Life after wedding (belina season 2) episode 2




We all stared at the gorgeously dressed woman who
obviously has had a taste of luxury. She reeked of
wealth from head to toe. She looked vaguely
familiar in a strange way but I could not remember
ever seeing her. I wondered where I must have seen
her but nothing came to mind. I stared at Richard
who was busy glaring at the visitor clenching his
fists like someone in a boxing competition. Why he
was so angry was lost on me, he had never been
this furious. No one uttered a word and I stood
there not knowing what exactly was amiss.
“I asked you a question. What the hell are you
doing here?” Richard growled with his fists
I grabbed his hand to calm him down a bit. “Calm
down honey and show the woman some respect
please. Who is she?” I asked quietly but he did not
answer. He did not have to anyways. He was only
this angry whenever he talked about one person. I
looked the woman and got my confirmation – the
blue eyes could not be mistaken. Those piercing
blue eyes which could do a lot of things by just
staring were exactly the same as Richard’s. I looked
from Richard to the woman and back noticing the
striking resemblance.
“Richy, is this your mother?” I asked quietly.
Richard’s hand immediately left mine as he turned
his glare towards me. “She is not MY mother” he
said stressing the ‘my’.
I got my confirmation in that statement. The
subject matter just stood there speechless and
could have been mistaken for a deaf and dumb.
Richard looked at his father knowing that this was
his doing. “I don’t know what she is doing here
and I don’t want to know but one thing I know is
that I don’t wanna see her here when I get back”,
he said and stormed out of the sitting room
towards the masters’ bedroom.
The entire room was as though no one was inside as
no one made a single sound. I don’t know why I did
not stop Richard from leaving the room but I guess
my professional instinct made me realize that he
needed a little time to himself. I felt his pain and
knew just what he must be feeling as I had felt
that way too. I raised my eyes to stare at my
newly found mother-in-law but she seemed to be
in tears.
Her voice shattered the silence in the room. “I told
you James. He would never forgive me and he has a
right not to. I was so callous and wicked to him”,
she said obviously to Mr. Branson as tears rolled
down her cheeks.
Everyone started murmuring one thing or the other
while I wondered what Richard would be doing
inside the room. “I should leave now”, my mother-
in-law said and made to leave but Richard’s dad
stopped her.
“Wait, let me talk to him first”, he said.
I startled, “No… I mean… why don’t you allow me
do the talking sir, although I cannot promise
anything for now”, I said immediately.
Everyone in the room nodded in agreement and I
was instantly grateful that we did not include
strangers in the ceremony. For the very first time,
Richard’s mum looked at me and said, “You must be
his wife. You are very pretty and I am sorry for
disrupting your party. Please forgive me”. Her
foreign assent was undeniable. I nodded and made
for the room.
“Don’t you think this skirt is too short Oyin”,
Ronke asked her friend.
Oyinade smiled mischievously. “Nope, I don’t think
so. Besides, you know my ultimate goal, don’t you?
A hot body like mine and sexy clothes would help
me achieve my aim”.
Ronke rolled her eyes in exasperation. “I know your
plans as much as you do girl and I am with you all
the way. You know my popular slogan says, ‘when
you see what you want, go for it doing everything
you can to get it’. But my friend, you have to
apply common sense. You have just been given the
job so it would be risky and out of place for you to
get a query on your first day at work. You worked
very hard to get this job, you cannot throw
everything away by being overzealous”, Ronke said.
“You have to carry out this plan slowly, portraying
the highest level of innocence you can. You should
be coy and sneaky, slow and steady; with time you
would get rid of the hindrance and be in his arms”.
She finished.
Oyinade assimilated everything she heard and
smiled. “You are a clever snake babe. I would make
you my chief adviser on this life project so you
have to be with me all the way”, she said dropping
the skirt on the bed.
She picked her employment letter for the
umpteenth time and whispered to herself. “You
would be mine very soon. All mine”.
I stepped into the room and met Richard roaming
from one end of the room to the other. He was
trying as much as he could to release his anger but
it was not working. He noticed my entrance but
continued pacing.
“Can you imagine? She actually had the guts to
show her face here like she has the rights to”, he
said still pacing.
I sat down at the edge of the bed and looked at
“Did you see her face? She looked so sure of
herself. What did she think? That I would jump
into her arms, welcome her and treat her like she
is the most precious person on earth? She must be
delusional”. He continued not even waiting for a
reply to his previous questions; not like there could
be any answer though. When I did not say anything,
he stopped and stared at me. “Would you not say
I sighed, stood up, took his hands and pulled him
with me to the bed. He sat down at the edge of
the bed and I knelt behind him on the bed, placed
my hands on his shoulders and gently massaged
“Massage is not what I n…”
“Shhhh…” I said silencing him and continued my
massage. Gently, I felt the anger and tension ease
out of him and he started relaxing. “I need you to
calm down and relax honey. Today ought to be a
happy day for us, remember? I am just seeing your
mother for the first time and it means something
to me”, I said as I continued my therapy.
“She is not my mother” he said calmly.
I left his shoulders, went round him and went to
seat on his laps. “Honey, whether you like it or
not, you have her blood flowing in your veins. Do
you know what it was like to find out that my
father never wanted me? He wanted me to be
flushed out. I know it hurts but please forgive
her. Keeping this grudge in you would hurt you
terribly everyday but releasing it and forgiving her
would make you happy. Accept it. Deep down in
your heart, you know you need your biological
mother”, I said as softly as I could.
He shook his head, “no, I don’t need her. I have
you to be my mother, wife, sister and everything”.
I nodded. “Yes, but you need her. Please, forgive
her”, I said going down on my knees. He tried to
pull me up but I did not get up. “Yes?” I asked
with a faint smile.
He stared at me, shaking his head unbelievably.
“What have you done to me? Alright, would you get
up now?” he said and pulled me into his arms.
He kissed my forehead and hugged me. “I love you
heart, even though you are naughty”, he said with
a smile.
I smiled back, “well, I am happy she is your
mother if not you would not have eyes as beautiful
as this”.
He scoffed, “I could easily charm you with the
generally possessed black eyes, you know?”
“You don’t have to charm me; you were made with
very potent charm”.
He laughed.
“Alright baby, lets go and get this over with” he
said and we both went back to the sitting room. On
getting there, Richard’s mum was nowhere to be
“She just left, we could not stop her” Prisca
Richard looked at me. “Do you see? She is not here.
She is no longer around and she never was”. He said
and stormed out of the house.

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