Little Things That Leads To Breakup In Relationships

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**Little Things That Leads To Breakup In Relationships**


Some attitudes seems to be normal by the doer, but its irritating to the other party, here are some common attitudes that can leads to breakups, which many people dont know. 


1. Choking your partner with your
love, No matter how in-love you
both might be, the moment one
is choking the other with too
much love, it fizzles out the love
of the other partner leading his
or her love to depreciate. Try to
always make it balance or else
you just might scare your partner


2. Desperation:
when you show signs of desperation in your
relationship, like trying to trap
the person to yourself through
marriage…this scares hell out of
some people, especially if your
partner aint ready to be hooked
up or where the relationship its
still at its early stage, dont talk
about marriage except if you are
both desperate about it.


3. The selfish type.
As a guy if you are the stingy
type, and have never cared about
your Girlfriend’s finance, neither
have you bought her any gifts,
then i feel sorry for you.


4. Immaturity:
No girl wants a
kiddo as a boyfriend or someone
who talks and does things like a
kid! No no…she will definitely
dump your azz!


5. Mode of dressing:
If your mode of dressing is really
horrible, please do something
about it fast!
6. Dirtiness:
Dirty finger nails and toes also
leads to breakups in relationships.


7. Flirting:
flirting might be fun,
and might seem not strong
enough to dissolve a
relationship….the truth is, it can!


8. Too Demanding:
You want this, you want that, you want all…take
a chill pill please, your partner
would definitely get tired of you


9. Arrogant:
When you are too arrogant,
too violent, too pushy, too
insultive, always engaging in one
fight or the other…this is a big


10. Respect:
Respect your partner’s
decision always, don’t always contradict what your partner is bringing to the table, even if you don’t want it, there are one million ways in making him/her know and not sounding rude and still respect their ideas.


These are eye opener, pick yours and make amend.


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