Kehinde Awujoola Founder of Girls and Youth Re-integration Network (GYRIN) cautions against The use of s£x doll


Girls and Youth Re-integration Network (GYRIN), an NGO, has cautioned against the use of doll to satisfy sexual urge, describing it as debasing to womanhood.
Miss Kehinde Awujoola, Founder of the NGO, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Abuja that GYRIN would enlighten women on the dangers of such despicable acts.
Kehinde Awujoola  said that such act of having s£x with a doll was inimical to womanhood, adding that technology can never take the place of sexual satisfaction and companionship.

According to her, the s£x doll is just a slap on womanhood because women are much more than a mere sex object.

“s£x is a satisfaction between a man and woman, that is when it is done in marriage, it is just like you having a companion you can be able to talk to soul to soul and heart to heart,” she said.

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She added that s£x could also make a man and a woman reach an understanding especially when it is done between the husband and the wife.
Kehinde Awujoola however added that a s£x doll would not be able to provide the needed satisfaction and comfort to assuage the feelings of the man and woman doing it.
She added that the only satisfaction a man or woman could derive from having s£x with a doll was for the man to release while the woman satisfied her sexual urge.
Kehinde Awujoola said that although she understood that not everybody would get married, notwithstanding the man and woman would always need each other for companionship.
“Even though you don’t want marriage, you will always need companion, we have older people who have gone old in their marriage and they do not even have s£x any longer but they need someone to talk to,” he said.
She said that s£x doll could never replace companionship and relationship, adding that there will always be a difference when you having a man or woman beside you and not a s£x doll.
According to her, s£x doll cannot replace the soft words while in bed, the touch, the encouragement and the feelings that you have someone by my side.
She noted that there was nothing positive about the s£x doll, adding that it is the antics of the maker to engage idle mind.
There had been different types of pictures of s£x doll of both male and female version circulating on the social media which has triggered concern among Nigerians.
The s£x doll was said to have been made in Germany and huge amounts are required for any man or woman to have s£x with the doll. (NAN)

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