Life after wedding (belina season 2) episode 5



Monday happened on us and we were in for another
week of work. In order to have enough time for
each other, Richard had rearranged the roaster in
the main hospital and I had done likewise in BRP
Hospital (Best Result Psychology Hospital). We were
not to work on weekends except exceedingly critical
Richard was already in his black pants and shirt
around 7 o’clock and I stretched lazily on the bed.
Richard picked up his tie and smacked my buttock.
“c’mon, get your lazy butt out of bed preety, it is
Monday morning.”
“oh… leave me alone joor. If you had allowed me to
sleep peacefully yesterday, I would not feel so
weak”, I retorted.
He smiled, looked at my fragile form on the bed
and shook his head.
“you should have known better than to put on that
tempting lingerie. Where the hell did you get it by
the way?”
I snickered, got out of bed, went to the wardrobe
and pulled out another tie. “you don’t need to
know that baby boy. Your fashion sense is so
outdated” I said and replaced the tie he had on. I
knotted it and adjusted it in the right places.
“yes. Perfect”, I said in delight examining him
after a job well done.
He stood there, looking at me with a smile playing
on his face. His eyes roamed my body slowly making
me feel self conscious and uncomfortable. I looked
at myself and saw what it was – I was clad in his
night robe which was extremely big for me. The
sleeve was too long that it covered my entire arm
including my fingers while the gown spread out on
the floor like the tail of a wedding gown. I smiled,
imagining what I must look like and started
laughing. Richard laughed slightly and pulled me
into his arms.
“you look like a five years old girl in her mothers
clothes” he said and I raised my chin defiantly.
“but even in this over-sized gown, you are more
than enough temptation” I blushed and tip-toed to
kiss him but he backed away at the last minute
leaving me stunned. He covered his nose with two
fingers. “sorry honey, I very much wanna devour
your mouth but you’ve got bad breath today”.
Alarmed and embarrassed, I examined my mouth and
did not perceive any offensive odor. I frowned ,
raised my gaze to him and saw him grinning gaily. I
folded my fist and would have landed it right in his
stomach if he hadn’t jumped out of the way. He
grabbed his briefcase and hurried out of the room.
“I love you”, he said and jumped out of the room
in time to avoid the shoe I threw in his direction.
I continued to stare at the door moments after his
departure and smiled. ‘I would so get my revenge’ I
said to myself as I entered the bathroom to
prepare for another week.
“Today is a dream come true”, Oyinade said as she
gazed at herself in the mirror. Oyinade is someone
you would say has excess of everything. She is
neither fat nor slim, she is somewhere between.
She has a bust that gives her a tough time with
tops, though, she would gladly reveal her cleavage
for all eyes to feast on. Her backside was also a
perfect match with the load she had in front.
Following Ronke’s lecture on ‘firsthand innocent
appearance’, she had searched for a cloth that is
cooperate and does not reveal too much of her God-
given asset but did not find any so she went
shopping, thanks to a very good account.
It hadn’t been easy getting into BRH. She had
given up her well-paying job in a growing hospital
when she heard of the vacancy in Best Results
Hospital. Several people went for the job with
breath-taking qualifications, though she was also
very good, she knew that she would have to go the
After scaling through to the final interview, she
had deliberately dressed to seduce, knowing from
research that mostly men handled interviews in
BRH. The two men could barely take their eyes off
her body as they asked questions that were
irrelevant to medical environment. After the
interview, she had roamed the environment until all
the candidates were out. She sighted one of the
interviewers, approached him and found her way
into his bed, sealing her place in BRH. There surely
is no place in Nigeria without corruption.
“Today, I finally meet Richard Branson after years
of day-dreaming”, she thought with a smile. “He
would soon realize that I am far better than that
barren tramp he has in his mansion”.
Ronke sat down in bed, cornflakes and milk in bowl,
surfing the net. She doesn’t work but spends all
the money she wants just because she has decided
to make her body work for her, not publicly
though. She is what you would refer to as a
private prostitute. Her accommodation, car and
everything she had in her possession came from
men who were not contented with their wives and
could not withstand her exceptional ability in bed.
Presently, she wasn’t on twitter, facebook or any
social media as was her usual way of passing time
and getting men who could ‘spend’, she was
researching into the private life of Belina Branson
popularly known as Mrs. BB. Being a popular person,
much of her private life was open to public glare
despite her desperate attempt at making her
private life private. After researching for few
minutes, she stumbled on a very exciting info and
smiled tentatively.
“Oh… Oyin baby, you owe me one. You are definitely
blessed to have me. Our plan just got better”, she
said to herself, picking up her plate of cornflakes,
chewing with delight as she stared at the screen.
Richard sat down in his office, files in hand. He
checked his wristwatch but it was not 11 am yet.
He had ensured that a work file was placed on
Oyinade’s table before her arrival as was done to
every new intake in the hospital. A tour round the
hospital was the first assignment she had to carry
out with the aid of her secretary but she was to
meet him 11 am. He hated people with the ‘African
time’ mentality and he wanted to test her on that
His intercom rang one minute to eleven. “let her
in”, was his response and he praised her internally
for successfully passing the first test.
Oyinade walked in elegantly and successfully hid her
joy at seeing him at such close range. Apart from
being one of the youngest millionaires in Nigeria,
he had an exceedingly stunning exterior that almost
made her knees weak. He had a powerful presence
which could ooze the air in a room, leaving you
“Good morning Mr. Branson” she said. He responded
likewise, pointed to a chair opposite him and she
sat down. Richard did not for once take his eyes
off the file he was studying as he rolled out her
“well, miss Adeyanju, I just have a few minutes so
listen attentively because I won’t repeat myself.
You are going to take part of my workload here
because my table is overflowing. In my absence,
you are to cross-check all the patients in the
hospital and attend to my patients. You already
have the file in your office to tell you your
program for the week. Any other thing asides these
would be relayed later. Any questions?” he flipped
through the pages of the file like someone reading
a very fascinating novel.
Oyinade was stunned beyond words, not by the
things he was blabbing but by the fact that he
hadn’t spared her a glance, despite her perfume.
She thought of a question which could require him
to look at her but could not find an intelligent
one. “No sir”, she replied.
“Good. That’s all for now then”, he said as
Oyinade gathered her ruins, stood up and left the
office. While Richard smiled faintly in his office as
he continued to inspect the files on his table,
Oyinade was busy pacing her tastefully furnished
office in anger.
She picked up her phone and dialed Ronke. Without
any pleasantry, she launched her cause. “I need to
take this up a notch Ronky. I went to see him now
and he did not even glance at me, despite my very
expensive perfume. That witch in his house has
clouded his mind”.
Ronke sighed over the receiver and said, “Calm
down babe, I’ve got a plan”.



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