My Landlady, Her Daughters And A Tenant (18+) Episode 9


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Episode 9

Few days later i was not feeling alright, so i went to see my doctor, he happened to be a friend. he advised me to get more rest and stay away from s*x for a long while. that will mean staying away from my compound because i doubt if i will survive it still living in that house.

i explained my situation to him and we both laughed about it. he gave me names of drugs i will need. i left and drove back to my dangerous compound. it was on a Thursday evening and it had rained in the afternoon, i was trapped in a heavy traffic, i got back home around 12 in the midnight. i wanted to sleep in the car cos i was too tired to walk to my room.


As i was still struggling with my body, i saw a light flash towards my car, i asked who that is and the voice answered “welcome bros” i could recognize the voice. it was my neighbor new sister. i said thank you, i stepped out of the car and rested on the front. she approached me and asked if i was alright. i said yes, i will be fine. she got closer and leaned forward. then he said “i taught you are drunk, so why are you late and too tired” i told her am not fine, coming from the clinic and she said sorry.


she picked my right hand, lifted it above her head and helped me to my door. i opened the door and we entered. she took me to the room and dropped me on the bed. she left and returned with a cup of water, forced down a drug down my mouth. she left and i was wondering why she is nice to me, till i slept off

please no fighting. thank you all. like my friends will say… take water calm down.

i woke up the next day, feeling better but not 100%, but something was strange. i was on the bed with just my boxers on. I prayed nothing happened with her last night. i tried to remember what happened but i could not. i got up, freshened my self and went to look for my helper, she was no where to be found.

Days turn into weeks and i still have not seen my helper in the compound, i was forced to ask her sister (my neighbor). she said she had to go to the village but will be back soon. i could not wait.

5 days later she arrived. i was at home for 2 weeks, i only resumed to face lots of jobs waiting for me. so i get back home that week. on a Saturday morning i knocked on her door hoping she will open the door not my neighbor.

the husband opened the door and i asked of the lady. her name was Janet. she came out looking all creamy, i thanked her and i asked her why she left without saying a word. she tried to explain, then i said she can come over when she is free. my room is her room cos she saved my life.. she laughed and said ok. we exchanged mobile numbers.

i was cooking in the kitchen when i heard a knock, i knew she was the one, we kept chatting on whatsapp. she seems cool and calm. we ate together and we talked on and on from one topic to another till we got romantic, she asked me why i am single, i told her am waiting for the right woman.

she received a call and her mood changed. i asked if she wants to talk about, she told me how guys have been unfaithful to her. i felt like crying by her story. i drew her closer and pet her like a baby.

she was leaning on me when i felt a hit down below.
it was my d1ck, she had mistakenly hit my already awaken d1ck. she said sorry and just kept looking at my face…

what happened after was beyond my imagination

To Be Continued….


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