Leave Regina Daniels, she’s not a kid –#BBNaija Gifty

Ever since the news broke about the union between Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, and Senator Ned Nwoko, it has become a subject of public discourse among many Nigerians and on soft sell magazine pages.

 Among the many Nigerians that felt the urge to talk about the union was former Big Brother housemate, Gifty Powers, who was recently trolled after she made a comment about Regina Daniels’ marriage to her husband, who is way older than her.

In the statement she made via her Instagram account, the reality show star stressed that it was better for a woman to be married to a man capable of meeting her needs, while describing age as just a number.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she stressed that there were many ladies who date older men and that Regina was old enough to make her own decision.

 She said, “So what happens to those girls that have hundreds of older men’s phone contacts on their phone as sugar daddies; other men that they share pleasure with and receive cash in return?

“Well, I believe one’s blessing can come in ways we least expect. It’s never a sin if a man three times a lady’s age comes for her hand in marriage. I believe love grows in different ways in life. It could be through their intimacy in bed or another. Age is just like a life circle that plays in our lives every year, so it’s no big deal. In other words, it’s good for a lady to marry someone who can take care of her family, at least by 50 per cent.

“Regina is not 12 years old neither is she 15 years old, she is in her 20s which makes it legal to make her own decision. The last time I checked, it was a free world and I’m no superior in holding anyone from having their thoughts whether insane or sane (sic),” she told Saturday Beats.

 When asked about how she handles and responds to social media trolls; she noted that she doesn’t care about what people say.

“Jesus was the most talked about (person) even in Mary’s womb so why should I care. I’m the least person that cares about people’s thoughts; I just don’t care. People will always say nonsense. Nigerians don’t like to hear the truth. To them, saying the truth is like being fake. Funnily enough, when you are fake, they say you are the most real (person) on earth. Besides, I always trend knowingly or unknowingly. We can’t cheat nature,” she added.

 The new mum further talked about how motherhood had changed her life and the efforts she was making regularly to stay fit.

“Motherhood has been a great experience for me. It has taught me about things I never thought I’d have time for; it has made me more focused, more calculative and patient. I’m happy being a mother. It’s such a wonderful feeling.

“I thank God and my mother who takes care of my daughter so that I can always take a nap. I don’t mess with my beauty sleep, my purified water, and my blended homemade smoothie,” she told Saturday Beats.


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