My Landlady, Her Daughters And A Tenant (18+) Episode 13


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Episode 13

Am sorry friends Dana crashed my hopes… my heart fell to the floor.. i couldn’t pick it up. i was unable to hold myself as i screamed, i was shouting at the top of my voice.. i could not remember what i was saying but it got the whole compound running towards my door. they met me on the floor in tears, i have tried Toyins number 100 times, shifted off. i could not open my mouth to explain what happened, they all tried to console me but i could not control myself.
Suddenly my friends came in… both in tears, i knew it has happened, my landlady still believed she might not be on the flight. if she is not then why is her phone still off.

My friend Segun picked my phone and called Toyin family members, none if them picked the call. we kept trying till segun suggested we go down to their house to check the situation. i could not drive so Wale did. when we got to the compound it was quiet like nothing happened. so i hope for the best. when we knocked at the door, the door was opened and i saw two other elderly women holding Toyins mother to the floor. she looked up at me and rushed towards me but was held back,
Segun: Mummy sorry ma, it is well
Mama Toyin: haaaa is this what i deserve. my first child ooo. My Toyin ooo
Segun: Am sorry ma..

i looked at Wale as he was holding me… and that was the last thing i remembered.

i opened my eyes, i woke up few minutes seconds later, only to find myself on a white room, on the bed, my aunty and Wale was beside me. i asked what happened and wale rushed out and came back with a doctor and a nurse. i asked what happened and the doctor told me i was out for about 2 hours.
i have never fainted in my life. Oluwatoyin… the light i see with.

i was discharged the following day, my aunt decided to stay with me, i had no other choice, my neighbors came in one after the other to greet me. hmmm me a champion now just a guy held down on the bed. the thought of loosing someone dear is better imagined. i became furious with myself for no reason. i cried till water refused to drop from my eyes. it was obvious i was been punished for my wrongs. but its too much for me to bear. everything in the room we bought it together, it was all her idea. everything reminds me of Toyin. i could not eat, sleep, nor even watch tv.



My Toyin, let me tell you about Toyin…she is quiet, smart, brilliant, friendly, the best friend i ever had. oh i cant believe she is gone. i miss her so much. when she is angry all i need to do is sing for her, and shows me love.. i call her pinky and she call me brain.
When I need motivation my one solution was my queen, because she stayed strong.
She was always in my corner right there when I want her.All these other girls are tempting, but I’m empty when she is gone. no other girl can replace Toyin.
She is always right there when I need her. A perfect beauty that other females admire.
She walks like a model, She grants my wishes…
like a genie in a bottle because I’m the wizard of love (no more) and I got the magic wand. She gives me love and affection
i am not perfect yet she loved me perfectly.

RIP Oluwatoyin.

It took me more than 2 months to decide resuming back to work. i decided have had enough and moving out of the compound to avoid crazy memories and the faces of the women in my compound.

its high time move out.

All through my trying times, trying to get my self again from the loss. one of my landlady daughter, the most gentle of them Clara was always assisting me with my house duties and i really appreciated her help. she was caring and loving. My landlady will send her to bring fruits and sometimes food to me, she soon became more comfortable as she no longer knocks on the door, she either calls my name from outside or just open the door if its not locked.

this went on for weeks, after i had resumed work, and she works at ikeja with Slot, so we only see at nights and its just for few minutes. we spend weekends gisting and watching movies… Sisi was not comfortable with the situation, she called me one day to warn me not to have any thing to do with her sister. i said i am not interested in having s*x with Clara, she is my friend and i cant jeopardize my friendship. she then tried to seduce me but i had made up my mind i will not f*ck of them again… Clara became my weekend buddy and if she is not around. i feel bored, she calls me at work everyday to check on me. she has tried to set me up with her friends to go on a date with them but i am damaged beyond repair. my body no longer respond to girls moves. soon she gave up on trying. our friendship went on and i was s*x sober for months… Debby and Her friend Nike always call and i sometimes return their calls. both expecting me to make the move but i resisted all the temptation.

On a friday in December, Wale asked me to go with him to a friends bachelor night party. i asked Clara to follow me. she said ok. she was looking very nice, in a yellow mini gown, revealing her fresh laps like that of a chicken. i teased her about her high heel shoe and she said she is not the party type. she begged me not to allow her take hard drink. i will try, i drove to the venue, it was around ikeja, i could not tell if it was a bar, night club or a cafe. a big lively place with huge bouncers. i called Wale and he came outside with another guy. the four of us went inside and all Clara asked for was Smirnoff ice. soon i was chatting away and partying away with the guys and all the s*xy** ladies. i was tipsy but still in my right sense. i went back to check on Clara and i met her with her hand folded on her chest, with a frown. A guy was sitting next to her, and i could see he was wooing her. when. she saw me, she just hissed. i didnt hear it but i saw her lips. i say beside her and she just ignored me.

To Be Continued….



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