Life after wedding (belina season 2) episode 11

Belina and kelvin

Oyinade got back to her office groggily. She had
developed a splitting headache immediately she got
that shocking message from Doctor Felix. Pregnant?
How can that stupid witch be pregnant? She
wondered. She paced her office wondering what
spirit was at work. She could not understand why
everything always gets complicated whenever she
arrived at a little level of victory. She had
expected many things to happen; the most expected
was an open fight featuring Richard and Belina. She
had expected everything to get scattered and
messy between them while she played innocent,
lamenting her guilt to Richard with a sober face;
none of these were to happen though.
She sat down and stood again. She seriously wanted
to strangle the neck of that woman. She can’t be
pregnant, she hummed in her head. Not when
things were working in her favour. Not when she
had already gone this far. She left her office,
asked a few questions from a nurse and within
seconds, she was on her way to the room Belina
was. It might be good to play on her emotions.
Prisca inspected the stock with one of her sales
girls giving account. She had quit her stressful
banking job when she was expecting Patricia. The
job was too much to handle and Tony, who had been
on her tail as to leaving the job, had forced her to
resign when she was heavy. She however hadn’t
regretted her actions because Tony made it up to
her and ensured that she did not sit idle at home
doing nothing; something she hated with passion.
He had opened a boutique for her where she sold all
kinds of clothes. She had a section for native
materials and another for normal day to day
clothes, majorly office wears. The boutique was
practically the biggest and most patronized of all
the boutiques around. Her profit was so
breathtaking and she soon started regretting the
years she had spent in the bank with practically
nothing to show for it. After going through all the
stock, she noted the goods they needed to order
and asked the girl to place the order. They couldn’t
afford to be out of stock.
She trusts her sales girls to be truthful because
she had learnt that you have to treat your workers
well if you want you business to move on smoothly.
She paid them well, better than you would expect a
sales girl to be paid. She paid them weekly because
she knew that she stands the danger of theft and
bad accountability from her girls if they had to
wait till the end of the month for their salary. Her
girls’ dressing have always been impeccable and
they never lacked anything clothing because she
always gave pairs of clothes each to her sales girls
whenever they placed a major order for clothes to
their suppliers. The girls always pulled customers,
inviting everyone they could in order that they may
have a cause to place order. Even people with more
descent and high ranking jobs were jealous of her
girls because they were working with such ease,
looking so good everytime, being well paid and doing
things even they couldn’t do.
Prisca went into her office happy that her business
was booming and also that her staff were happy.
They loved her dearly and she always had private
discussions with them from time to time, finding
out what was going on with them and offering
words of advice. Her mind had been on Belina since
yesterday though. She didn’t know why but she
felt something was going on with her. She had
always had that bond with her ever since they were
best friends, knowing nothing about their
relativity. She called her phone and pinged her
severally but she was not responding. She decided
to go over to BRP Hospital. She knew from
experience that she shouldn’t ignore her inner
Kelvin glared at Richard with measured despise. His
hatred for this man had grown over a period of
time and he could feel his desire for a physical
combat increasing as he stared at the arrogant
idiot. Richard stood tall with confidence and
strength. His face was a veiled expression of what
he was feeling on the inside. He had the ability to
look calm at the battle front, with his face
revealing no emotional feeling at all; this single
trait made him look more dangerous no matter the
opponent her faced. His build also always gave him
the upper hand considering his athletic build.
His desire to deal with Kelvin had never left him
but now that he had the opportunity to satisfy
that desire, he realized that he could not bring
down his reputation by stooping to his level. He
deliberately blinked his eyes slowly as he re-
emphasized his question.
“I said, what in Hades are you doing here?” his
voice increasing with steel.
“I am here to see Belina. Is there any crime in
that? Or does her marriage to you restrict her from
having visitors?” Kelvin replied, spoiling for a
fight. Richard did not move a muscle and his face
still possessed no emotion, giving Belina’s secretary
a slight shiver.
“Is there any problem sir?” she asked her oga at
the top.
“Yes. It seems our young man here has lost his
way” he replied not facing her. Then to Kelvin, “I
would give you the grace of moving your filthy self
out of here before I have men bundle you out”.
Kelvin shifted as if to ascertain that his two feets
were firmly rooted, then glared. “I would like to
see you dare”
Richard smiled. “I was actually hoping you would
say that”. Before Kelvin could blink, he was
surrounded by three hefty men. He was oblivious of
the time Richard pressed the secret button of his
“You would pay for this” he growled as he was
picked up by one of the men, struggling, kicking
and screaming like a little child. It was Richard’s
turn to say, not aloud but to himself. “I would like
to see you dare”.
Prisca arrived at Best Results the exact time Kelvin
was being bundled out. She parked her car just in
time to see the hefty guy drop him like a bag of
beans. He surprise and bewilderment did not stop
her from going over, infact, it made her move
faster. Kelvin was busy raining curses on the men
who just turned back and left him there, foaming.
She covered the distance separating them with
quick strides; her concern not on his welfare
“Kelvin” she breathed, thinking her eyes might be
betraying her.
He spun like an automatic machine with a glare
stamped on his face. On sighting Prisca, his frown
and anger seemed to deepen.
“What under heaven do you think you are doing
here?” she asked alarmed.
Kelvin hissed. “Have I not had enough of that
ridiculous question? What else do you think I am
doing here?” he growled.
The ever bold Prisca can never be bullied by anyone,
no matter the size. She folded her arms. “If you
think you can create havoc in a peaceful home by
presenting your infuriating self, you have me to
deal with. Do you understand?”
Kelvin laughed. “Yeah, right; the tigress. No
wonder you and Belina are siblings; birds of a
feather. You are just opportunists. Tell me: how
were you able to plant yourselves in the houses of
rich men? You are bloody gold diggers.”
Prisca’s hand hit his face hard, making him
unbalanced for a few seconds. He had never hit a
woman before but he couldn’t take this. He started
lifting up his hand to retaliate.
“You try it, it would be the last thing you do”
Richard said, approaching from behind. “I would
personally pummel your filthy self with my hands
until your face becomes a living mess.”
The anger was fully displayed on Richard’s face now
and with one glance, Kelvin knew that what he just
said would come to pass if he as much as tried to
prove stubborn. He gave both of them equal rounds
of glare, and then he bounced off, leaving Prisca
and Richard staring at his wake.

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I opened my eyes feeling slight discomfort. I had
become used to the hospital environment and
having patients on sick beds since my husband is a
first-class doctor but being the one on the bed is
not something I am fond of. I tried to sit up and
succeeded with slight discomfort. I felt it was
awkward and a little surprising that Richard was
not with me. My memory was not lost, I was
intact, so I could remember vividly, what happened
before I passed out. It hurt deeply remembering
but a part of me still wanted Richard around now.
Does it mean I have actually lost him? It can’t
happen. I would fight for him with the whole of
my might. All these went through my mind as I
tried in vain to lift myself off the bed. I felt too
weak and knew that if I could even muster
strength to stand, I would fall.
I suddenly felt a presence in the room even before
the door closed. I knew it was not Richard though,
I would know his approach anywhere. I turned
thinking it would be one of the doctors but it
wasn’t. my gaze collided with Oyinade’s and in
place of a doctor, I saw a harlot. I deliberately
kept my cool, not giving her the hint of victory by
getting all worked up; something I learnt from
Richard. She hasn’t won. Infact, she is far from
winning; I said to myself. He is my husband and if
I am still Belina, she has no place in his heart, I
I smiled coyly, hiding my desire to jump out of the
bed and tear off the filthy-looking wig she had on.
“what do you want?” I asked with veiled
She seemed surprised and confused but she
composed herself.
“Ma’am, I just want to apologise for what you saw
the other time. It would never happen again.” She
breathed looking guilty.
I smiled. “I am sure it wouldn’t dear; very sure”.
Again, that confused look flashed through her face.
“madam” she continued with a struggle. “I know
you must hate me now. You have every right to. I
did not want to agree to it when he proposed it. I
wanted to refuse but I could not control my heart”
she said with tears brimming in her eyes.
My interest was pricked. “Agree to what?” I asked
She sniffed. “He said you couldn’t give him a
child. He truly loves you and he did not want to
pressurize you so he came to meet me. He wanted a
child in order to please his father who was
becoming concerned. I did not agree at first
because I love him.” She paused as if to see my
reaction. I gave none as I stared at her not
betraying any emotion. “Yes ma’am. I have loved
him even before I actually met him. I have seen
him times without number on TV and I have
developed undying feelings for him, and though I
tried to kill it, I only ended up increasing my
desires for him. I did not want to destroy your
family but in the end, working with him seemed
more than I bargained for, and the heart goes
where the heart goes.
“I wanted to be with him even if it is just for a
moment and also bear his child. I had refused ever
since he told me and had been pestering me, but
today, I was just confessing my love for him when
you saw us.” She paused, trying to stop her tears.
she hurriedly held my hand, kneeling down. “please
don’t tell him. He made me promise not to tell you
but I could not bear the hatred with which you
looked at me. He loves you and I respect that even
though it hurts me. You are a woman like me and I
know how you feel now but please, don’t take him
away from me. My heart won’t take that. What he
wants to do would help you too. In our place we
have an adage that says, ‘ori omo ni n pe omo
waye’, meaning, ‘a child’s head can call another
child to life. Maybe when I bear him a child, you
would too. Don’t take him away from me. I love
him and can’t bear to lose him” she pleaded and
left the room in a hurry as if escaping.
I had heard more than enough, too much in one
day. My head was spinning and the room was going
round in circles. I pushed myself back to a lying
position. I stilled my eyes, sternly preventing the
emergence of tears but I could not hold them back
as they came tumbling down.
Loretta drove her car at a high speed. The
frustration she felt was enormous and she had no
one but herself to blame. All efforts at reaching
Richard had been fuitile and she was growing
desperate. She had called once but immediately he
knew that she was the one, he had hung up and
since then, his number had been unreachable. She
needed his forgiveness. She needed someone to love
her. She isn’t used to being unloved. She had loved
James Branson but when he became poor and
retched, she had to throw away what she felt for
him and find greener pastures – something she
regrets now beyond words. She knew she still felt
the same way about him and that the feeling is
mutual and reciprocated but she knew that James
would not leave his wife who stood by him through
thick and thin for her. She knew that and
therefore was not after him but after her son. She
does not espect James to ever forgive her. But
Richard? My son hates me, she thought painfully.
It tore at her heart and tears clouded her sight.
No. ‘I would fight for him’, she told herself
stubbornly. She was heading towards BRP Hospitalto
talk to Richard’s wife. She had found out that
there was almost nothing she asked for which she
wasn’t given. She is the key to Richard’s heart.
‘she might be able to beg Richard on my behalf’
she thought.
She turned right into macdonalds driveway on top
speed, not seeing the pedestrian crossing the road.
“Jesus…” she screamed, rather too late for the car
to stop miraculously through divine intervention.
She ran into the pedestrian, knocking him down


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