Ladies get in: Reasons Why Ladies Should Never Propose To A Man

Ladies proposing marriage to their boyfriends publicly is quietly becoming more pronounced as videos sneak onto social media week in week out.

Quite a number of such proposals have been celebrated while some are rejected.

But is it acceptable in Nigeria for a lady to propose marriage?

More people frown at the unusual audacity, especially when it’s done in public spots, recorded and broadcast on social media.

For them, it’s a man’s traditional duty to choose a wife. A woman can’t propose marriage.

And here are some of the reasons advanced for move initiated by women:

1. It depicts that the woman wears the trousers in the relationship.

A lady proposing to a man is telling the world that her man is a sissy who takes instructions from her. That she’s the man of the house.

The audacious damsel is proclaiming that she’s the captain of that ship.

2. It demeans the man as not being courageous enough.

Telling your man he’s an indecisive weakling by announcing you want to marry him is not only demeaning but an uncommon insolence no-one should accept.

Where is it permissible for a lady to pronounce his man a coward who’s scared of marriage?

3. It screams desperation

Women are becoming audacious, believing they can make the move and step into matrimony once the man fails to propose.

But taking the lead, and choosing to kneel and pop the question with a ring is not only ludicrous but holderdesperation.

If men allow all the ladies that fancy them to propose marriage, they would have a harem of over a dozen damsels.

The man chooses the woman he loves and adores who’s ready to spend the rest of her life with him. Not a desperado who wants the prefix Mrs at all costs.

4. It’s unAfrican and strange.

In our tradition, men do the proposal. At least, in Nigeria.

A woman who knows her game is aware of the secrets of attracting and keeping a man. She shows how indispensable she is by elevating and multiplying joy, improving and enhancing his life.

Those are good enough to win a man’s heart. And by encouraging and diverting his attention to how marriage will make their lives whole and joyous, he reads the signals.

5. It tells a deep story about the uneven weight of your love

A lady taking the lead by proposing tells all that she’s more in love than the man.

And where love is tilted, can it naturally lead to marriage?

6. It threatens the marriage

Where all the elements are skewed and unnatural, what chance does the union have?

A marriage contracted on such an uneven field is jeopardized.

Who heads the family? Who is the captain? Who leads?

It’s easy for the man to claim that after all she was the one that wanted marriage.

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