Little things that destroy a loving relationship even without our knowledge

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Little things that can destroy a loving relationship even without our knowledge.

Have you ever asked yourself, why does it seem like Today, you feel you are doing perfectly well in your relationship then tomorrow, everything seems to be falling apart?

The truth is, the day you say ‘yes’ to anyone , that very day you give your consent to be in a relationship, your work to keep it going begins, many people don’t know you have to put in more effort to sustain a relationship than the effort that got you in the relationship.

Relationships don’t work out itself, two persons with a mutual feeling makes a relationship work.

In as much as we all wish for a happy relationship , there are still little things that can destroy a loving relationship even without our knowledge . Today, I want share these things with you.

    lack of attention can be as a result of lack of affection, love, passion, attraction etc. Love is a natural thing, when your heart falls in love, you find yourself desiring to be around the person, you just wanna spend time with your love, you want to talk and take care of the person.

Lack of attention can lead to lack of care, communication, intimacy etc and these affects the relationship negatively.

    Some people dont actually know about Emotional cheating, showing or telling your spouse how much your admire an opposite sex is really a damage to peoples emotions, even though they might not tell. Deleting of text messages, passwording phones, keeping secrets are all things that can destroy your relationship because it’s gives space for trust issues.

Physical Cheating can destroy trust, zeal, ability, willingness to love no matter how hard you try. When you are emotionally and Physically down, how can you love?

Cheating is a relationship killer, a relationship / marriage without trust, zeal, willingness to make it work is inert.
I will always say “communication is a vital key to a healthy relationship”. How can your partner know how feel, what you want, or how you want it if you don’t communicate.

Any relationship that lacks communication is dead even before it started. Poor communication has the potential to destroy a relationship no matter how good you both look together.

They say “pride comes before a downfall.” Now quote me, “nobody is too big, too successful, too beautiful, too handsome to be in a relationship.

“ Don’t ever think you are doing anyone a favour by being associated with him/her. You got to be humble while in a relationship or failed relationships will humble you.

Learn to say things like “am sorry “, “thank you “, “I won’t do it again”, “ I promise to make it up to you “. Pride can destroy a sweet loving relationship therefore, please throw it to the
ALL hail our career men / women. As much as I love hardworking men / women, you must learn to balance your priorities. You should know when to close from work, come home and take care of your hubby & children.

Men, you should know when to spend time with your family and when to be at work. You should know when to call that man/woman you claim to love. Know this “ Nobody is too busy to show love” BALANCE YOUR PRIORITIES.

    Some people finds it very hard to forgive, and whenever you bringing the past issues to the current argument its a way of telling your spouse you haven’t forgiven them. it can kill a relationship.
    Talking about others, showing more interest in other people’s situations than talking about yours can as well damage a loving relationship.
    No one liked to be lied to, if your spouse cant differentiate between your yes and no, its a total disaster to any relationship.
    Nagging kills off anxiety and fun, and whenever there is no more fun in a relationship, it becomes boring.
    Nobody like to be compared with other people, everyone is unique in their own way.
    I choose to stop here. No relationship is perfect but don’t destroy yours with your hands.

Wish you all happiness in our relationships and I hope we all learnt from this.



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