The Lekki Steward +18 (MUST READ)- Episode 14


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I couldn’t feel anything but painment( ) as I
walked away, telling/calling her all sorts of craps
that came to my Mind. No I won’t say “Drunk”
mind.. I claim responsibility for all the things I said
to you baby( )..
She called my name in an attempt to explain
everything but I was just full of rage.. She now
shouted “You have no Idea what you just did to me
Babe, did you even noticed what I did for you?”..
This was when I got a little conscious about the
environment, some of the guys were already up,
looking at us act our little drama. Now you know
that’s hell of trouble right?
Like all this kids were twitter freaks!!!! , they
must have probably known what was going on by
I guess I interpreted it wrong.. Again? as “So
because I give you body for last night, na him u dey
show ur caracta?”.. But damn! My self Esteem was
really dead.. Don’t you think?
I left her still anyways and went to wait for the
Estate shuttle Bus.. Didn’t care when or how she
will reach home, all I knew was that it was my first
heartbreak and it was just something I wished
never happened.. Awwwwww! Feels funny and sad
at the same time telling y’all tho but waiting at the
shuttle bus stop, looking towards the gate to see if
she was coming and not seeing anything made me
have a weird feeling.. Like I.. I felt water roll down
my eyes.. No!!! It wasn’t tears.. It was just a salty
water dropping.. Was I crying? Tears tastes like


“Bleep the world..” I said as I tried consoling
myself, cleaning the salty water Off my eyes while I
entered the Bus.. “Now she gets to be with the
main Guy”.. I thought. Earpiece plugged as I tried
playing TYLER THE CREATOR’s “Bastard” Song to
console myself, I didn’t know how I ended up
playing Bruno Mars song.. Can’t really remember
the title but it had lyrics like “If you ever leave me
baby.. Leave the morphine at my door, cause it will
take a whole lots of medication.. To realise what
blah blah blah..”.. The song was under the
“Bastard” song (I guess I lost consciousness).
Ok, when they say boys do not cry, don’t believe
them oh.. Luclay(South Africa BBA contestant) was
a man I once insulted for being too girly because he
cried like a girl. But here I was, feeling weird.. No, I
still didn’t believe I was crying.. So let’s say I was
weird.. All I know is I would have passed for a
Luclay at that moment.
Off to twitter I went to see what was going on..
Opened and saw a picture of me and faith.. Perhaps
the picture was taken when the two of us where
entering the party and a tweet on top of it saying
“Just a day with @_____ and it felt better than 1year
with you, get a life”.. Guess what? It was tweeted
3hoursAgo and it got 300retweets (like does this
kids sleep at all?)
OMG!.. Faith tweeted that? I wanted to tell the Bus
to wait but I was already closed to the gate..
Besides, I was still looking at the tweets and how on
earth would I approach her? All the words I said?..
Going further down, I saw that she replied all the
tweets Ken tweeted at me. Like this got me broken
This wasn’t funny.. I heard people at the back(most
of them were househelps and cooks that works in
the estate) murmur.. Then someone touched me
and told me that we were at the estate gate.. Got
down and I couldn’t stand on my legs. So I sat to
read more tweets. “But novels didn’t write it like
this now.. Abi na dose boys jazz me? Damn am so
possessed right now”.. I said to myself as I kinda
stopped feeling weird… (Wanna know something
else? after that bruno mars song, the studip shuffle
played Westlife’s “SOLEDAD” song.

“Awwww! @_____ just walked out on @_____, damn
that is just sad ” (you get?)
“Now @____(faith) is just silent? Kill @____(ken)
already..” *I come dey pity faith .. Or I felt sorry
for her?.. I hate when I feel sorry for myself and lie
that it was for another *
Was still reading tweets when Asamoah called me
(Wait first!!! hope say he won’t say something
silly?).. Didn’t pick at first because I had to correct
some things so he won’t detect that weird moment
“Charly.. Where are you?” He asked as I picked the
2nd call in a way I could imagine how his face
would look like.. Like ” ”
“Ummm.. On my way home”.. I answered while I
ironed my character like nothing happened.
He said words I didn’t even listen to.. Only thing I
heard was: “You get taxi fare?” In his GH ascent ..
That was funny you know? Me? Taxi? If I hear! Last
time I checked, Taxi from the estate gate to my own
(not mine) estate would cost a minimum of
#2500naira. Abeg, how much from Lagos To Abuja
? Ehehe! I go come take #2500 (Even if I didn’t
have it, the sound of it made me feel like an
economist with a PhD degree..) enter taxi when bus
na 150naira? Mtchewww (If you be ajebo, sorry you
won’t understand)
Well, I smiled (that laugh you do when you want
someone to stop talking) while I told him I would
find my way.
I trekked from VGC gate to AJAH bust park under
4minutes (if you know that hood, you better start
clapping!!!! )
Getting to the bus stop, I wanted to enter a car (In
Ajah, most of the commercial vehicles are Cars..
Think of OPEL ) but the man said it was 150naira.
“For wetin?” I exclaimed as I walked towards a bus
that was shouting: Awoyaya Lakowe Abijoh!!!!..
“How much?” I asked as the conductor said “Enter
with your hundred naira change”..
“Na only 120naira dey my pocket self .. Change
yakpa!!!!”.. My mind communicated as I jumped in
the bus.

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Sitting on the old rusty seat of the Bus, I rested my
head on the seat in front of me hoping the person
sitting there doesn’t rest his back.. I was lost in
thoughts.. Reminisced all what happened between
me and faith, that smile, those butterflies, those
moments, those words,That kiss!!!!! those times
and hell!!.. I could smell her Body Spray(perfume)
all over me…
“Smell your hands and perceive her pussay
scent!!!”.. My mind exclaimed.. Ok, I agree I am
weird, or a reeetaaarden.. Because I kept my
fingers in my nose for like minutes I can’t
remember but all I know was my hands still smelled
of her.. Dear Married Women, you wanna know
if your husband cheated? … Smell his
D…IC…K!!!!! It can never go wrong I teyu
.(That was a joke I swear!.. Anyone laughed?
“FARA PARK!!!”.. I heard the driver shouted,
because he was playing some dum..b christmas
carol song on his dead stereo (or maybe it was a
“OWAH!!!” (Normal slang in lagos meaning “E DEY
or AVAILAIBLE” .. Funny I went to Calabar some
weeks ago shouting OWAH inside city Bus )
*Damn! Omoni Oboli is hot AF!!!!!.. Met her few
mins ago #OutOfContext*
Suprisingly, the security man didn’t stop me to ask
who I was.. Perhaps the one on duty was a friend of
mine (I played, joke with everyone, even the
beggars on the street )..
Walking on the lonely streets, I almost forgot it was
christmas(Public Holiday) as I was suprised how
scanty it was..
Uncle’s house was like 20mins walk(or so I thought)
from the gate, but it was nothing to me since it gave
me the chance to think and experiment the
environments as I tried forgetting my Faith.. (MY?
, shey I knew she wasn’t mine some hours ago


I was still enjoying my walking(If ah hear say I
enjoy am.. When my legs were inside some tight
shoes?) when I saw a white Toyota Camry pass me,
I was so sure it was the car I saw at the party, and
it entered the next street(or CLOSE as it is called
there.. I.e Danladii Close, Phemswag( ) Close etc) I
was supposed to enter.
“Na She dem carry pass so oh! See yourlife? She
even first you reach house”.. Sad enough, it was my
mind that was telling me this. I thought we were
partners nah
Two or some minutes later, the car passed me
again, going out of the estate but it horned at me
and I just waved like I knew who he was. Maybe I
knew him on twitter, because most of her followers
were in the party(thanks to her tweets about it) but
who send? All I know Is I waved back. My mind
wanted to think it was KEN but I shut it out
At the gate, I knocked for 1 or 2 minutes(In Fiction:
I knocked for 2hours!!!! ) before Abigail opened
the door.
“Hey! Merry Christmas” I said while trying to
swerve my mouth from her nose ( )
“Same to you”.. She replied as she turned around to
go back to whatever she was doing.. (NO! I didn’t
look at her A$$) .. Only thing on my mind was how
I would stay in the same house with people I have
problems with but I nor go lie, I try compare the
yannxh small .
“Joyce cheated on my bros, Esther probably still
angry because I saw her Unclad, Faith!! Ohhhh
faith!!!! ..” My mind went in deep as I tried not

Must have been drugged or something because I
didn’t believe I could sleep in my mental state. I
remember passing through the empty sitting room,
straight to my room, I remember brushing my teeth
but I didn’t remember how I slept…
Faaawwwwk! I slept with those wet boxers? …
(No! I am not dirty, that’s I why I wrote
“Faaawwwwk” there .
I woke up though…… Ofcourse in a bed!! (I be like
AceHood for eyes? I woke up in a new….
Bonedattin ). But I was having a hangover, that’s
gotta be my first hangover right?
11am was what I saw on my phone that was
already showing red Bar, rushed down to the
kitchen to wash plates(or dishes as I was taught)
before someone starts shouting(How did I forget
she wouldn’t shout because I had her in my palms?
Getting to the kitchen, I saw something that
happens only when my Uncle’s Mum comes for
visitation(I admit.. I loved her style ) .. Someone
else was washing the dishes .. I didn’t see the
face yet but my mind started shouting “Na she! Na
she!! Na she!!! Na Joyce!!!!”. How it knew, I can’t
tell till tomorrow.
“Aunty Good morning” I said as I was convincing
myself not to be shocked..
“Morning.. Merry christmas” she said as she looked
back to check me out ( make I encourage myself
first.. Dem say lizard wey fall from 12storey
building dey shake head for himself first before he
move.. So, she was checking me out!!!!! )


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