The Lekki Steward +18 (MUST READ)- Episode 25


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“Omo! 3packets of Condoms.. That one wey dem
sell 250naira each na him we go first budget oh
guy..”.. My mind in collaboration with my D*I*C*K
said as I went straight to Esther’s room.
As usual, I didn’t knock as I came inside to see her
chatting on her Bold 5. With some borrowed anger,
I asked her where she went and what was going on
between she and my uncle..
On a second thought, maybe I shouldn’t have done
that because it made her angry as she started
vexing on what right I had to burst in her room to
ask questions that even her Dad can’t dare to ask..
If it was because she now plays with me and all
other bleh bleh bleh..
I just stood there looking at her with a YOLO face,
thinking of what to say after she is done with her
fronting .. all those craps she was saying didn’t
really get me(I hate lying to myself tho) as I wasn’t
even angry at first, I just wanted to act like I was
jealous because women loves it .
“On a second thought, you look cuter when you are
angry you know right?”.. I said with a wide smile
decorated with a wink ..
I guess it worked .. Because she smiled, called me
an Hopeless ashiewo and told me how she didn’t
like being asked questions about her life and
everything. But I so wanted to confirm if my Uncle
was having an affair with her, so I told her my
Uncle already bribed me not to tell her senior sister,
that I was just jealous because I wanted her all to
myself. Hence, the anger.
However, she started talking , she said she only
had s*x with my Uncle before He got married to his
sister, and that she was the one that seduced him,
how she didn’t enjoy the s*x and how he has been
pestering her to go on a date with him. Turns out
what I saw some minutes back was one of the
pestering(I believed her die).
I left her in the room, even though she wanted me
to stay but the Man UTD Vs Necastle match which
was already in 2-2 at 60minutes was to good a
match for me to just abandon.


“Goaaaaal! Go! Go!! Go!!! Go!!!!
Goaaaaaaaal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.. I shouted as Chicharito
scared a last minute goal to save Man Utd from a
3-3 draw.. .. I ran outside to get recharge card to
call my friends that have been yabbing me that my
own J.Evans scored an own goal.. But as I stepped
outside the gate, I saw Joyce’s car coming, so I had
to open the Gate..
“Aunty Good Afternoon..” I said as I was once again
looking at her B0-0bs.. This time around, no respect
for uncle .
“Evening, I thought your uncle was back, where is
his car?”.. She asked but I told him he went to see
Oga Abu with a straight face as the name “Abu”
jilted her .
She smiled and said “Wonder shall never end” as
she asked where I was Off to..
Now that was strange right? I just had this feeling
that she was out to meet Oga Abu, hence the
reason why she laughed because definitely, she
knew my Uncle wasn’t out to see Oga Abu..
Anyways, I no send!!
I told her I wanted to buy recharge card, she gave
me Two Thousand naira that I should buy
1500naira MTN for her and 500naira belongs to me
When I got to her room to give her the card, she
was in the shower, so I decided I would take the
card back and return in few minutes. *Sharp
boy!!! *
On getting back to the room, she was tying a towel,
looking at the mirror while she rubbed her
succulent skin with lotion. She told me to help her
scratch the card(which I already did) but had to act
like I was scratching it as I looked at her opened
back while I made sure she saw me through the

“Aunty, when is faith coming back?”.. I asked since
the room was too silent.. She said it was on the next
day as her Uncle will be going back to Canada
that same day.
“Aunty, where is your phone so I can load the
card?”.. She pointed to where the phone(IPhone)
was, I took the phone but it was locked, so I took it
to where she was to open it..
“Aunty is this Iphone3 or Iphone 4? “.. I asked as
she opened the phone while she said she didn’t
know the version. I got a view of her Thighs since
the towel wasn’t that long, and her cleavages were
so narrow, even without a B®A on it .. And then I
thought how easy it would be to get her Unclad
because I was so sure she wasn’t wearing anything
She must have noticed how lusty I was looking at
her because the mirror was directly opposite us but
that was what I wanted anyways.. Will she kill me if
I act like a man? ..
“Have it”.. She said as I could feel my D*I*C*K
doing the undertaker’s movement. I collected the
phone and loaded the card while facing the other
side of the room. Funny I wasn’t conscious enough
as my two hands were busy up, my D*I*C*K was on
display through my “wonder” kaftans(the one wey I
wear na d one wey tailor over slim fit fah ).. And
my position was side-like to the mirror, so she could
have seen the extra bulge inside those kaftans
right? (I swear I didn’t know it till know )
“Ladi.. Could you help me rub a lotion on my back?
Its usually me and your uncle and bleh bleh bleh”..
That was all I heard as my legs did a RIGHT TURN,
dropped the phone and said “Sure! Anything for
She opened and applied a lotion on my hands and
Off I went.. Mind you, my Mom used to tell me to
help her rub lotion on her back, so you can also say
I am a master in this act ..

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At about 10pm in the night, I had a wet dream(Mtcheww.. And
they say only virgins have it?) While I dreamt of having a party
with Joyce and Abigail and trust me, it was funny!
especially when I remembered trying to go down on Joyce and
found out she had a D*I*C*K instead of a Pussay ..
Well, after changing the underwears, I went back to bed but
couldn’t find sleep as all I was thinking was s*x! s*x!! s*x!!!..
Then I couldn’t Masturlabate again, as in, My hands cannot give
10% of the pussay walls feeling.. So why should I disturb my
At about 12:30pm when I was about sleeping, I saw a call from a
number I didn’t know, and I must say I hate night calls!.
“Guy pick am, e fit be Faith ohh!”.. My mind said as I ponder on
who it could be.
I picked it as it took some seconds before the caller could talk. I,
myself didn’t say anything either as I waited for the voice I
thought was faith’s..
“Hey Baby.. How about I come take my panties? Seems I got
none to wear to bed”.. .. Y’all know who that is right?
After some naughty talks about what I would do to her, she said
she would be at my door in 20mins time as she was about taking
her bath.. Bleh bleh!
With speed, I jumped down my bed, straight to the bathroom to
brush my teeh, sprayed perfume under my armpit and even inside
my underwears .. Under 1minute!!!


I got back to the room and the time was so slow!!.. Ahan! I look
phone and it was 12:35am, I come check 40mins later , it was
still on 12:37.. WTF! .. Na so I vex throway phone say make e
Few minutes later, I got a message on my phone and with speed,
I opened it and saw “I hate knocking you know “.. In the same
spiritual speed, I ran to the door, opened it and praaah.. There
she was, dressed in her nighties, lips stick on and I could swear
she was wearing more make up than I imagined.. But guess who
it was? . ESTHER!!!!!
Like WTF!!.. She was shocked to see me shocked.. As I
stammered and asked her what she was doing up here .. She
said she left her pant…ies in my room on christmas day while
she was dressing up.. Omo! I shock!!!
“Oboy! Thank god say you no call names oh! , na so final
whistle for blow? See sheygyei fah!!! I don die!!!!!”.. I said in my
mind as I tried containing the fu*ck
She asked if I was expecting someone else but I smiled and said I
was just toying with her as I tried hiding the shock.. Wait, was I
the only one thinking it was Abigail the last born?
She smiled as she entered inside silently while I closed the door.
I turned back and voila, she jumped on me as she kissed me like
kilode.. I kissed her back, as I held her right in my palms while I
walked towards the bed.. And my hands touched her bare A$$,
which means she didn’t wear pant..ies(Jasi Girl!!)..
I dropped her on the bed as I still smelled the soap she used in
bathing on her skin.. Then she took off her nighties under my red
dimmed lights as I looked and pulled my kaftans as I was still
shocked as to why I thought it was Abigail..
“I came Just for you.. so I can bribe you to help me look for my
undies”.. She said as she looked at me with eyes full of lust and
all I could tell her was for her to save the talk for later as it is
time she does what she promised few mins ago on the phone..
Now I was relieved, because the naughty girl on phone some few
minutes ago couldn’t be Abigail .. Or so I thought..

I climbed the bed(not fully Unclad) as I started kissing the nawty
lady below me while I caressed her bosoms. She was already as
wet as wet when my hands reached down there to see if she
was wet and hell yeah, this showed I didn’t really have to do
much pre-intimacy.
“You are so wet baby”.. I told her as I turned myself over while
she followed suit. She climbed on to of me to take the lead role
she promised to do on the phone and Off we went, I was just
down there, letting the girl take lead.
She kissed me on my lips, my neck and walked her hands down
to my chest where she teased me by tinkling me on my ribs
.. Her hands slid down my boxers and headed straight to my
D*I*C*K to give me that same tinkling feeling as I jerked and
gave out a fake moan.. She laughed and said it was time for me
to use pillow to cover my face as she will revenge what I did to
her earlier today(or yesterday? It was almost 1am).
“You dey craze? No try am oh! She fit use knife cut me commot
fah! Better insure and secure me”.. My D*I*C*K communicated
as I wanted to cover my face .. So I told her I want to see her
do her worst..
She smiled as she started stroking my D*I*C*K while she kissed
me in a tongue twisting manner, she wanted to squeeze it at first
but for where? Something wey don burst one side of the boxer na
him she wan squeeze? Abi dem dey squeeze Iron Rod?


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