I was always into dancing right from when i was 3years old-Paulette Iwenjiora Dance with Peter (P-square)

A professional dancer and actor, one of the Dance with Peter (P-square) academy, Paulette Iwenjiora, She’s my guest on Chatting-DMC on this episode, talking about the genesis of her life as a dancer, actor,  read her interview bellow..

Welcome to our episode of ChattingDMC, thanks for welcoming us, tell us about your self, especially for people meeting you for the first time?
Thanks for having me. My name is Paulette Iwenjiora. I’m a Natural hair enthusiast. I’m into the performing arts, mainly dancing and acting for now. I have a degree in Mass Communications. I enjoy fitness, spending time with friends and loved ones, and encouraging people when given the opportunity.

Nice one, So Paulette What got you into dancing?
 Funny enough I was always into dancing right from when I was 3 years old but didn’t think much of it until I was 11 years old. We had a school dance party and at the party I started dancing and people began to circle around me. After I finished dancing people came up to me later on and said that I was a really good dancer. They even began telling my sister. It was a surprise to me because I never really thought much of it until then. So after that I became more interested in dance and started taking it more serious.

During your performance at the Dance with Peter show, how did you feel when you were picked into the DWP Academy
 I was super excited and also shocked because I didn’t feel like I performed at my best. I was a nervous wreck. But all in all I felt blessed, favored, and excited.

Tell us little about your background, origin and religion? 
Well I was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida in the USA. I moved to Nigeria when I was 12 years old. My dad is Nigerian and my mother is Jamaican. From my dad’s side my state of origin is Anambra. I’m a Christian.

Did your parents support your career ? as a dancer
Yes, they did. But they also pushed me to do other things and to not solely rely on dancing as a career. So I would say they supported me as long as I also did other things outside of dance career wise.

What has dance taught you? What was the best routine you ever performed?
Dance has taught me how to express myself without having to say a word, its taught me about being passionate and having confidence in yourself. I’d say my best routine ever performed was when I was 16 years old in my youth church and we did a dance performance before the whole church. The joy and freedom I felt at that time was unreal.

Apart from dancing, what are your other interests?
 I have A Lot of interest but to name a few acting, singing, natural hair, and fitness

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Natural hair? Tell us more about it, cause I saw one of your article on it..
Well, I’m a Natural Hair enthusiast so I recently started a blog to help people who may be struggling to grow out their natural hair. I believe as black people our natural hair is beautiful and God was not thinking less of us when He gave us our type of hair. I believe it can grow long and be beautiful, we just have to learn how to take care of it the proper way. Many people believe as a black person you can’t grow long hair but this is not true. So I’m trying to put out information that will help educate people and encourage them about their natural hair.

What would you regard as the most memorable moment of your career?
Well I’d say for dance the most memorable was Dance With Peter, but for acting I’d say the most memorable moment when I was casted for the role of Sade on a TV series on EbonyLife tv called Life 101.

Are there any new project you are currently working on that you want to talk about?
Hmmm, there’s definitely something in the making but I don’t want to talk too soon.

Marital status?

Likes and dislikes
Well I like good Food, good people, and the good things that life has to offer. I dislike …. All things that are evil or wicked

Obviously you are a fashionista, What fashion items do you like the most?
Lol, really? I never considered myself a fashionista but I’d say I like things that are comfortable and make me look good.

 If i was to turn on your ipod right now, what five Artist/songs would i see on your recently played list?
 Whew! This is quite funny because recently I’ve deleted most of all my songs for personal reasons. But ok um five artist or songs I’d say Tasha Cobbs, Kehlani, Lauren Daigle, Tiwa Savage, and Bryson Tiller

How do you spend your leisure time?
 I spend my leisure time taking care of my child, blogging or writing, hanging with family and friends, or reading

Which actor or actress would you like to have a drink with and why?
Oh, um in Nigeria Adesua Etomi, Internationally it would be Taraji. P Henson. I love her work

 Lastly whats the quote you live by? and your advice to aspiring actors or dancers ?
I live by Jeremiah 29:11…. And my advise would be to always try and strive to do your best and let God do the rest, package yourself like a brand because u are one, network as much as possible, always continue learning and never think you’ve arrived because pride comes before a fall.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for welcoming us
 You’re welcome! And thank you!



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