hard with a guy with no label to push himself,really hard

Does your music carry a particular message or is it meant for pure pleasure?

Because i’v not released any message song yet,so for now i can say pleasure

Greatest inspiration? Who/what kept you motivated?

My mood and the type of instrumentals i listen to,and of course i get motivated by the type of songs i listen to

Most of the songs you have released so far have been about gals and parties, as the charming polas, can we say you love gals? Or are you even in a relationship?

Funny you,all the songs about ladies and parties,if you are a fan of that kind of music,you have to love eather one of the two,or even both,as for me,i love parties,and concerning the relationship part,i’m not single.

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Polas and phezz
“Polas and Pheelz”

Are there any new projects you?re working on that you can talk about?

Yes actually i’m dropping a track titled “pretty woman” September first,and its going to be mind blowing,the anticipation as started already,and after the release,radio tour will follow,bigger plans are awaiting,trust me,just watch out for me.

 I have been working in the studio too,worked with a rapper and a fellow artiste “rolasdavis”

Recording different kind of tune,love,bangers and so on

We happy to hear this, and we anticipating


If I was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?

First…..two or my songs

 Followed by adekunle gold

Patoranking,kiss daniel and meek mill

Who do you look up to? Your role model,


Thanks for your time, we hope to catch up with you soon, any advice to other young Music artiste? And quotes you live by?

If you are sure of your talent,you just have to keep doing what you believe in,the truth is everybody can’t appreciate your music,its not possible,so believing in yourself and talent helps in being strong.

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Interviewer: iG@Damexmrcoded

Interviewee: iG@blazingpolas




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