My Landlady, Her Daughters And A Tenant (18+) Episode 3


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Episode 3

I put my head in between her thighs and went down on her Kitty-Cat like
it’s an ice cream contest. I started by licking her bigger Kitty-Cat lips (i think it’s called labia majora but i call it p*sshy lip). She seemed to like it, i licked on softly and sometimes kiss it.
She kept liking it and moaning, i took a lip in my
mouth (thats my name nà) and
suckled it and she threw her head up and down, left and right.
I did it to both sides and would often blow air
softly on her clit, it was an endless torture. Then i went for the clit, played with it with my tongue, took it in my mouth and sucked it while my hands squeezed her breasts and stroked her
Tips, taking a break often to roam my hands over her neck down to her navel and back to the Bosom. Then i dug in into the p*sshy
and went at it like a hungry vampire. She moaned
out loud and pushed her hips up. I dug in deeper with my tongue and
she held my head down with her hand, moaning
softly “oh my! yes! yes! yes! suck me…..suck me..harder”.



Encouraged, I took my time. I wanted her to desire my d1ck before i give it to her. I ate, licked and sucked her pusshy until she couldn’t hold the pleasure anymore. She pushed me up, turned our position and mounted me. She tightened her pusshy muscle
as she slid my Joystick into her Kitty-Cat, and brothers
and sisters, I was floating in the clouds as her pusshy enveloped me. She was so wet yet so tight. She kept clenching the pusshy muscles around my d1ck while she rotates her hips, i held and squeezed her buttocks. She maintained a slow pace
which was killing me but i let her do her thing,
she was so sweet. She would often reach down to kiss me and then throw her head back and laugh and suddenly moan. I was not only
being ridden but was also being entertained. She
started bouncing up and down my d1ck so i grabbed her breasts and stroked her Tips, put it in my mouth and sucked it hard.
The pleasure made her f*ck me faster, but she would
suddenly go slow. It occurred to me that she was reciprocating the same treatment which i’d given her earlier. I let her f*ck me. She began going slow, very slow indeed, she was giving me
the joy ride of my life. She would clench her Kitty-Cat walls around my big d1ck, and release it, she would take me in half way and then all the way. My whole big D1ck would get swallowed inside
her juicy Well. I turned her over, hung one of her
legs over my shoulder and slid my d1ck into her pusshy. I started pounding
away, f*cking and f*cking her tight sweet pusshy
while she moaned and moaned. She suddenly pushed me off, turned over and gave me the doggy, her buttocks looked good
all popped up. I slid in slowly and let her play with
the tip a little.
She would move her waist but allow me deep enough
to the shaft.
I started f*cking her pusshy and then she quivered
a little.
I held her waist and rammed her so hard she had to
lie down half way (reminding me of her mum) Raising herself with her hands. I f*cked on and on and all the while, she would be trying some acrobatics with her legs, moving them in different dimensions. She knelt up and started meeting my thrusts half
way, locked her legs with mine and we went at it
like a knock out contest, i paused awhile and let her f*ck me.
She rotated her waists while moving in and out. After a while, she turned, made me sit on the bed and she sat on my d1ck (inside her p*sshy of course), she held my neck and started riding.

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She was so fiesty in her own style and she would often laugh and call
my name in a whisper(ha ha ha ……Mouth) and suddenly ride me fast with a long hymn of “uuuuugh…… uuuuuuugh…..yeah…..fuuuuuuuuuuck”. I was becoming
afraid, praying she doesn’t do some abracadabra
stuff. I lifted her up and stood with her thinking to myself ‘if this was a buggy ride, i’d better hold the reins’. Hanging her body in mid air, i started slamming her pusshy hard from underneath, in an
upward direction her until i heard the words “i’ve not
done this style before”. It came out like a plea, like she
was complaining about her sweet excitement. She was getting heavier and my thrusts slower, so I lay her on her side and entered from behind her, we were lying side by side and she started moving her waist back to meet mine. It was a nice and beautiful position, i started thrusting faster and
harder, she moaned and moved to meet my pace. She
was moaning,
i was grunting and we were bleeping. My d1ck started
thrusting freely, she was wetter and suddenly she whispered “i’m coming”. Her words seemed to stimulate my own hormones and i felt myself about to come too. In a couple of seconds,
she moved her buttocks back to meet me with
such force and i retaliated with the same equal force and then she cried
out “oh my God……… Mouuuuuuuuth” and as i thrusted away, i jerked and felt myself
come too.

we lay down there for a while and since her
family was not back, we got out strength back and was
on round two when we heard their car drive in. She quickly dressed up and waited for them all to go onto the house, then stayed in
my house a couple of minutes more before she went out the gate and back in, heading straight for their house. I watched her from my window as she reached their burglary proof,
she knocked and her sister came out and opened it for
her. Then i stared at my junior and warned him “don’t put me in trouble oo”. Then having had a beautiful evening, watched a movie
and slept innocently. How was i to know what was in
store waiting for me the next day.

To Be Continued….


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