Jimmy Jatt’s Full Biography

Jimmy Adewale Amu a.k.a DJ
Jimmy Jatt’s Full Biography
Jimmy Adewale Amu, popularly known as DJ
Jimmy Jatt, is one of Nigerian’s hottest and
most wanted DJs.

Early Childhood
Jimmy was born in Lagos Island and grew
up listening to a lot of blues, soul, jazz and
indigenous genres, like juju, apala, fuji,
highlife, funk, R&B, pop, disco and hip pop.
He happened to collect a lot of early rap
albums from the 70′s and 80′s, and
developed an interest in hip-hop and

Musical Career
Jimmy Jatt first ventured into the
entertainment industry as a rapper, known
as Master J. He made a lot of demos but
after fruitlessly searching for a record label
to support him, he started the work of a DJ.
With the support of his brothers, Jimmy was
able to establish a studio (JATT studio) and
he eventually changed his stage name to DJ
Jimmy Jatt, in honour of his brothers, who
were called Jimmy, Amu, Tunde, and Tayo.
The studio was located on strategic Odo
street, which helped him reach an eager
audience who took to his “deejaying” skills
and hip-hop in general.

Dee Jaying Career
DJ Jimmy Jatt is revered for his role in
setting the pace for hip hop music across his
country; Nigeria, dating back from the early
90′s when he jumped on the scene in Lagos
up on till this moment. Jimmy Jatt played at
a lot nite clubs and gigs dropping the latest
hit on vinyl.
At a point in Nigeria the only accepted
forum for hip hop artistes to have
themselves groomed, whilst engaging in
lyrical battle was the ROAD BLOCK street
Canival pioneered by Dj Jimmy Jatt. Setting
up speakers, turntables, amplifiers and
microphones, young lads swarmed his
studio. The likes of Junior and Pretty, Daddy
Fresh, Daddy Showkey, DJ Abdullah,
El Cream, Ruff, Rugged and Raw and Aladin
(Formerly known as Chuck Da Bone), all
grabbed the microphones, lighting up the
stage, entertaining the crowd and basically
having fun. No one had the slightest idea
that Rap music was just on the brink of
blowing up in Nigeria.
Thanks to Jimmy, Hip hop later grew bigger
in ’93 when Dj Jimmy Jatt, started hooking
up DJ Raves in major university campuses
across Nigeria, appealing to kids of the elites
and hip hop disciples, Jimmy
Jatt’s events became the Mecca of hip-hop,
where heads all over the country converged.
Two notable annual events were, The Tupac
and Biggie (Notorious B.I.G) remembrance
concerts, which virtually featured all the big
names in the game. Weird, Trybesmen, Def
‘o’ clan, Dr Fresh, Remedies, El Dee, F.B.I
and Plantashun Boiz (Tuface & Blackface)
were the favorites way back.

Major Gigs Played
Akon show in Nigeria
50cent Concert
MTV BASE Lunch with 2Face & Lebo in
Globacom Campus Storm Tour
MTN Friendship is Beautiful Tour
Wyclef Concert
Sean Paul Concert
Beanie Man Concert
Gordon Spark Concert
Shaggy star megajam
LL cool J/Akon star mega jam
Rothmans o Mega Groove

Dj Jimmy Jatt became noticed by big time
events outfits and was getting drafted by the
likes of: Cosse, Tequila, Marathon events,
Vigeo, STB McCann, Contact Marketing, Kent
and Summerset saw him becoming a
traveling man, too busy on tour with either
Coca Cola, Rothmans, St Moritz, Benson and
Hedges, Nigeria Breweries, MTN, Globacom,
Guiness, etc.
His first single “Stylee” featuring Tuface
Idibia, Mode 9, and Elajoe was heavily
successful, enjoying airplay across the
country. It video remained on the MTV
Africa countdown for weeks, while earning
him a Channel O Africa music video award
Some of his songs are “Thank you Mr. DJ,
Jump off, Proceed, No duplicatin, No
Contest, Everybody wan rap” etc.
DJ Nigeria Jatt Studio



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