Kenny Awujoola go against Femi Fani Kayode on the Herdsmen Images on Nigerian Passport

I can’t just keep mute any longer,
Why do we always want to plant seeds of discord and war with every National issue?

It saddens my heart and it’s painful to read what Mr Femi Fani Kayode wrote this morning,
Its highly unpatriotic for someone like him, any elites or citizen to spread this baseless news of Fulani Herdsmen and cow image in our new international passport,

The rumor of Peddling New International Passport Image With Cow And Herdsmen Should stop with immediate effect because this can lead to break down of law and order in the country.

I hope from the pictures below we all can see that,

We have other tribal symbol in other pages of the passports, which they have refused to talk about.

It shows that the act of not being sincere and straight forward.

When you want to criticize this #NextLevel Government,
Please get your facts and figures right.
And please constructively criticize.

© Kenny Awujoola
National PRO
National Youth Council of Nigeria.HQ
ED, Girls & Youth Re-integration Network


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