Who are the legends of hiphop in Nigeria?

Who are the legends of hiphop in Nigeria?


Hiphop in Nigeria is becoming big now, a lot of money and co, but who are the legends?
There are just 5 legend in Nigeria, and its based on their body of work, impact, standout, originality, lyricism,
1) Mode9: is the God of hiphop, nobody has been able to succeed mode9 when we talk about lyricism, he had 6albums and 6mixtapes, also releases 30songs in 30days, that’s what’s call bodywork. So he’s still making hiphop relevant
2) Edriss Abdukareem: when you talk about social impact, bodywork as at 2010 he had drops 6albums, he dropped 2albums in a year, when you talk about social impact, he had actually talk about all kind of topics, from Jagajaga to sowale to mr lecturer, remember Edris is the only musician that has gotten a response from the president when he dropped Jagajaga, Obasonjo reacted to it, and he’s also the only Nigerian musician to carry the Olympic torch, Edriss is the only Nigerian artist that can perform in any part of Nigeria and get applauses, if he’s in Calabar, he’s doing Calabar girl, if he’s in north he’s doing sagari kano, and so on,in the south Okoashewa
3) Ruggedman: he’s the artist to broke in to the door of the likes of Kennys music, attack anyone, brings the hiphop look,he released one of the biggest Diss songs in Nigeria, ehnehn ft Nomorelos, he has 3albums, 1group albums,
4) Eldie d Don: He’s very relevant, has good lyrics, shoot videos, had been making impacts,  5albums 2group albums, that’s what a legend do,
5) Jude Abaga: he made an ordinary Nigeria man be able to relate to hiphop music, MI also create other hiphop artistes, like Iceprince, Jessie Jag, he had 3albums, 3mixtapes, that’s what a legend could do,
Also we have Nigga Raw who introduced Igbo rap, we have Lord of Ajasa who introduced yoruba rap, also 2shot who introduced the pigin rap, 5albums, fantastic Artiste, and the last Terry the rap man, who could blending pigin with English,

Olamide is a legend in the making, when you talk about social impact, body of work 5albums in 5years, lyrically, originality, he will surely be a legend.




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