My Landlady, Her Daughters And A Tenant (18+) Episode 7


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Episode 7

I put in my d1ck and f*cked her very hard until she came. I didn’t stop. I f*cked on until she couldn’t hold her legs anymore. she begged me to stop, her pusshy was one of a kind, i f*ucked her really hard, faster as i rub her pusshy with my left and and my right was resting on the bed. she almost burst into tears, i saw her face, her eyes closed. and her mouth open wide, no sound was coming out and i ride on like a horse. I lay her on her side and still kneeling, f*cked her until i
She took a long while to recover her strength. Soon,
one after the other, we went out and resumed our laundry washing. not before kissed me again and whispered into my ears “thank you bros” with her hand squeezing my balls. I smiled and didnt know what to say.

I made up my mind not to f*ck her again. She was a
temptress. She’s got to go and she did. so i concentrated on my work and just leave the house whenever i am less busy or bored, i am sure she must have knocked on my door a few times and stopped trying.

3 weeks later
on a Saturday evening, i saw my landlady and her eldest daughter Sisi coming in as i was going out, (running away again). My landlady greeted me and sisi too, i expected her to start a conversation but she just walked away leaving Sisi standing by me. i just excused myself and told Sisi, i just want to get food stuff from the super market, that i will be back soon. she offered to see me off but i declined.

i walked along the road with so many thoughts in my head. the good, bad and ugly. few hours later around 8:30pm. i came back to see a very lovely lady in the compound, chatting with my tenant, the fish seller. i greeted and walk by. i made sure i exchange glance with the lady before going inside. few days later i noticed this lady as come to stay with this woman.

lots of question rolls in my head.
who is she? why is she here? how long will she stay? will i get to talk to her or do more than just talking? will the fish woman allow that?



While all these has been going on, i had become friends with Joy’s elder sister Sisi.
Sisi is a witty girl, she takes no nonsense from anyone but she is respectful. She has a beautiful body like her sister but she’s slimmer than them all.
She also likes to keep to herself mostly but in
Joys absence (since we’re already friends), she seemed to enjoy my company. I decided that i would have nothing to do with her cos i’m not on a revenge quest regarding her family, and i wanted to keep it at that cool friend level.
She’s through with school and is looking for a job. So
most evening when i’m back from work, she would come over to browse with my laptop. she is always relax cos i make her comfortable always. She has a smart phone as i once pointed out to her but cos of mb issues, she sometimes needs my assistance. One saturday morning, i was still in my bed
having an Intimate chat (with photos) with her sister
when she knocked on my door. I dropped my phone on the bed and went to get the door. I let her in and knew as usual the she needed to make use of the laptop so i simply told her that it was in the room, she smiled and went to get it while i went
into the kitchen to get some juice. I went back to the bedroom and as soon as i stepped in, she hurriedly dropped my phone.

I offered her some juice but she declined. I picked
up my phone and looked at it and it happened that the
last picture message that i sent was that of my thick, long and erect d1ck.
I shouted “chei! see Bleep up”. She burst into
laughter and asked “na new thing?” I told her that seeing mine is a new thing. Then she said ” maybe but…Joy dey try oo. na this big thing you
cari dey f*ck am?”. I replied “see as you dey talk
like innocenta. you fit dey swallow one wey big pass
my own sef”.
She replied that she hasn’t. We were teasing each
other when phcn blessed us so i left her in the bedroom, went into the sitting room and turned on the news channel. When she was done, she left and we didn’t speak of what she saw again.

Time passed. Days turned to weeks. On one
unforgettable saturday, around 4 pm, it started raining heavily. I was at home when she knocked on my door, i let her in. She was drenched all over, she complained that her younger brother had left with the keys to the house. I welcomed her, gave her a towel (cos i had no wrapper) to change into, den dry her cloth a bit.
i made a hot tea for her and we sat in the sitting room chatting. Luckily, phcn brought the light and she picked the remote while i pack the tea cups to the kitchen. she turned on the television but because of
the cloudy weather, no signal connection was
found. So she turned on my dvd forgetting…..the sound ffron the tv brought me back to was that Zane’s s*x chronicles i had been playing in the morning and it’s on auto-play. Immediately
the movie started,i rushed into the sitting room, ooohhhhhh….. i felt like disappearing. Out of guilt, i
started explaining to her that it’s a series movie about a group of friends…..blah….blah…..blah (stammering, i am not good with lies) Then i told her that i
could change it if she wants me to. She looked at me
and with a little laughter, said “i’m not 12 years old you know”. I said okay and we watched it. We were on an interesting part of the second episode when the s*x action was about to kick off….. when the nonsense phcn took their light.


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