Life after wedding (belina season 2) episode 3




Our anniversary celebration had fallen into ruins and
I am sure I would not forget it in a hurry. I picked
up my phone and dialed Richard’s number again
after several fruitless attempts but the phone rang
off without any answer. I strolled from one end of
the compound to the other in worry, dialing his
number continuously. Though, I tried to stop
Richard from leaving, he left anyways and I felt
terribly angry that my father-in-law could be so
thoughtless as to invade one of our happiest
moments by bringing his ex-wife. I knew just how
Richard must be feeling having experienced first-
class rejection myself from the hands of my step-
father (Mr. Badmus).
I had dismissed everyone to their various
destinations – there is nothing to celebrate about
with my husband in a bad shape. It is over three
hours and Richard is nowhere to be found. I
shivered from the cold outside and went back inside
to get a jacket. It was almost nine and my husband
was not home yet. I continued my phone call as I
went into the room only to find Richard’s phone on
the bed. I hissed aloud and flung my phone onto
the bed, my apprehension increasing a notch.
“Where are you Richy?” I groaned.
Prisca placed Patricia in her court and placed a
good night kiss on her forehead. Even though the
room was mosquito free, she still used a mosquito
net for pat. She climbed into bed beside Tony and
smuggled closer to him to feel the warmth of his
body. He held her close and looked into her eyes,
“even after a child, you are looking more beautiful
She smiled, “what is with your flirtatious eyes and
tone now my husband?”
“Well, if I don’t flirt with you, who else would I
flirt with?” he asked
“you would not dare flirt with anyone. Remember
when Richard held Belina today? I was actually
jealous. I wanted you to do the same that very
minute”, Prisca replied with a smile.
“hmmm, you should have told me. You know I would
have done more than you bargained for” Tony said
with a wink.
Prisca smiled but the smile soon faded off. “you
know, I would not have taken it likely at all if our
anniversary had been ruined like that. Whatever
entered Richard’s pop to make him bring that
woman there, ehn?” Prisca said with annoyance.
Tony had carefully ensured that they did not
discuss the party by bringing up other subjects
however unimportant because he knew that Prisca
was obviously very pissed. He was also very angry
and he had felt bad when he saw the sad look on
Belina’s face as she told them to leave.
“I don’t even know what that woman is looking
for. She did not come looking for him long time
ago but now that she has become an empty barrel,
she wants to reclaim her son. Haaa, human beings
are so heartless” Prisca continued.
“don’t draw that conclusion honey, that she is
back without a child does not mean that she can’t
conceive again”, Tony replied.
Prisca laughed, “I know what I am saying though I
don’t have any proof. Do you think she would be
here if one of her rich aristos had married her?
Trust me darling; the woman is just here because
no one wants her fruitless ass anymore plus Richard
is a multi-millionaire, now she wants to eat where
she did not sow”. She hissed.
Loretta sat down on a chair in her tastefully
furnished mini-flat, crying. Though she was
presently in Nigeria, her taste, class and desire for
luxury was still very much imbedded in her. Ever
since she ran out of her son’s apartment, she
hadn’t been able to stop the tears from flowing.
She remembered the look of hatred on Richard’s
face when he looked at her and the tears dropped
more. She had done terrible things to him in the
past which she considered unforgivable.
She had treaded a very reckless life not putting
into consideration what it might cost her. She had
felt unsatisfied with James because he was unable
to give her all the luxury she desired. Whenever he
traveled, she would invite strange men into the
house for sexual activities, locking her seven years
old Richard out. Whenever he cried and protested,
she would beat him, drag him out of the house and
lock the door until she was done. This happened
very frequently because James Branson; her
husband; always traveled, looking for greener
pasture to make his family especially his wife
happy and contented. Loretta finally became fed up
and decided to quit the marriage, giving the full
custody of Richard to James in order to perform
her escapades without the hindrances of a son.
Richard’s father, who loved Loretta with all his
heart, decided to leave the States for Nigeria in
order to be far away from her. Together, Richard
and his father had struggled through thick and
thin eventually breaking the holds of poverty.
Loretta on the other hand, had several abortions
which eventually severed her womb. No man could
afford to marry her without a womb, despite her
rare beauty. She had felt completely alone and
miserable until she decided to take the only lifeline
she had left. She had heard enough about James
and Richard from the news and she knew that it
would be even more difficult to gain their
forgiveness now that they are rich.
She wiped tears of regrets off her face as she
heard a knock. She was startled, wondering who
might be there. She stood up and went to open the
“James”, she breathed as she stared at her ex-
husband at the door.
Mr James Branson entered the house without saying
a word, pulled her out of the entrance into his
arms, closed the door with his leg and covered her
lips with his. He kissed her like his life depended
on it. He hadn’t been able to find love in anyother
woman ever since she walked out of his life. She
was the only woman he ever loved. Since she arrived
about three years ago, he had tried his possible
best to avoid the feelings that never left him but
it kept on increasing everytime he set his eyes on
her. Tonight, he hadn’t been able to bare it when
he saw tears in her eyes.
Loretta tried to pull away but he held her and she
gave in. the door flung open and they sprung apart
like children caught stealing meat. They both faced
the entrance at the same time and Loretta gasped,

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