life after wedding (belina season 2) episode 13



I left Richard’s office dazed. I should be

celebrating my pregnancy but how do you cope

when what you love the most is in danger of being

yanked away from you. I was trying to piece up an

explanation for what I had just seen but none of

the conclusions I arrived at made sense. Only one

thing seemed logical and could be a possibility. I

was just a few steps away from Richard’s office

when I saw Prisca approaching me with a

questioning look but the look seemed to disappear

when she saw my countenance.

“How did it go?” she asked. Before she could catch

her breath, I pulled her into Richard’s office,

closing the door firmly behind us. We sat down

without a word and I gave her Richard’s phone. She

looked at the phone for a while, and then looked at


“I don’t understand this. When did this happen?”

she asked, confronting me directly.

I stood up and paced the room slowly, trying to

gather my thoughts together. “The time I bumped

into Kelvin should be a week ago. No, wait. It was

yesterday”, I said. I expected that the

misunderstanding between Richard and I had

reached a week, thinking about all the numerous

things which had happened but the reality is that,

it is just a day old. I had checked the day the

message was sent and saw that it was the previous


Prisca was waiting for me to continue. “What were

you doing with Kelvin, Bell? You don’t still have

feelings for him, do you?”

My head jerked in her direction. “Definitely not.

Whatever I felt for him died the day I saw him

with that harlot. Most times I wonder if my

feelings for him was actually love because I can

truly say I love Richard and what I feel for Richard

is nothing compared to what I felt for Kelvin.”

“OK” she breathed. “Then tell me what actually

happened because I don’t see myself hugging Frank

if I see him today.” Frank was her boyfriend; the

one who almost raped her.

“I was on my way home earlier than usual yesterday

because I felt terribly weak when I had a flat tire.

It was so surprising because I just changed my

tires barely a week ago. I couldn’t get a mechanic

so I set about doing it myself. All of a sudden,

Kelvin showed up. He did not leave until I allowed

him fix the tires. I was about entering my car

when he suddenly blocked me, causing me to bump

into him. All he said was that he wanted us to

have a drink together and familiarize with each

other. I declined, explaining that I am a married

woman and so on. I left him there and DID NOT hug

him” I concluded.

Prisca thought for a while. “My guess is that

someone took a picture of you guys when you

bumped into him”.

“I have thought of that but what I don’t know is

who would have done it. Did Richard put someone on

my trail?” I thought aloud.

“I would not say that. I would say that Kelvin

asked someone to do that for one singular reason;

the same reason that brought him to your office

today” she said standing up.

“What? He was here? When?” I queried, surprised

and alarmed.

“some hours ago. I guess you were on the hospital

bed then. He got what he hadn’t expected though;

Richard met him there and asked men to bundle

him out” she replied.

I was becoming more confused by the minute.

Richard had received this message yesterday but did

not say anything about it. I remembered his

countenance yester night and knew that he must

have seen it. He also saw Kelvin today but did not

mention it. Why on earth would he do that?





Loretta paced the waiting room holding her head in

her hands. Apart from the several abortions which

she had done, she hasn’t literally killed anyone

before. She still couldn’t replay the scenario. How

did she get herself into this mess? Her tears

flowed ceaselessly. She had called James Branson

and informed him because she didn’t know what to

do and she needed someone here to hold her hands

and tell her it would be alright.

She saw Richard pass in a hurry towards the

emergency department and her heart skipped a

beat. What would he do if he found out after

treating the guy that she was the one who put the

guy in that condition? It would just make their

relationship more complicated, hence, destroying

any hope of re-union between them. More tears

flowed unhindered as her heart ached.

“Loretta” she heard James call behind her. She

turned and threw herself in James’ hands, needing

all the support she could get. James just held on

to her, his heart beating faster than normal,

whispering words of encouragements. His eyes

snapped up just in time to see Richard head in the

direction of his office, furiously, through the glass

barrier. Loretta also saw this and left his arms


“he must have found out that I brought him and

refused to treat him” she exclaimed, holding her

head fiercely. James could not see that happening.

Richard would not hold someone’s life ransom just

because of Loretta; Richard is not like that. Maybe

Richard is angry about something else, besides, he

wasn’t even sure Richard would be the one to

attend to the guy in question. He has so many

doctors in his hospital. Guessing is not an option,

though. He did not like seeing Loretta so

distressed, no matter what she had done to him.

“I would talk to him” he said, walking in the

direction of Richard’s office. Loretta followed

briskly. He tried dissuading her but she was hell

bent on begging Richard herself.



Richard marched into the office and I was startled,

Prisca also. He should not be back by now, I

thought. He had left barely ten minutes ago, and

knowing how long such emergency cases could be,

only one thing could have happened.

I rushed to him as he sat on the couch. “What is

wrong honey? Is the patient Ok?” I asked hoping

that whoever it was is not dead. Richard just fixed

a permanent glare on his face and I could not

understand anything again. Just then, the door

opened and my father-in-law came in, accompanied

by the last person Richard wanted to see – his

mother. He was up in an instant.

“Is the devil bent on making what ought to be my

happiest day very miserable? What are you doing

here?” he asked, glaring at his mum.

I held his hand. “C’mon Richy-” I was saying

“Don’t touch me” he yelled at me and I shrieked.

He has never done that. I was hurt down to my

bones. I detest people yelling at me, it reminds me

of one person: Mr Badmus, before he changed.

“Son” Mr. Branson started. “Could you please put

this behind you and save the dying patient Richard?

He was hit by Loretta and she is freaking out now.

Please son, he had nothing to do with what your

mum did, don’t let him pay for it” he concluded.

Richard glared at his mum for a while, and then

faced me. “You are right dad. He has nothing to do

with my problem with mum but he has something

to do with my crumbling family. The guy that was

hit is Kelvin”

“What?” Prisca and I yelled. I jumped out of my

seat in an instant. “What is going on here Richard?

You are leaving him to die because he is my Ex?” I

could not believe it.

He shook his head. “No. I am not leaving him to

die. The other doctors are with him but I cannot

save someone who just threatened to bring us down

some hours ago. I also got the message where you

were with him, holding him affectionately. What

do you think I would feel”?

Loretta left the place she had been since she came

in and knelt down before anybody could stop her.

“Please Richard, save the guy. I don’t know what

you have with him but please don’t let him die,

please. You may decide not to forgive me for what

I did to you but please save him.” She said in tears

even though everyone tried to get her up. Prisca

and I finally got her to her feet.

I looked at Richard more closely and I could see

him fighting a battle within himself. He was

distressed and I could understand his reluctance. I

carefully asked everyone to excuse both of us and

within seconds, we were alone. I didn’t even know

how to deal with things now that we were alone. I

just stared at him.



Ronke smashed her phone on the floor in

frustration. All their chances were now destroyed.

She had told Oyin to keep things cool but she

wouldn’t listen. They had sent the message earlier

than planned. She had specifically told Oyin that

they would have to change the position and

atmosphere in the picture they had taken of Kelvin

and Belina before sending it to Richard but Oyin was

too damn impatient. If they had edited the image

with computer; thanks to the highly developed

technology; they would have been able to put Belina

and Kelvin in a compromising position, probably

naked, kissing or something a bit stronger than a

mere hug. Now Belina is pregnant. She hissed and

poured herself another glass of drink.

If Oyin had been patient enough, she might have

even gotten Richard to doubt the paternity of the

child. But now, that is totally out of the question.

She had placed a lot of hopes on the success of

this thing.

“I am not going to rest for nothing. If Oyin can’t

get money from that guy for me, she would have to

get it anywhere else if she wants to keep her

secret” she said to herself. Maybe it is time for

some blackmail.



Prisca had left Loretta and Mr Branson immediately

she left Belina and Richard alone. She saw that

‘harlot doctor’ enter an office which she assumed

was hers. she felt an instant urge and desire to

confront her and that is what she would do, she

thought. she got to the office and luckily for her,

no one was there. she was about to knock when she

heard the lady in the office talk to someone on the

phone. she would not have bothered if she hadn’t

heard Belina’s name in the conversation.

“The plan is ruined” she heard her say. “That

Belina of a woman is pregnant”… “How am i

supposed to know that?”… silence followed.

Prisca did not know the full detail of what must

have happened between Richard and Belina but one

thing was definitely sure, she would find out what

this woman have been up to.

She entered the office like a predator. Oyinade

looked back, not knowing who had entered but on

seeing her, she seemed to know who she is –

Belina’s sister.

“You know what Missy? i think we need to have a

little chat” Prisca said, sitting down comfortably

and crossing her legs.


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