The Lekki Steward +18 (MUST READ)- Episode 21


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Woke up the following morning to do my normal
duties like nothing happened. Though I was smiling
like a Donkey,remembering all that happened
yesterday as again.. I wasn’t dreaming . I still had
that annoying feeling about Faith who I couldn’t
just forget.
Unfortunately, the house had been swept by
someone I suspected to be esther, the dishes were
nowhere to be found. So the only chore left was for
me to show my wonderful talent in washing the car.
Food was ready and I was told to go carry by myself
, everything was going on well for me (Christmas
Gift ) but there was confusion amongst the girls.
Faith Wondering why Joyce became so nice, Joyce
wondering the same and Abigail(the most confused)
asking the “why” questions in her mind.
Everything was set as Joyce drove out of the house
(I pray make she no go meet Abu oh!), someone
came to pick Esther(I wasn’t jealous ) leaving me
and Abigail alone in the house. Hence, the battle of
the titans . See Boxing Day gist of life
For Mins, I thought of a way to get this girl(Abigail)
in a conversation as my Esteem(Morale) was so
high..I thought of many things but they were just
childish.. So I finally arrived at the Remote Control
battle .(Its childish too right? )
When I got to the sitting room, she was watching
Disney but I went straight to the remote, changed it
to Soundcity without taking an excuse . I didn’t
look at her but I could see painment all over it .
(No, I felt she had painment because that is what I
feel too)
Something led to something and she was directly
opposite me wanting the remote control back as I
smiled and told her to get it if she could . Na so
dis girl begin dey rough handle me oh! , now, I
wasn’t waiting for this girl to seduce me, I was the
one that wanted to seduce her.
I touched her b0-0bs(mistakenly? ) and she didn’t
even care , seems she was enjoying the Royal
Rumble as she was smiling and saying “Ladi Give
me this remote before I cut you big ear”.. If ah hear!
Was still on this and I could feel my D*I*C*K arise
like the National Anthem advised, then there was
this silent moment where I looked into her eyes and
I could swear she had been wanting this kind of
play for life .

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“Kiss her or Die regretting!!!!!”..
My mind said to me as I kissed this Young Warlock
with features like that of a Goddess(But her head
big die!!!… Someone might say she is just 16 but
walahi…no be as the age be she look..).
Thinking she was a novice, she surprised me as she
climbed on top of me with her kneels on the chair as
she returned my kisses. She was wearing a mini-
skirt so it wasn’t so hard putting my hands on her
cold laps. *This wasn’t what I was expecting but
hey, HE works in mysterious ways you know? *
In my shocked jackpot mind, I turned her and made
her lie on the chair as I brought out the remote
from my pocket, placed it between her cleavages(I
clap for myself anytime I remember this ) and
asked if she still wanted the remote. She answered
with a feint voice that all she wanted me and the my
own personal remote so she can control me
(PERSONAL? Ehehehehehe)
This made me more honey as I kissed her with my
own routine…Lower Lips, Neck, ear, neck bone and
nose and back to the upper lips(COPYRIGHT
PLS!!!).. She moaned as I continued… With the
Home Theatre on, you knw say screaming no be
problem. .
I didn’t have time to go through the basics of
pulling her shirt so I raised the shirt to her burst as
I inserted my hands inside, through the Cup bra
(from under fah) as I held her b0-0bs, I continued
kissing her. The way wey my hand enter eh, come
cup the bosoms wey soft pass Ballon.. You go fear!!!

“How about we see who gets whose remote in the
room?” I asked as I stood up, she didn’t want to
leave me as she surrounded me with her legs but
who sigh? I was managing to walk as I entered a
room which definitely wasn’t mine. It was My
Joyce/Daniel’s room. Dropped her on the bed while
I pull my “wonder” Kaftan that have been bringing
me luck after luck..(No! I had 6 Kaftans.. So it
wasn’t One )
While I removed my Kaftan, she started behaving
like a Novice as she started asking boring questions
about if it was s*x I wanted or her love. Na so I lie
say na her love, who send? Mtchewwww… She
needed s*x, I wanted to give it to her, why was she
now complaining?
“Are You a Virgin?”.. I asked as I climbed the bed,
placing my hands on her thighs.. Na virgins and
post virgins(1 or 2sex) I hear say dey behave like
dis.. That was why I asked..
“No..” She said..
Ok, I kind of expected her to be, owing to the fact
that she was young and hardly goes out but who
send? .. It was Good news to My D*I*C*K!!!
“Hmmm.. That’s s*xy**” .. I said as I kissed and
removed her shirt.. The B®a was cup-like so I just
drew it down as I fed on those bosoms I was eyeing
today. She moaned, moved up and down, especially
when my D*I*C*K touched her pussay through her
pink panties.
I raised the skirt up to her navel as I slid my left
hand to her pubic region through her abdomen..
She was hairy AF(but not as hairy as all those
chinese Indecency starts ) but who send hair? I
went straight to the Trophy as I feengered her,
kissed her and massage her bosoms why I use my
finger tips to draw her n*i**pples.


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