hey readers , how are you today, doing good i guess ,why am i even guessing as long as you can read my post your good , hmmπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺna wa ooo ,

i have sent this link to over 80 contacts and 15 whatsapp group , and still my $50 haven’t come , this was the outburst of my roommate Shola , the real ijebu mafia , this guy made me know d importance of #5 , that is shola’s highest offering πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ , he can go 10 times dropping offering in chapel,

this guy saw a link which says make $50 per day as a student, abeg who will see this and will not like to take his chance , day and night shola is on the go , friends please visit this link , please visit it , we will share the money , πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ some of you reading this fell for it , ahbi no b money , dem go hear me for my room today , $50 * 396 = 19,860 per day , omo sewa baby , i can afford the iphone 6 u wanted , this was all Shola fantasies, omo i go soon blow , foluso if that money come ,no beg me oo , in my mind i was just like see this fool , if i dont beg you , who will (dettol begging slogan)😜……. dats is case 1 (Shola)

Another friend again , betty the most finest , her love for chat is like a guys love for ny**sh , complete it πŸ˜› your sef, so she was shared this link , upgrade to whatsapp Gold πŸ˜‚,

this girl ehn, she shared this link when she heard this was what celebrities used , so u mean i will join the likes of wizkid , davido , chrisbrown, my crush justin bieber ,foluso πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚….why are u laughing, am i not a celeb , for you reading what I wrote, i am celeb na πŸ˜‰, so that was betty thinking, so she shared the link, hoping for her whatsapp Gold version, at that time betty paid me I think 5k to get this link viral for people to see so that she upgrades and you know me as social as i am ,

as long as you are reading it and you visit the link , am enjoying betties money , mayb till tomorrow , as of the day of this post ,betty is still using the whatsapp your using πŸ˜‚, and she’s still struggling for mb to upgrade her whatsapp, so who was fooled, SMH , now caculate the wasted time πŸ€”…..why pursuing dark shadows , if whatsapp has a gold version it will be on their platform, why do u need to send to 100 of people before you can get it, wah was she thinking……….

why all this instances, this build up to the article am writing today………… ITS INTERNET SCAMS, a lot of article for me to talk about buh i am writing this because it is becoming unbecoming, see grammar abeg😏 , many of us has been in betty or Shola situation before , at the later part of this post i will tell you my experience, i am not left outπŸ˜‚, so what were you thinking, to earn $50 a day πŸ˜‚, are you kidding me , so in a year your expecting $18,250, dats 7.2 million a year!!!!!! per yearπŸ‘€πŸ‘€ , i guess your worst than boko haram πŸ€”, for just sharing a Link , that should give you signals thats its a scam , okay d next question, Mr Foluso, okay!!!!! its a scam we don hear close topic , what is their Gain ? what do they stand to achieve? , i will answer that , this is what dae stand to gain, if you know networking well , there was a new feature google added which is googleAdsence( not new thou) , per click or ads u put on any page, the owner of the page gets paid , ever wondered why linda ikeji is making millions that she can afford to buy a mansion at banana island for over 500 million, per minute of any gossip trend , linda ikeji makes 500 clicks on her blog, that’s why shes a controversial celebrity blogger buh dat dosent make her smiling to the bank , so now to the main discussion!!!, so for them to fool me and you and generated clicks they put it inform of making money , so as you share the link and people come from sunders and click on their page and also join in expanding their networking the get paid , so imagine me joining and telling 80 people to join and 10 whatsapp group to join, accommodating 256 participants and and also joining, you can see its a broadband circle , this is when computer comes in , this is similar to mesh topology…,i dont rely on you to get me in , i can connect in my sef as long as i have taped in from my cable and get what i want , now i see your thinking, yh thats it … far i hope you get wah am saying , so what do they achieve? with the build up so far u should know wah dae will achieve, imaging they generate 5,000 clicks per second worldwide, that amounts to a huge sum of pay out , imagine linda ikeji who generates 500 click on any gossip trend and can afford that house , so imagine this guys with 5k click per second , they are fantastically booming rich and indirectly your the one epping them become that rich, now u get my point πŸ˜‚,

ayyah dont feel bad jare , if i tell you my own , buh that will b later this post , so that is how dae smile to the bank and you weep to your phone , i am making this article short cos i have realised that ,we are so lazy that you didn’t noticed i made a grammatical error after that emoji,you went back to check and discovered nothing πŸ˜› Caught u…… ….. my style and diction has often been criticized, dae say why the broken and short text , this cant be published on a higher platform , ikr buh my aim and intent is to make the dumbest of the dumb , to read my post and get educated, as long as this teaches a people’s something new πŸ˜‚ , i am fulfilled….imagine me saying, he was in coma , an average reader will get buh dat carpenter wont get it , buh if i say , him situation worse , he no even fit talk , an average reader will get And that capenter will understand well , so lets make life better for each other ( see as i am feeling like on pastor) ,

so hope u got enlightened on my short article, information is key , so when next you see that post , make money online, whatsapp gold version,free mb ehm there’s this one free iphone 6 πŸ˜‚, that was the one i fell for buh i wont tell you todayπŸ™‚ , yh yh , tune in for my next post ….that will be on my next post …… πŸ˜›, see you , so that is what made you stay to the end , tune in for my next post remember all this and more can be seen @ for celeb alone πŸ™‚……….

Its at this point i say Goodbye ,thank you for reading to this point ,make sure you suscribe for our daily post ………..stay blessed ✌️✌


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