I was Born and Bred into The HipHop Culture- Rapper Rodney

I was Born and Bred into The HipHop Culture- Rapper Rodney

One of the finest Ibadan base Rapper, Rodney O’tega Carrington popularly known as Rodney is the guest on this week episode of Deep Meaningful Conversation, according to him he said he was Born and Bred into the Hip-hop culture, enjoy his brief interview below…



20695_10206063000836181_4597579358917170780_nThanks for welcoming us on ChattingDMC this week, pls can we meet you? Especially to those seeing you for the first time.

 Well, I’m Rodney, I’m into every nook and cranny of music, from writing, singing, rapping to music production
Wow, is Rodney your nickname and stage name? Which part of Nigeria you came from?
Rodney is both my real name and stage name. I’m from Delta state in Nigeria
How long have you been into music?
Been into music since 2005, about 11years and running…
Wow, thats been a while…….
 Whats your favorite genes of music
I was born and bred into the hiphop culture… I love hiphop
Born and bred in hiptop?Is your family musical?
 Kind of, we all love music… from dad, down to myself
So what inspired you into music, especially hiphop, why did you choose it as a profession?
Like I said, I was born into music, everywhere I turned was music, I later discovered it was the only thing I was good at
Then I decided to make it a profession…


 Good So what are the challenges you have had in your chosen profession
So many to count
Like wanting to go for a show a night before Sunday when I’m to minister in the choir
Paying for expensive studio sessions
 And loads of ’em


 Hmmm,Do you play any instrument?
No I don’t
But I’m working on it
 Are you married?
Married? No, very much not
The most handsome Rodney is single or seeing someone?
 I’m seeing someone
Which famous musician do you admire or take as a role model?
 In Nigeria or abroad?
Just your role model, anywhere..
I honestly don’t have a role model
No favorite musician as well?You dont learn from anybody?
I only listen to a few musicians
And that’s because people don’t do the real ‘Hip-hop’ anymore, so why listen to people who would corrupt my style
 Oh, Do your music pass a massage? Or beef? Or normal flows?
: Lol, I don’t beef anyone, I pass messages + ‘normal flows’

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What has been your major show, your biggest performance?
Well I can’t really say… I performed alongside Reminisce in 2013 and IcePrince in 2015
 I guess those have been my biggest
How do you get to balance music and being in the choir?
Well, Sunday is only a day in the week…
Shows affect choir rehearsals only once in a while
So performing in a club on a Saturday, and performing on an altar on a Sunday? How do you tend to cope with what people say or think?
My lyrics don’t portray indecency
How do the handsome Rodney cope with the ladies…….
 Lol, my fans are mostly females… so I draw my male fans close and the females closer

We understand…??

Thanks for understanding

If i was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artist/songs would i see on your recently played list?

 My songs, Tupac, R.kelly, vector and frank edwards

Can you tell us your upcoming project? Or what are you working on presently?
I’m working on a single tittled ‘Notice’, would be dropped before the end of next month
 Can you give name few of your hot singles
 Okay, let me give you a few like ‘Fear Fear, Monster, Deathwish ft. Ace Tha Crunk, Unstoppable, Shekere, Don’t waste ur life, Greatest unheard ft. Elliot’ and so on…


What are your advise for other young Hiphop artist
The hustle is hard… they should kip up the work and double it
the hustle


Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon

Thanks, you are welcome anytime.

Download Rodney Unstoppable HERE

Interviewer: DamexMrcoded [I.G@damexmrcoded]

Interviewee: Rodney [I.G@theofficialrodney]




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