My Landlady, Her Daughters And A Tenant (18+) Episode 17


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Episode 17

i was still complaining while she was standing there without words coming out of her mouth… i said lots of things and i think it hurt her… i was furious, then a voice comes from the sitting room “she burnt your cloth?”, it was Clara… hmm i whispered to Sisi, you are trouble, she just hissed and left… i had to forget about that because i know it would have been a different case if she had walked in while i was banging her sister.

We talked for few minutes and she left. i picked my phone to call and called Joy, its been a while i heard from her, school has kept me away from my baby. She told me she will be back soon. i was trying to catch some rest when my phone beeped again… it was Debby. She was asking me to take her out for Christmas. i agreed to take her out next weekend. although the week, Debby call me like a desperate woman.. always calling to disturb me. i became scared of the lady that week. on Friday morning, she asked me to send my address, i did and on Saturday morning, around 10am, Debby called that she is at the gate.



i rushed out and she jumped into my arms. she was very free spirited and i just told her to wait for me to have my bath and finish up. she was going through my laptop and i prepared noodles for her. i don’t plan to take this girl anywhere, but i dont know how to go about it. i put on my cloths and told her i will be back… i called Segun where he is and went to meet him there, took few bottles, my phone was in silence. i checked the time its past 6pm, i got back home at 7:30pm. my door was locked. i knocked and it was opened. shuu…… wetin this girl still dey do for here? she didnt say anything. she picked up her bag and went to the door.

i stopped her and she just stand there and i was saying nonsense. all she said was “what you did is not good” she dropped her bag and we started talking…. watched an Indian movie (kahbi kushi kahbi gham) and talked about the movie. suddenly she picked up her bag and asked what is the time. hmmmm its few minutes past 11pm.

Debby you cant go out oo, its late ooo. she just hisses and said you just spoilt everything with your story of emergency, we didn’t go out and now i cant go home, what will i tell my sister?

she switched off her phone and dropped her bag.

We both agreed i would sleep in the sitting room and she will go to the room, i was fast asleep when i heard a noise from the bathroom. i rushed to check and it was Debby, she had broken my mirror on the wall… how come? i saw the wall empty, looked at the floor and saw my precious mirror in pieces. But Debby was try to pick them up. i looked very well and she was stack unclothed… she said, she was having her bath and slipped. I saw a drop of blood, she had cut herself with the broken parts. i told her to leave it, i will clean it up. but i just couldn’t stop looking at her endowed body.

she took the towel from the door and left. i went back in to see her just flat on the bed. i treated her hand and she was hurting and her towel loose again. i took at her eyes several times and she asked “what”.
Debby you are beautiful… and you know i like you.. she said hmmm thats what you all say., i did my magic and said those words sweetest words they all love to hear, i made attempt to kiss her and stopped me and said so fast? you are not nice oo. i just told her to let things continue. i kissed her and she kissed back. and i reached for her Bosom, she smiled and hit my hand. i put it back and squeezed the Bosom. i licked her lips and we were kissing with no movements. she reached for my d1ck and pulled it out of my boxers, it was yet to gain full power, she looked at my face, and smiled, i winked at her and she said no, i cant give you mouth.

To Be Continued….


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