If you had a chance to meet Death in Person,What would you do? Deedegbo is a must watch-Nollywood actress Motilola Adekunle


Welcoming Nollywood most sexiest Motilola Adekunle on another episode of Chatting-DMC, in this brief interview, she talks about her background, and her new Movie which is the rave of the moment “DEEDEGBO”

 Can you tell us about your background?
 I was born in Ondo State in the early 80s, I’m from a huge family in Ondo kingdom, My father of blessed memory was the Ace broadcaster, Cheif Bamikole Akinlami, My mother a teacher Mrs Akinlami is still very alive, I have 2 sisters and a lot of adopted family members.

What was the reaction of your parents when you made it known to them that you wanted to become an actress?
I think my mother already knew, because she is a guidance/Counselor, so she wasn’t surprised at all, she was just waiting for me to tell her. She is very supportive

Did you undergo any form of training when you first joined the industry?
Yes i did, mostly before I joined completely, I had training from.project plays and other presentations at the pit tiata OAU ile ife, I worked with Biola Olatunde on the set of Share of the Sun sponsored by the Handef Foundation, worked on a lot of stage plays too

When or how did you come in contact with Mr Kunle Afod?
Well, I worked at Galaxy television for a while and when I left, I decided to go into the industry full time,we met by chance at a friends naming ceremony and we connected on a professional level at that time he was looking to push his brand forward and I wanted a platform to express my talent.
So it was a win-win for both parties and I’m happy we have had a great working relationship since then.With both parties making progress.

Being an actress, How is the journey so far?
Hmmmmm, its been a lot to handle but I have been coping just fine, being married and having to juggle your time between a job you love so much, a man and child you love so much.
It’s been a lot trying to cope on both ends and I know its not about to get easier but “Na God go win” it’s not an easy task

Your new movie, Deedegbo, as been the rave of the moment, can you talk more about it?
Well, we thank God. I think the idea of the movie is what makes it unique, 

DEEDEGBO in a Philosophical way which goes thus:
‘Imagine that All men knew the day they would die, Let’s just let all our imaginations fly wild for a few seconds. If you had a chance to know the day you would die, If you had a chance to meet Death in Person, What would you do?Would you bargain for more time? Would you surrender? Would you right your wrongs? Would you bargain for more time? Would you surrender?

She added: “We were not trying to glamorize Mystery – we are showing there are people who are involved in this kind of thing and there are consequences for that at the same time.

“We are tackling the issue of Mystery and it follows a positive message that there are consequences if that is the path you follow.”

 I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag….watch on Oleku TV on YouTube

 How long did it take to get the movie up and running ?
 Ah! almost 2 months

What’s your personality like off camera?
 I’m very quiet but when I see my people I play like a child, i’m actually quite reserved too

Has fame robbed you of anything?
 A few things here and there ,I don’t want to be specific

Apart from acting, what are your other interests?

 What fashion items do you like the most?
 Honestly, I am not a 100% fashion person but I’d love to step out and turn heads,.my favorite fashion item will be shoes, Sneakers**

How do you spend your leisure time?

No parties? Or Clubs?
 No,not my way,  I attend parties when its extremely necessary

Your likes and dislikes

Dislikes : negativity and lazy pple, sneaky pole
Likes :hardworking, positive and straight forward folks

Watch The movie Deedegbo Below……….


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