life after wedding (belina season 2) episode 18

Episode 18

Richard sat in his office, feeling very excited. He

had enjoyed every bit of last night. The dinner out

was awesome but the conclusive part of the day

had been simply mind-blowing. Belina had been so

tired and sleepy this morning, understandably so,

that he had made breakfast for her in bed. They

had prayed together and he had prepared for work.

Richard was expecting Doctor Felix, in order to

receive reports of how the hospital was after his

departure. He was considering the prospect of

making him his assistant now that Oyinade was

gone. He responded to the knock he received and

Doctor Felix waltzed in, in his usual manner.

Richard gestured a seat and listened as the doctor

gave a detailed account of the welfare of the


“… the patient in ward 9 by name Mr Kelvin is now

out of coma” he said after some minutes.

Richard’s interest was pricked. “Wow… when did

that happen?” he asked, sitting up.

“About 5:23 yesterday sir” he responded, and then

took his eyes away from the book, looking at


“Sir, do you know the man personally?” he asked,

although he already knew the answer to that;

Richard’s behaviour when the patient was to be

treated showed it. He did not expect their

relationship to be a pleasant one, though.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do” Richard said, letting out no


“Obviously… The patient was restless when he

found out that he was being admitted in BRH and

more so when he was told that you attended to

him” Doctor Felix said. “He became so violent that

we had to sedate him. He tried to escape around

3am this morning but we caught up with him and

since then had someone to monitor his room”

Richard became worried and his face portrayed this

but he knew that only one thing can make someone

that restless – guilt. He stood up. “I am going to

see him now, you may go”.



I arrived Prisca’s boutique and was greeted by all

the smiling workers. They all looked beautiful as

usual, in beautiful clothes and nice braids. I looked

around, admiring all the beautiful clothes

surrounding me.

“Sweetheart” I was jerked from my window-

shopping when I heard Prisca’s voice.

“You make me feel as though you wanna buy

everything here”. She said, coming over with a

smile. She faced one of her workers and gasped.

“Did she drop a mouth-watering cheque?”

Everyone laughed hard, including me. I walked up to

her and gave her a cool hug.

Prisca and I proceeded into her office where I was

served a very cool drink. I looked round at the

beauty of the office. The office has changed since

the last time I came which was about a month


“So, how is my nephew doing?” she asked

immediately we sat.

I scoffed. “What makes you think I am bearing a


“My instincts tell me Richard is much more

stronger than you are” she replied with a grin.

“you would be surprised” I replied cheekily.

“have you gone for scan?”

I shook my head, sipping my drink. “No. Richard is

too over-pampering, he won’t allow me lift a

finger. If he knew I stepped out of the house, he

would explode” I sighed visibly.

Prisca laughed. “can you blame him? It is his first

child we are talking about here”

I scoffed. “was it this terrible when you had Pat?”

I asked synically.

“it can’t be this way forever dear. Tony was also

this over-protective at first”

I smiled. “I can’t say I don’t enjoy the pampering

at times.”

She laughed. “corrupt soul. Anyways, I think he is

just trying to make up for the serious incidents of

last week. That oyinade girl is a witch”

I hissed. “don’t mind that harlot. I have not had

her time”

Prisca shook her head. “thank God Richard fired her

before she did any more damage”

I opened my mouth. He hadn’t told me that. Prisca

took one look at my stupefied face and deduced

what I was thinking.

“he did not tell you?”

I shook my head. “not a single word”.

“I shouldn’t have then” Prisca said, obviously

saddened that I had to hear it from her. I pestered

her but she refused to say any other thing. I

resigned. Richard obviously has some explaining to



Ajoke popped open a bottle of champagne to the

cheer of her friends. She could not believe her half

sister could be so generous as to transfer her

beautiful house to her. They were just like twins

even though Ronke is about five years older than

her. It hadn’t taken her three hours to pack her

luggage from her friend’s room. She had been

squatting with her friend for about six months and

the despicable girl never failed to remind her of

that fact. She had asked to stay with Ronke but

Ronke had told her that she used her house for her

‘business’ and it would be a real inconvenience

having her there. She had sent money to her but

she decided to endure the insults of her friend in

order to use the money for the Ipad she had

desired. When she got that call, she had packed all

her belongings in a flash. Met with her sister,

collected the documents of the house and stormed

the house like a real house owner would.

Not even ten minutes after her arrival, she had

received a rather unexpected guest – a man,

accompanied by two police men. Instantly, she

knew that the cocktail that Ronke had told her was

just a cover-up. There was no one interested in

marrying her. Ronke had told her that a man was

interested in her and asked her to live with him

and that that was the reason why she decided to

give her her house. she had accepted the story

that was due to her exceeding joy of having a

house in her name. staring at the police men and

the raging man, she presented an innocent and

confused face. Now that she has a house in her

name, she would not give it up so easily.

“Yes, what can i do for you” she said, closing the

door behind her and stepping out. the fat man

scrutinized her.

“She is not the one” he said to the police men.

“Eh you, where is the owner of this house? i

believe she must be your sister”

Ajoke glared at him like he had lost his mind. “Mr

man, i don’t know what has got into you ooo, this

is my house” she adjusted her shirt and squared

her shoulders.

“Woman, you better cooperate with us” one of the

police men said.

Ajoke turned her smiling face at the young

policemen. “Listen to me guys, i am the owner of

this beautiful house, thanks to handsome guys like

you. You can come and check my documents” she

said blinking while the old man was foaming. The

men were wooed by her gestures. they followed her

inside checked all the documents and confirmed it

did not have the name mentioned by man, not even

the surname. the requested for her national ID card

and she fished it out. The old man just looked like

he was dreaming.

The ever accommodating Joke brought out a bottle

of champagne and invited them to join. What do

you expect? the policemen obliged.

“Is this what i brought you here to do?” the chief


The policemen glared at him. “Shut up your mouth

old man. Wetin you expect make we do? We suppose

arrest you sef. You no know the person wey you dey

find. Na God catch you. Old man like you go dey

pursue small babes wey we suppose dey hammer”

one of the policemen ranted, sipping his wine.

The chief, obviously frustrated stormed out


The policemen had left minutes later, apologizing

for the inconvenience and Joke called her friends

for proper house-washing celebration. This house

has become hers and she would not let it go for

anything in the world. Over her dead body.



Chief Rammon got to his house dejected. He could

not believe his bad luck. He had woken up to an

empty room with his briefcase nowhere to be

found. The money is not even his own. Fifty Million

Pounds. So much bad luck for wanting to cool his

blood. He swallowed as his wife ranted and ranted

about his useless life. He did not even yell back

like he used to before, only walked into his

bedroom like a robot, locked the door and fell on

the bed in tears.

He had hurried to Ronke’s house< hoping to still

find her there but he met a locked gate. He had

assigned someone who was close by to inform him

immediately there is any slight movement and had

received a message after four hours. Before that

time, he had called and called but it did not go


He placed the pillow on his head. His life is ruined.



Tikes arrived Ajide Close in a vehicle with two of

his guys around 9pm. Oyin had told him that the

girl is a very sharp and cunning girl. He had

boasted of the fact that she could not do anything

but he decided not to take chances. He would do a

clean job.

He checked for number 44, noting the colour of the

house. He checked the picture again and made a

mental picture.

He got to the gate and pressed the bell. A figure

came out and he immediately identified the lady as

the one he had seen in the picture.

She opened the gate and he smiled.

“Hello” he said and pulled the trigger.


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