My Landlady, Her Daughters And A Tenant (18+) Episode 6


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Episode 6

i have had lots of ladies + women, i am yet to see a woman as lovely and f*ckable as this woman, she has the Bosom of ritababe and supernet4 mixed in one, a backside way bigger than msporche, that Sucre777 innocent look, the s*xy** eye of kozaic, raayah is a learner when she kisses, when she smiles i see Velocitron , with her teeth perfect just like Tinamercy.

i loved this woman despite being married to a man that give her less satisfaction. i loved her hair, cool just like sacora, she shines like farano or MhizVee just after s*x. you cant imagine spending a night with ellechrystal, you will love s*x afterwards, it was just so awesome, Chykechin will surrender when she sees this lady.

too bad she is married with 2 kids, only Mprex and Ephhay can understand my pain. she is always happy like happyjuliet after s*x, so full of life. ask Divineluv14 she can explain better. to me, she is a star like AlienStar.

i enjoy every moment with her, unforgettable…. so loveable and harmless like harmlessphil. will i see her again. only you can decide that.

thanks and i really appreciate every one. including you.

I looked down on her with appreciation but her eyes
were still closed. She reached down to her pusshy with one hand and rubbed my Pour all over her watered pusshy. I got up, wore my boxer and sat down. After a while, she got up, smiled at
me and tied her wrapper, took her fish and said “see
you later bros”. we did it few more times for two weeks, i had the best 2 weeks of marathon of s*x, i became so drained and looking smaller and i felt sick….. I decided it was about time that i saved
myself from her so i told her that it was a mistake and that it wouldn’t happen again (we should stop).



She looked at me disappointedly and asked
“but you go dey f*ck madam and Joy? Them sabi f*ck
pass me?” She sighed and left before i could give my reasons, and i didn’t f*ck her again until………
One fateful day, couple of months later, Joy has
gone back to school, her mum seems to have notice that i was avoiding too her and she seemed to respect my choices (i later learnt she’s got someone else), my seductive tenant didn’t need my refrigerator assistance again cos theirs has been fixed.
I was at home that day, didn’t go to work cos one of
managers visited the previous day and we worked all day until past midnight. I woke up in the afternoon and decided to do some laundry. I brought everything outside and started washing them. Soon there she was with her own laundry. I greeted her and asked how she was. She replied that she was
fine and so was everything. We were washing and i inquired why she didn’t go for business that day, she replied that she did but she’s sold everything.

We chatted about how good the food must have tasted and other general topics, until there was nothing more to say…. went on washing in silence.
We kept catching each others glances. At a time i glanced and held my gaze. I couldn’t believe her bold seduction. She had opened her legs wide and i was staring at her pusshy cos she wore nothing underneath her skirt. I looked up to meet
her gaze and there she was, smiling satisfactorily like
someone who just achieved her aim. I simply froze and gazed at her Kitty-Cat and images of our S#xual encounters flooded through my mind. My d1ck must have a good memory too cos it made it’s demands visible. At that point, i couldn’t reason with it. I stood up and she saw my Attention and laughed.

I signaled her to come over and she nodded. I went
in and after a while she came. Came straight to the room where i was putting on a condom and threw herself freely on the bed.
I could see the expression of victory written all over
her face and she confirmed it by saying to me “i know say you go do miss me and wan f*ck me again. I no be all those small small girls wey you dey f*ck. i am better. I go dey give you matured f*ck”.
While she was making her speech, i had worn my condom and was raising up her skirt. She knelt and i raised it up. No time for games, i was gonna give her what she asked for.

To Be Continued…



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