A Love-Hate Relationship-Episode 2


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The place was beautiful, they had gone to a beach house, and the room had a nice view of the ocean. It was wonderful.
“Thank you so much Xavier, exactly what i needed. Will you play a song for me, like old times” Nathalie asked with a seductive smile. She wanted everything to be back to normal.
Xavier laughed “you look like a baby, let us go and eat sonething first. I am famished”
He took her hand and led her to the resturant, but were stoped midway by a screeching voice.
“Xavier is that you?” A slim model like girl walked towards them. Nathalie glared at the girl “way to go Xavier, you just had to spoil everything” she said under her breath. The girl came closer staring at Nathalie, or rather, checking out her competitor.
“I can not believe it Xavier, what a coincidence!” Miss horrible voice screeched. Nathalie stepped closer to Xavier, putting her hand around his waist, and the so called mystery girl got the hint but did not step back.
“Hello, i am Nathalie, Xavier’s fiancee ” Nathalie said,throwing miss horrible voice a victory smile.
“Xavier you never told me that you had a girlfriend, or rather fiancee when we met” miss horrible voice said with a smirk.
Xavier’s body tensed and Nathalie dropped her arm from his waist and scowled at the girl. “You are?” Nathalie asked misd horrible voice with a strict tone.
Miss horrible voice smiled, knowing that she had gotten a reaction “Sofia dearie” she said, drawling her voice.
“Okay Sofia, can you do me a favour and get lost!” Nathalie said partially screaming the last word and walking away from them.
She had gone back to the beach house without listening to Xavier’s explanation. She had locked herself inside a room bawling her eyes out. He didnt care, she thought.
He was a flirt. “How could he?” She pondered.
She remembered the first time he had asked her out, she had been on the verge of screaming out of happiness. She had been crushing on him for five years while she had watched him date her friends. She had been the different one out of them all , quiet, composed, reserved and shy. She had been twenty three when he had asked her out, he had been crushing on her too, before he had finally grown the guts to   ask her out.
They had won best couples thrice in the university. At that time she had never doubted his love for her, not even for once. His family loved her, and as for the relationship between her parents and him, ditto.
Nathalie sniffed, sinking to the ground and resting her jaw on her knees. She was pathetic now, what was stoping him? His parents were rich, he could settle down into marriage with their help, but he chose the latter. He wanted to be independent.
“Damn you Xavier, why dont you just marry me, what is holding you back, Xavier what?” She asked no one in particular.
“Or am i not good enough for him?” She asked aloud. She was definitely going gaga

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Xavier stood by the window, taking in the view of the ocean, he loved Nathalie. He loved her so much and he had to admit the fact that he was whipped, but she didnt trust him, after the incident at the resturant, he had rushed after her, only for her to bang the door at his face. He had sunk to the ground, he had heard her cry and with each second he had felt his heart sank.
He couldn’t marry her now, he needed to be independent,he was a man now and he refused any financial help from hisparents. He could never dump Nathalie, he hated to see her cry, she was his everything., his life and his heart.She was beautiful,caring, possesive, and shy although not anymore with the girls who flirted with him, and she was phenomenal, a phenomenal woman. He sighed and walked out of his room, walking towards Nathalie room. He knocked once, twice, thrice and no answer. He listened carefully, there was still no answer, he listened carefully, nothing, no sounds. His guts were telling  himsomething was wrong. He kicked the door with alot of strength and the door flew open to reveal Nathalie on the floor, she seemed unconcious. There was an empty bottle of alcohol . Nathalie never drank, but this past few days she had taken a liking to it. He rushed towards her, crushing her to his chest, he carried her into the bathroom stripping her and turning on the water and putting her in the tub.
“What are you doing to yourself Nathalie?” he asked no one in particular. Nathalie came back to conciousness in a fist of cough.
She stared up at him scowling “What are you doing here?”
Xavier sighed “dont you get it, dont you get that i love you?” he said giving her a towel.
“Why dont you propose?” she asked taking the towel and wrapping it around herself.
xavier took her hand “I will marry you”Xavier said and Nathalie felt her heart drumming “You will?” she asked with the glint of hope in her eyes. He kissed the top of her
head “Yes i will” he said and she smiled with satisfaction.

To Be Continued…



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